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Slick 3.1.1 throws "IllegalArgumentException: Unknown field" on autoInc insertion Michael Slinn 7/26/16
HikariCPJdbcDataSource cannot be cast to JdbcDataSourceFactory Exception 7/25/16
Help upgrading from Slick 2.1 to 3.0.3 7/20/16
DBIO.sequence vs Future.sequence Alexander Myltsev 7/18/16
Slick complex query Коровки Анатолий 7/17/16
Any clue for solving "ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000" ? David Walend 7/12/16
Slick does not commit transaction on AWS postgres DB Lukas Wilhelm 7/8/16
Slick 3.2.0-M1 released Stefan Zeiger 7/4/16
IntelliJ struggling with MappedTo value classes Gary Malouf 7/1/16
Dynamically generate mappings between columns and reps. Emiliano Busiello 6/30/16
slick with mysql error: NoSuchMethodError streamableQueryActionExtensionMethods Maciej Bąk 6/29/16
Slick Oracle after license change Jochen 6/27/16
Upper bound for query type Michael Slinn 6/27/16
Table depends on driver? Marc Zahn 6/27/16
Slick 2.0 Efficient Group By and Retrieve Multiple Columns Luke 6/25/16
adding index later Andrew Gaydenko 6/24/16
slick uses incorrect syntax when querying MYSQL Marco Mistroni 6/22/16
transactionally statements with conditions Akhil Kodali 6/21/16
Tables with generic columns? 6/16/16
Organizing table defs without breaking package-by-feature organization in a Slick App Gary Malouf 6/1/16
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