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The Big Bang and The Atomic Bomb The Starmaker 1:26 AM
"Einstein's Philosophy" The Starmaker 12:05 AM
Scientific method and its applications 6/25/17
How to measure metric tensor 6/25/17
Communism and physics 6/25/17
the speed of light is wrong The Starmaker 6/25/17
Galilean transformation equations and Robert B. Winn Python 6/25/17
Einstein's False Postulate That Killed Physics Pentcho Valev 6/25/17
Does Light Really Exist. HGW... 6/25/17
'evidence of alien life' The Starmaker 6/25/17
Stephen Hawking Wrong. Back to Drawing Board on... Relativity! Pentcho Valev 6/25/17
Proton Radius (3.7037e-28 m / 6.666e-11) * ((3 * 4)^2) = 8e-16 m David (Lord Kronos Prime) Fuller 6/25/17
The Rule Of 72 The Starmaker 6/25/17
Space time as a Perfect Fluid David (Lord Kronos Prime) Fuller 6/24/17
Uranium nucleus shape dilated Alan Folmsbee 6/24/17
Equivalence Principle Exemplifies Einstein's Error. HGW... 6/24/17
What Happened to Seto? HGW... 6/24/17
e-books The Starmaker 6/24/17
Valid and Invalid Arguments in Special Relativity Pentcho Valev 6/24/17
Modern Astronmy ...,.......,............,....... 6/23/17
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