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SAM 2.12 M4 Possible bugs Svyatoslav Ilinskiy 6/7/16
2.12.0-M5 Schedule Lukas Rytz 6/1/16
2.12 policy on removing stuff that was deprecated in 2.11 Sébastien Doeraene aka sjrd 5/27/16
Scala Symposium 2016 Call For Papers (and talks) Vlad Ureche 5/26/16
Can I PR a @pure annotation? David Barri 5/26/16
Are outer fields ever accessed from a different compilation unit? Sébastien Doeraene aka sjrd 5/25/16
mutable.PriorityQueue: leaky type for newBuilder and algorithmic inefficiency Chris Okasaki 5/19/16
Underscore in numeric literals (re-visited) Aish Fenton 5/16/16
SI-7934 - suppressing warnings Krzysztof Pado 5/15/16
Fixing SI-7685: value classes crippled by nesting restriction Dale Wijnand 5/12/16
Issues concerning ClassTags and traits/classes Dirk Pollmächer 5/10/16
Compiler/optimiser question Gavin Baumanis 4/30/16
Biased either Pedro Larroy 4/28/16
Native code in high order functions? Mazen Ezzeddine 4/28/16
"error: Unexpected @FunctionalInterface annotation" Performant Data LLC 4/27/16
Scala on JDK9 Grzegorz Kossakowski 4/25/16
An idea: compiling Java source code via scalac 杨博 4/25/16
Re: [scala-user] Yet another problem with _ in lambdas Adriaan Moors 4/23/16
Additional scaladoc changes for 2.12 Jakob Odersky 4/14/16
2.12.0-M4 is staged (not tagged or released yet) Adriaan Moors 4/10/16
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