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Qt - add "updated" flags to updateUi signal dail8859 8:15 AM
Special handling for ALT key in Scintilla so focus doesn't go to menubar? Stephane Charette 6/22/17
Custom style for annotations background Stephane Fischer 6/22/17
experimental inline ime for wxWidgets johnsonj 6/21/17
Should single-phase drawing be removed? Neil Hodgson 6/20/17
Default styling in lexers 6/20/17
Default keyword lists in lexers 6/20/17
Adding R2L support to Scintilla Raghda Morsy 6/19/17
Lexer metadata changes Neil Hodgson 6/19/17
4.0 plans Neil Hodgson 6/18/17
Making the Scintilla namespace unconditional Neil Hodgson 6/17/17
Minor Qt build issues dail8859 6/13/17
Prevent modification of (first) line of text in Scintilla Gunnar Adams 6/6/17
Insert images in Scintilla text editor Kristof Mulier 6/6/17
Chum: new GTK+ example using gtkmm Neil Hodgson 6/1/17
LongTerm3 branch created Neil Hodgson 5/30/17
Re: [scite] gtk requirements for Scintilla Neil Hodgson 5/30/17
Change an existing lexer file or create a new lexer file? 5/28/17
RECONVERT STRING on Qt johnsonj 5/27/17
Scintilla 3.7.5 released Neil Hodgson 5/27/17
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