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[ANN] Fansi: a library for dealing with fancy colored Ansi strings Haoyi Li 12:50 PM
Right-biased Either – Please review/comment on PR Simon Ochsenreither 5/25/16
Need help with implicit conversion and high order type Michael Bondar 5/25/16
an unexpected type representation reached the compiler backend while compiling Sample.scala: <error> 5/25/16
type mismatch: required ?, found String 5/25/16
use of ~ sign in scala codes Ahmad 5/24/16
Finding positions of TypeReferences in compiler plugins Ronald Braunstein 5/24/16
Scala beginner venkatesh SQL 5/24/16
Tons of errors starting Spark 1.6.1 Ronald Gans 5/24/16
Name of an object as String Oliver Ruebenacker 5/24/16
Obtaining the App ClassPath Oliver Ruebenacker 5/23/16
Scala on Linux/MIPS and Linux/PowerPC ? Nick Weeds 5/23/16
NullpointerException when compiling my project Dirceu Semighini Filho 5/20/16
Delete contents of VirtualDirectory Oliver Ruebenacker 5/19/16
apache Spark MLIB Messaoud Mohamed 5/19/16
[ANN] Final Call for Papers: Erlang Workshop 2016 - submisson deadline (3 June) approaching Erlang Workshop 5/19/16
training Model Messaoud Mohamed 5/19/16
Iterator to inputstream Ayoub Benali 5/18/16
make a recommendation machine item to item Messaoud Mohamed 5/18/16
Strange type mismatch error Alexey Romanov 5/17/16
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