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Change an existing lexer file or create a new lexer file? 2:16 AM
Changing parameter names in Scintilla.iface Neil Hodgson 9/27/16
Accessibility support on GTK Colomban Wendling 9/27/16
ILexer interface for lexers Patrick Kwong 9/27/16
mouse wheel capture Stefan Küng 9/27/16
new folding flag Stefan Küng 9/27/16
syntax highlighting Peter Lorenz 9/26/16
Margin additions Neil Hodgson 9/26/16
Per line tabstops only option? Juan Sanchez 9/23/16
SCI_REPLACETARGETRE with CXX11REGEX? Patrick Kwong 9/20/16
Add more links to SCI_SETWORDCHARS to doc Greg Smith 9/19/16
SCN_MODIFIED notification with source? Wonson 9/18/16
Scintilla.iface Issues Matthew Brush 9/16/16
Xcode 8 updates Neil Hodgson 9/13/16
Zoom shortcuts in windows Patrick Kwong 9/12/16
CompletionMethods are Enum, but described as bitmask in the documentation Paul K 9/11/16
Default character set SC_CHARSET_DEFAULT on Win32 Neil Hodgson 9/9/16
How to intercept and ignore the key press event Bill Yuan 9/7/16
scintilla to work with splitter views Kenny Liu 9/7/16
Additional method in \lexlib\WordList.h & \lexlib\WordList.cxx (InListAbridged in addition to InListAbbreviated) 9/6/16
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