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This group is for questions and discussion about Scalastyle, the style checker for Scala.

For more information about Scalastyle, see the website:

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Ignoring specific parts of code without annotations Everson Alves da Silva 4/16/14
Is it possible to have my custom rule run by scalastyle ? Prashant Sharma 3/30/14
Scalastyle integration in sonar Thomas 2/24/14
Multimodule using scalastyle maven plugin Luis Ramirez 2/22/14
Using a different version of Scalastyle James Muerle 2/22/14
scalastyle sbt plugin repository not found 2/11/14
Compiling scalastyle fails Leo GL 2/9/14
Scalastyle 0.4.0 released Matthew Farwell 2/7/14
Is it possible to load scalastyle-config.xml from a URL? Ilya Maykov 1/19/14
SimplifyBooleanExpressionChecker a bit too aggressive? Olivier Bruchez 12/17/13
How to make the build break in case of Scala style errors? Olivier Bruchez 12/16/13
[scalastyle batch] produce xml report Ugo Bourdon 12/12/13
Skip PublicMethodsHaveTypeChecker for controller methods (play framework) Andreas Fürer 12/2/13
How to override the location of the configuration file - scalastyle-result.xml Do Ngoc Hoan 11/13/13
Scalastyle 0.3.0 released Matthew Farwell 10/5/13
Checking test files Paul Blair 9/7/13
SBT 0.13 support? Mike Allen 9/2/13
Can scalastyle check Scala 2.8 source code? Baron Roberts 8/29/13
different configurations for different directories? Daisy Zhou 6/28/13
Scalastyle with files include UTF-8 strings SEKI Takashi 6/18/13
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