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Meditations about the force Luigi Fortunati 1:00 PM
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Einstein's RoS Exposed as Blatant Fake. HGW... 6:41 AM
Simple Test of the Second Law of Thermodynamics Pentcho Valev 5:59 AM
Re: Speed of light in vacuum, what definition? tjrob137 5:47 AM
Einstein's Relative Time: Cancer of Human Mind Pentcho Valev 4:18 AM
Truth in Einstein's Schizophrenic World Pentcho Valev 4:14 AM
Origin of Life Obfuscated by the Second Law of Thermodynamics Pentcho Valev 4:13 AM
Simple question about an experimental fact that seems nobody here wants to answer Rafael Valls Hidalgo-Gato 8/18/17
Experiments Refute Einstein's 1905 Second Postulate Pentcho Valev 8/18/17
Length Contraction: the Most Obvious Idiocy in Einstein's Relativity Pentcho Valev 8/18/17
The train on the mined bridge Luigi Fortunati 8/18/17
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