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Publish for Scala 2.11.0 Hanns Holger Rutz 11:54 AM
ScalaTest and Play 2.2.2: and Markus Jura 2:27 AM
html report doesn't show failure from beforeAll Lukasz Szwed 4/16/14
ANN: ScalaMock status report Paul Butcher 4/15/14
Scalatest not working on any tests I add (in Scala IDE 3.0.3) Mark 4/12/14
Using ScalaTest with IntelliJ Scala plugin guru chandar 4/10/14
Read paramenters from maven cli in tests 4/10/14
Scalamock stub with array parameter Mor Sheffer 4/8/14
FunSuite with MockFactory compilation error Mor Sheffer 4/8/14
ScalaTest/ScalaUtils 2.1.3 released Bill Venners 4/5/14
Generating tests with FlatSpec David Capwell 4/4/14
[ScalaTest 2.1] [Play 2.2]Questions on Lifecycle Methods Ordering in abstract base classes Jack Chi 4/3/14
how to turn off shrinking for PropertyChecks? mighdoll 4/1/14
What support for Acceptance Tests with Scala Maatary Okouya 3/28/14
Improving Given/When/Then for BDD style acceptance testing Graham Allan 3/28/14
scalautils: best way of accumulating Validations pezzacolori 3/27/14
HTML reporter error in Java /Scala mixed project and maven profiles 3/26/14
Semantics of before { ... } 3/25/14
Scalatest maven plugin fails for multi-module projects ? 3/25/14
Selenium, "go to" and login cookies weirdness Florian Hars 3/20/14
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