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Ritz's law and Galilei's principle. V. Trovò 11:26 PM
The trajectory parameters a, t and v of some of Jupiter's moons Peter Riedt 11:11 PM
My instantaneous point of view John Gogo 11:02 PM
Tom Roberts' Proposed Experiments to Detect RoS kenseto 10:55 PM
The Mathematics of the Double-Cartesian Coordinate System John Gogo 7:30 PM
Proof That Simultaneity is Absolute HGWilson, DSc. 7:00 PM
Ritz ballistic emission theory material 6:26 PM
RE:Scientists Find Earth-Like Planet at Star Next Door AP "jerk off" Borenstein, 8-24,2016 1:02 EDT. Carl Susumu 6:17 PM
a thought on the garage paradox RichD 5:52 PM
Relativity of Simultaneity (RoS) is a bogus concept of physics kenseto 4:37 PM
Expansion of non-spherical universe Alan Folmsbee 1:11 PM
Simplified EFE and Schwarzschild metric chemguy 8:14 AM
SR on accelerating frame of reference Curious 6:32 AM
For Henry Wilson. Poor, pitiable Henry Wilson Odd Bodkin 4:42 AM
Einstein's General Relativity: Deductive Theory or Empirical Concoction? Pentcho Valev 3:57 AM
clock rate 8/23/16
Slow clock transport and the measurement of one way light speed. Larry Harson 8/23/16
Why is simultaneity relative? Ron-boy 8/23/16
Why RoS is a bogus concept of physics kenseto 8/23/16
Why Did God created Evil? The Starmaker 8/23/16
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