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SCN_CHARADDED and undo Teodor Petrov 1/19/18
Multiple selection additions Neil Hodgson 1/18/18
SCI_SELECTIONISRECTANGLE and Selection::IsRectangular() discrepancy Teodor Petrov 1/18/18
Adding R2L support to Scintilla Raghda Morsy 1/16/18
Textilosaurus - new app which uses Scintilla Martin Rotter 1/9/18
Rectangular caret Neil Hodgson 1/5/18
Fonts on a lower level - alternatives? Mikhail V 12/23/17
Retrieve the position under mouse cursor? Mikhail V 12/18/17
MSVC 2017.5 deprecation warnings Neil Hodgson 12/12/17
propose: scintilla userlist lineheight George Hummet 12/11/17
Proposal for 'easy indentation mode' (e.g. for Python) Mikhail V 12/3/17
Legacy character set(s). John Hughes 11/29/17
GTK+ recent warning from glib-genmarshal Neil Hodgson 11/20/17
Long comments/strings should not allow nesting with [[...]] in Lua 5.1+ Paul K 11/20/17
Patch for fetching sel.MoveExtends() Mitchell 11/20/17
Adding support for cursor grouping Paul K 11/17/17
lexMake additions George Hummet 11/15/17
SCI_SEARCHINTARGET not finding Unicode characters Roland Smith 11/11/17
SCI_SETLEXER does not work for me. Martin Rotter 11/10/17
Fundraising for larger features Neil Hodgson 11/8/17
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