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The state of the website and documentation (Why I don't work on anymore) Simon Ochsenreither 10/21/16
NoSuchFieldError initializing field of @specialized nested inner class Tom Grigg 10/20/16
On reporting scalac crashes Qirun Zhang 10/20/16
Scala 2.12.0-RC2 is out! Adriaan Moors 10/19/16
Enumeration must DIE... som-snytt 10/15/16
Big Data | Data Science: Writing Code and Exploring Data 10/13/16
Trait Encoding in 2.12 Lukas Rytz 10/12/16
Re: [scala-user] Compiler Bug? Adriaan Moors 10/11/16
2.12.0-RC1 REPL :setting and :replay broken? Jasper-M 10/8/16
Scala superoptimization Paul Jurczak 10/7/16
Re: [scala-bts] (SI-9943) Wrong expected argument type for overloaded higher-order method Adriaan Moors 10/3/16
Re: [scala-bts] (SI-9940) Incorrectly generated inner class name Adriaan Moors 9/30/16
Re: [scala-internals] java.lang.ClassFormatError: Duplicate field name&signature in class file Lukas Rytz 9/27/16
Method in sealed trait gives Duplicate field name & signature in class file Dimitris Kouzis - Loukas 9/26/16
Scoverage of scalac junit tests Alistair Johnson 9/25/16
How would you pass configuration info to a macro? Bill Venners 9/22/16
Re: [scala-bts] (SI-9931) Possible Regression in 2.12.0-RC1 inferencing type annotation Adriaan Moors 9/22/16
looking for pointers for making a dotty phase Jeffrey Shaw 9/22/16
2.12.0-RC1 compile performance regression Miles Sabin 9/15/16
Re: Errors compile shapeless tests with 2.12.0-RC1 Miles Sabin 9/11/16
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