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Help! Simple query with multiple LEFT JOINs taking too much time with Slick 3.0.1 Walgus 2:18 AM
Slick 3: Calling PostgreSQL stored procedure with sqlu causes SlickException Craig Smitham 8/31/15
Insert or get - Slick 3 8/29/15
SQL select if row into joined table is empty Initmax Initmax 8/29/15
MongoDB support for Slick(GSOC project) adam kozuch 8/28/15
Insert with subquery and select j.barrett Strausser 8/27/15
Compiled Multi-column Update 3.0 j.barrett Strausser 8/27/15
compilation error involving effect type in DBIOAction Ambrose Laing 8/27/15
Compilation error when querying Enumeration field Damian 8/26/15
Autoinsert UUID on object creation Alexander Zafirov 8/26/15
Compiled -- pagination with sortBy thoefer 8/25/15
Anyone else get "value seq is not a member of object slick.dbio.DBIO" errors in Scala IDE 4.x? Dino Fancellu 8/25/15
Oracle Issues.... 8/21/15
Advice for using single database session with / Slick 3? Tim Harper 8/21/15
Why ExecutionContext is required to combine DBIOAction? Marc-Antoine Nüssli 8/20/15
Dynamic schema/namespace Ján Raška 8/20/15
Derby Table Creation (DDL) Error Dirceu Semighini Filho 8/17/15
Slick 3.0.2 released Stefan Zeiger 8/17/15
Unpack or Map Rep[T] to a Rep[S] j.barrett Strausser 8/16/15
Noob: how do postgre AutoInc with slick 2.1 RyM 8/15/15
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