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Slick 2.1.0-M1 released Stefan Zeiger 7:46 AM
UnionAll 3 queries Balázs Mária Németh 4/17/14
Optional table projections or can/should we automate stuff? Pedro Furlanetto 4/16/14
How to map postgresql custom enum column with Slick2.0.1? Marcin Kowalski 4/16/14
How can I do an update query that returns a value? Ryan O'Rourke 4/15/14
code generator's "tag" is conflict-prone Alex Ponebshek 4/15/14
slick 2.0.1 how to map an enum for code generation? David Pichsenmeister 4/15/14
How to manually mapping String to postgresql text? Lu Sheng 4/15/14
slick2.0 how to get the first row of slick query? Lu Sheng 4/14/14
PSQLException: ERROR: null value in column "id" violates not-null constraint Michael Slinn 4/13/14
UPDATE with Subqueries Sebastian Messmer 4/12/14
Complication Error : overloaded method constructor Table with alternatives nandkishore sharma 4/12/14
LEFT JOIN in Slick Alexander Abdugafarov 4/10/14
Re: MS SQL Config With Slick 2.0.1 And Playframework 2.2.2 Christopher Vogt 4/10/14
[2.0.1] How To Setup Easily Composable Query Chunks? John 4/9/14
Slick Plain SQL arbitrary parameters Dan Di Spaltro 4/9/14
"groupBy" and "map" with "first" resulting in SlickException teo danciu 4/7/14
A multi-tenant application with Play2 Scala Slick Guillaume Badin 4/7/14
Re: sorting the results by passing in a literal compare function Christopher Vogt 4/6/14
Proper way to JSON serialize the output of a multi-join query Adam Wootton 4/6/14
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