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Internals of implicit value classes Jasper-M 6:03 AM
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how to make forall work on arrays Jim Newton 2:30 AM
readline depreciated in 2.11M8 Rich Oliver 8/25/16
“Missing parameter type” in for-comprehension when overloading flatMap Holger 8/25/16
running a scala program in IntelliJ without a .sbt file Jim Newton 8/25/16
list.sortBy(_.stuff) Dennis Haupt 8/25/16
type inference 'failure' when going from Int to Long 8/24/16
GroupedIterator Michel Charpentier 8/24/16
Scala-Java interoperability: is passing a Java function to Scala as a higher-order function possible? Denis Papathanasiou 8/23/16
notebooks for running code interactively in Scala? Aseem Bansal 8/23/16
String weird behaviour Sandeep Kota 8/23/16
Scala and XML Maatary Okouya 8/22/16
Spark training in bay area Info Cim 8/22/16
"stream monad" Vlad Patryshev 8/19/16
Ad-hoc phantom typing / refinement types Julian Michael 8/19/16
always the same pattern when calling parallel Jim Newton 8/17/16
Extract expression language translators from Kaitai Struct Mikhail Yakshin 8/17/16
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