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There are none so blind as those who will not see RLH 6:18 PM
Hubble Redshift: Light Slows Down in Vacuum Pentcho Valev 5:36 PM
When black holes move they have Time Dilation 5:27 PM
A Newtonian response to Special Relativity RLH 5:25 PM
Apollo 11 5:24 PM
Claim of SR on time dilation as given by the light clock RLH 4:50 PM
Re: LIGO's Gravitational Waves: Consider being nearby, like 1/3 light year Thomas 'PointedEars' Lahn 4:28 PM
GPS and SR. Do they really constitute a 'proof'? RLH 4:21 PM
Frame of reference has some details added Alan Folmsbee 4:13 PM
Lorenz invariance RichD 4:02 PM
LIGO detects neutron star merger Michael Moroney 3:36 PM
Free Falling and Gravity Forces HGW, DSc. 3:01 PM
Obvious Falsehood of the Second Law of Thermodynamics Pentcho Valev 2:17 PM
simultaneity --> length? RichD 1:52 PM
How LIGO Conspirators Definitively Killed Physics Pentcho Valev 1:24 PM
A simple question RLH 11:39 AM
Thought Experiment with two trains in space Gehan Ameresekere 11:37 AM
My Book: “Model Mechanics: The Final Theory" kenseto 6:21 AM
Sum ergo cognito - or the other way round? Eckard B 4:31 AM
RLH Sylvia Else 4:30 AM
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