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(No-hair theorem * Buffon's needle) * black hole solutions David (Lord Kronos Prime) Fuller 12:06 PM
The Speed of Thought The Starmaker 11:58 AM
How Einsteinians Prove Time Dilation Pentcho Valev 10:29 AM
Simplified crash problem of Special Relativity - contradiction? 9:49 AM
How Einsteinians Rejected Newton's Emission Theory of Light Pentcho Valev 9:28 AM
Snit why not post a video? A challenge 8:20 AM
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Speed of light in vacuum, what definition? Eckard B 7:31 AM
New Gravity Theory kenseto 6:43 AM
Simple question about an experimental fact that seems nobody here wants to answer Rafael Valls Hidalgo-Gato 5:11 AM
Using Fedora is too much for Ken Blake Steve Carroll 3:45 AM
The Shit and space navigation 12:27 AM
Apollo 11 ****************************************************************************>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 4/26/17
Apollo 11 hoax 1234 4/26/17
The Wave theory of light and its affect on Modern phyiscs and ast. 4/26/17
The End of Einstein Is Around the Corner Pentcho Valev 4/26/17
Misner, Thorne, Wheeler are mistaken when they think 4/26/17
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