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SR contradiction in electric circuit? 7:38 PM
Do Gravitational Waves Travel at the Speed of Light? Pentcho Valev 7:28 PM
Prefered scale expansion and the whole 6:05 PM
Great Minds in Einstein Cult Pentcho Valev 2:34 PM
AMAZing 1:10 PM
Maxwell's equations 11:58 AM
Crimestop in Post-Truth Science Pentcho Valev 7:36 AM
Perpetual-Motion Machines of the Second Kind: Commonplace? Pentcho Valev 12:02 AM
No black holes; No escape velocity for light 12/10/17
The Compton Experiment Detected Absolute Motion of the Graphite Target @ 9,302,480 m/Sec kenseto 12/10/17
Can the Schwarzschild metric be simply obtained from the EFE ? chemguy 12/10/17
(13.8880508712 billion light years*pi)^2/1.70377849e+53 m = 1 m David (Kronos Prime) Fuller 12/10/17
When Falsifiability Is a Red Herring Pentcho Valev 12/10/17
Light slows down in material medium violates Special Relativity 12/10/17
1.7037558e+53 kg mass of universe David (Kronos Prime) Fuller 12/9/17
Quantum leaps probability path... 12/9/17
Einstein's Clue for his GR 12/9/17
Black hole 2 time theory breaks down; end of time at event horizon; then at singularity 12/8/17
Einstein's General Relativity: Fake Physics Pentcho Valev 12/8/17
The Last Refuge of Cowards in Einstein's Schizophrenic World Pentcho Valev 12/8/17
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