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This group is for questions and discussion about Scalastyle, the style checker for Scala.

For more information about Scalastyle, see the website:

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NullPointerException occurring while running Scalastyle0.80 Venugopal K 4/27/16
Scalastyle report generated with some code not have source and message as 'String index out of range' Venugopal K 4/25/16
Check commnets (documentation style) Hyukjin Kwon 4/1/16
Does Scalastyle eclipse plugin support Mars? Dino Fancellu 3/9/16
html report via scala style maven plugin Samarth Gupta 1/6/16
Default configuration Hugo Freire 12/13/15
Version 0.8.0 of Scalastyle released Matthew Farwell 12/1/15
scalastyle produces an empty report Vikram Kone 11/19/15
RegexChecker reports use of println Dominik Haneberg 11/18/15
Define scalastyleConfigUrl in sbt Alessio Bellisomi 11/3/15
Reference to undefined setting problem Андрей Спиридонов 10/9/15
Constants naming convention Stevo Slavić 9/17/15
Multiple style configurations per project? Chris Nappin 7/6/15
Scalastyle config & Multi module SBT Night Wolf 6/12/15
Minor HeaderMatchesChecker Documentation Issue Gene Nagle 5/30/15
Does scalastyle:ignore work on lines with magic numbers? lee tibbert 5/3/15
Version 0.7.0 of scalastyle released Matthew Farwell 4/16/15
Does anyone know how to configure EnsureSingleSpaceAfterTokenChecker? Eric Wehrmeister 4/14/15
How to ignore files? Or how to test scalastyle so I can write it? Joseph Ottinger 4/5/15
Custom external rules for Scalastyle, testers required Matthew Farwell 1/29/15
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