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Slick 3.2.1 released Trevor Sibanda 10:26 AM
Compiled -- pagination with sortBy thoefer 7/13/17
Failing insert Slick 3.2.0 and foreign keys Samuel Sayag 7/12/17
synchronously query ? 7/12/17
Insert if not exists in Slick 3.2.0 7/11/17
Cannot store 4-byte UTF-8 encodings. Help. Bill Barrington 7/10/17
Nested select Query ? 7/10/17
Urgent, possible Play or Slick bug: apparent conflict between Play's Server.withRouter() and Slick? Justin du coeur 7/6/17
Map to tuple with None value of case class type 6/24/17
HikariCP warning - Retrograde clock change detected Jakub Kahovec 6/23/17
slick sql query Prasad Mokkapati 6/17/17
Is it possible to run dependent queries transactionally? Josh 6/17/17
SELECT and then return the result or insert the new row and then return the result Eugene Dzhurinsky 5/1/17
Supporting Transaction Demarcation at the Application Layer 4/27/17
Slick 3.2.0 and DDL - no schema method defined on TableQuery ? Eugene Dzhurinsky 4/26/17
compiled delete prepared statement is prepared once per call (slick 3.2.0) Kostas kougios 4/24/17
postgres, schema generator changes text columns to varchar Kostas kougios 4/24/17
Slick 3.0 raw sql with LIKE clause Ryan McCullagh 4/20/17
Filtering query via foreign key Luis Solano 4/17/17
filter by UUID: JdbcSQLException: Hexadecimal string contains non-hex character: "b3820e49-e666-... mkranz 4/12/17
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