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Marker merging and deletion Mike Lischke 12:05 AM
Diff parser glitches for deleted lines starting with "--" Sven Strickroth 1/20/17
IsAlphaNumeric() issue Anthony Kondratuk 1/19/17
how to create a new lexer withour and all there .py file Patel Kalpesh 1/19/17
Adding keyword sets to a subclassed CPP lexer Jonas O. 1/18/17
Shrink autocomplete list while typing Charly Dante 1/12/17
GTK+ 3.22 deprecations Neil Hodgson 1/3/17
Scintilla 3.7.2 released Neil Hodgson 12/29/16
Upcoming 3.7.2 Neil Hodgson 12/26/16
GTK accessibility fixes and improvements Colomban Wendling 12/25/16
Scintilla 3.7.1, Scintilla.h: namespace and #defines Markus Nißl 12/21/16
Re: [scite] SIGSEGV in GTK 2.24.30 (Ubuntu Mate) Neil Hodgson 12/21/16
Partial patch for block caret display jpe 12/21/16
Getting lexer default property values? Héctor A 12/20/16
QScintilla inheritance problem Jiaoyang Guo 12/14/16
Failure checking improvement Neil Hodgson 12/14/16
RECONVERT STRING for CJK IMES on GTK johnsonj 12/14/16
Column selection mode Chinh Nguyen 12/13/16
RECONVERT STRING on Qt johnsonj 12/11/16
How to show syntax error indicator at a specific line? 12/8/16
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