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Strange scala.MatchError: None (of class scala.None$) with scalatest Alexey Kuznetsov 11/30/15
Discover Suite with constructor with default parameter Robert Elliot 11/30/15
composing "contain" and set of "have" matchers Eugene Dzhurinsky 11/28/15
Re: [scalatest-users] Calling Runner programmatically Bill Venners 11/18/15
Writing tests using Scala Play Reverse Routes 11/17/15
Proper usage of ParallelTestExecution trait 11/17/15
How to properly run a scalatest FeatureSpec with ParallelTestExecution? 11/17/15
assert macro vs triple equals Moses Nakamura 11/12/15
Seeking opinions on ScalaTest and Scalactic modularization Bill Venners 11/9/15
Scalatest 3.0.0-M11, FunSuite, and warnValueDiscard Matt 11/5/15
Opposite of `fail` to Pass a Test? Kevin Meredith 11/1/15
Selenium DSL SingleSel - Set selected value by visible text? Todd Sharpe 10/30/15
ScalaTest 3.0.0-M11 released! Bill Venners 10/29/15
CreateProcess error=206, The filename or extension is too long when trying to run ScalaTest in ScalaIDE on Windows 7 64bit Tong Chen 10/28/15
Akka TestKit fails... Objekt Werks 10/26/15
executing the method to get test Status - is it possible? Args class properties cannot be constructed as instances are private :( Shannon 10/26/15
scalatest-maven-plugin: Ignore aborted? 10/23/15
scalatest-maven-plugin question Mohnish Kodnani 10/21/15
Akka test fails with Scalatest 3.0 Gavin Baumanis 10/19/15
ScalaTest/Scalactic 3.0.0-M10 released Bill Venners 10/16/15
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