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Relativity of Simultaneity (RoS) is a bogus concept of physics kenseto 7:36 AM
Interpreting the Length Contraction Equation kenseto 7:34 AM
For Henry Wilson. Poor, pitiable Henry Wilson Odd Bodkin 6:45 AM
QM and GR. Y 6:27 AM
Contradictions in Einstein Schizophrenic World Pentcho Valev 12:50 AM
Einsteiniana: Profiteers Leave the Sinking Ship Pentcho Valev 7/29/16
Answering an old 1905 Einstein's question Rafael Valls Hidalgo-Gato 7/29/16
The Next Game The Starmaker 7/29/16
No object in Space has a Speed...and that includes light. HGWilson, DSc. 7/29/16
A day will come 7/29/16
Open Question to LIGO: Why No Gravitational Waves from Neutron Stars? Pentcho Valev 7/28/16
Variable Speed of Light and the End of Einstein Pentcho Valev 7/28/16
[IQ question] Why all priests, monks and most nuns have FLAT chest? Mr. Man-wai Chang 7/27/16
[OT] Let's play a science game Mr. Man-wai Chang 7/27/16
Ellipse loop length c^2/10^8 David (Time Lord) Fuller 7/26/16
Common sense 7/26/16
How do you know....? The Starmaker 7/26/16
Analytic Solution in parametric form of Complete Friedmann Equation of the Universe RESULTS Hannu Poropudas 7/26/16
Dark Matter excuse number 3 Alan Folmsbee 7/25/16
And relativistic moron said 7/25/16
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