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Adding R2L support to Scintilla Raghda Morsy 4/23/18
Stabilizing 4.0.x as 4.1.0 and removing ElapsedTime Neil Hodgson 4/22/18
printing line number margins Nicho 4/18/18
Document options for no styling data and large documents Neil Hodgson 4/17/18
Adjustments to regular expression search and replace Neil Hodgson 4/12/18
Question for understanding about SCI_ANNOTATIONSETSTYLEOFFSET usage 4/11/18
ReplaceSel doesn't immediately update cursor position? dail8859 4/10/18
Retrieving value with SCI_GETINDICATORVALUE 4/10/18
Scintilla 4.0.4 released Neil Hodgson 4/9/18
RegEx problem solved in VS2017 4/9/18
Using SC_UPDATE_SELECTION instead of SCN_POSCHANGED() johnsonj 4/7/18
Upcoming 4.0.4 Neil Hodgson 4/6/18
Cancelling call tips on macOS 10.13 broken Mike Lischke 4/6/18 moving Neil Hodgson 4/5/18
Caching client rectangle on EditView Neil Hodgson 4/4/18
Changing Direct2D detection on Win32 platform Neil Hodgson 4/3/18
Simplify static/dynamic libraries on Win32 platform Neil Hodgson 4/3/18
Additonal PRINTCOLOURMODE Nicho 4/1/18
Using the Conan package manager with Scintilla Neil Hodgson 3/31/18
Enabling Clang 6.0 on Win32 Neil Hodgson 3/30/18
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