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AddCharacter(std::string s, std::string utf8notify, addCharacterFlags) johnsonj 11/24/15
recordingMacro should avoid TentativeActive() johnsonj 11/21/15
Interface documentation typo fixes. johnsonj 11/20/15
Better caret placement for ligatures and Thai & Indic languages with DirectWrite Neil Hodgson 11/20/15
Multi-selection and SCN_UPDATEUI notification jpe 11/17/15
RECONVERT STRING for CJK IMES on GTK johnsonj 11/11/15
Non-blocking idle styling Neil Hodgson 11/11/15
mnemonics Alfred van Hoek 11/10/15
Scintilla and OS X 10.6 Chinh Nguyen 11/10/15
Enable g-ir-scanner for ScintillaWidget.h kugel 11/8/15
Platform.h does not #define PLAT_GTK_MACOSX to be 1 when #if (__APPLE__), using Xcode Alfred van Hoek 11/7/15
Scintilla 3.6.2 released Neil Hodgson 11/5/15
Windows high DPI displays and markers Greg Smith 11/5/15
Rendering text that would ordinarily be offscreen? jpe 11/3/15
Upcoming 3.6.2 Neil Hodgson 11/1/15
Ligatures without Direct2D sn 10/31/15
Position indicators; possible? Paul K 10/28/15
Fix for timers in modal dialogs on OSX Mike Lischke 10/27/15
Cocoa crashes in -[SCIContentView viewWillDraw] Chinh Nguyen 10/26/15
Transparent background/paper - is it possible? 10/26/15
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