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rotation RichD 9:53 AM
LIGO, Einstein's Relativity and Possible Fraud Pentcho Valev 9:53 AM
If old physics is all wrong who is prepared to go on with new now? 9:36 AM
Einstein's Length Contraction Absurdity Pentcho Valev 9:31 AM
A Short Essay on Time and Clocks HGW 9:23 AM
meteroite kills man in India The Starmaker 9:09 AM
Re: The New Ninth Planet - Sixty Symbols The Starmaker 8:40 AM
Obscure Matter Heiðr Einherjar 8:38 AM
What does The Shit predict 7:24 AM
Re: There was a massive population crash in Europe over 14,500 years ago Éibhear 7:19 AM
Why Are Direct OWLS Experiment Using a Moving Source Not Being Performed? Henry Wilson 4:31 AM
If I can derive Hubble's constant from nothing but c and the age of the universe, would that be important? Faye Kane 2/9/16
Non-local measures do not contain relativity John Gogo 2/9/16
Lagranian Method Revisited Koobee Wublee 2/9/16
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Gravitational mass of the photons 2/9/16
Einstein’s destroyed the name "Albert" for newborns Heiðr Einherjar 2/9/16
Approximating function to The Hubble Diagram to Redshift > 6 from 69 Gamma-Ray Bursts Hannu Poropudas 2/8/16
Movement of "black holes" Maciej Woźniak 2/8/16
Hawking needs a clock measurement of his Imaginary Time verification 2/8/16
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