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Cocoa changes and ARC for 4.0 Neil Hodgson 4/24/17
Folding comments at the end of a python file jpe 4/21/17
Scite flashes white before settles down to configured background colour Kyra Alex 4/18/17
Adding R2L support to Scintilla Raghda Morsy 4/18/17
GTK+ has deprecated gdk_window_process_updates Neil Hodgson 4/15/17
Scintilla v3.7.3 + MFC on Windows Stephane Charette 4/13/17
Windows, MFC, Scintilla and file watchers Stephane Charette 4/13/17
Is it possible to define a font property to use underline? Ronald Fischer 4/12/17
QScintilla installation on Python results in broken PyQt5 Kristof Mulier 4/5/17
Adding autocompletion selection change event in 4.0 Neil Hodgson 4/5/17
Changing Platform.h interface for 4.0 Neil Hodgson 4/5/17
Getting the actual length of a tab Charly Dante 4/4/17
Propose using typedefs for document positions and lines Neil Hodgson 3/31/17
Autocompletion on Windows 10 Neil Hodgson 3/30/17
Partial patch for block caret display jpe 3/25/17
Unicode identifier improvements Neil Hodgson 3/23/17
Should single-phase drawing be removed? Neil Hodgson 3/22/17
Aullar editing engine Neil Hodgson 3/22/17
Scintilla 3.7.4 released Neil Hodgson 3/20/17
Upcoming 3.7.4 Neil Hodgson 3/19/17
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