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This is a mailing list for School of Open volunteers to discuss and get help on the programs they are leading around the world. As such, it goes directly to your inbox. Once you have joined, please introduce yourself and your area of "open" interest by sending a note to What program do you want to start in your region?

P2PU also hosts a discussion forum at Use whichever works best for you!

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New SOO website (beta) janepark 5/29/14
SOO Spanish courses review janepark 5/28/14
Fwd: [cc-staff] RFP: "Peer Economy" research awards janepark 5/27/14
CC4kids - OpenMe Kelsey Wiens 5/24/14
Two new SOO courses in Spanish janepark 5/23/14
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School of Open talking points for Universities janepark 5/23/14
survey about open education to help me with workshops clhendricks 5/20/14
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Want to learn how to teach the web? Vanessa Gennarelli 5/7/14
Vol. 10, No. 1 of JOLT (including special section on MOOCs) is available online marklee_csu 4/29/14
Fwd: CLMOOC janepark 4/28/14
WikiSOO mentioned + intro to SOO on janepark 4/28/14
Vote for the new SOO logo janepark 4/16/14
Fwd: [Campaign-webwewant] Announcement: Web 25 Year of Action Grants Deadline Extended to 9 May, 2014 (EN/ES/FR/PT) janepark 4/16/14
[Reminder] P2PU Community Call Rebecca Kahn 4/16/14
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