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On macOS 10.13, Scintilla launched from an SMB share freezes Chinh Nguyen 1:08 PM
Scintilla 4.0.1 released Neil Hodgson 3:22 AM
GTK+ recent warning from glib-genmarshal Neil Hodgson 10/22/17
Upcoming 4.0.1 Neil Hodgson 10/17/17
Setting userlist foreground and background colours Matteo Vescovi 10/17/17
Scroll width not updating when horizontal scrollbar is hidden Gene Pavlovsky 10/16/17
ANSI escapes in ErrorList Paul K 10/14/17
Comma warnings for Objective Caml, SML, and Perl lexers Neil Hodgson 10/14/17
Change an existing lexer file or create a new lexer file? 10/14/17
Away for a bit Neil Hodgson 9/30/17
Adding R2L support to Scintilla Raghda Morsy 9/30/17
lexMake additions George Hummet 9/29/17
Search question Roland Smith 9/18/17
Scrolling worse on macOS Sierra Neil Hodgson 9/17/17
Setting selection and ensuring it is visible dail8859 9/12/17
4.0.1 plans Neil Hodgson 9/10/17
Search for a string ignoring comments Roland Smith 9/9/17
Will tickPlatform always be the last TickReason? New Pagodi 9/8/17
Background processing Roland Smith 9/3/17
Recently Used Session List 8/30/17
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