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A few thoughts on 2.12 Simon Ochsenreither 4:47 AM
Scala constructor cannot be called from Java Matthieu Leclercq 3/4/15
Why force people to use implicitly[ClassTag[T]].runtimeClass for T : ClassTag instead of classOf[T]? Simon Ochsenreither 3/4/15
Difference between Unit and () Piotr Kukiełka 3/4/15
2.10.5 was staged! Adriaan Moors 3/3/15
[Doc]Request to fix SI-9009 : Combine ScalaDoc with companion Justin Pihony 3/2/15
scalac does not infer super types when implicit for super type exists. Jonathan Chayat 3/2/15
CFP ML 2015 Adriaan Moors 3/2/15
Compiler issue with inner class constructors? Adam Lewandowski 3/2/15
scala.Dynamic and implicit conversions Jerzy Muller 3/2/15
Intersection types of the form T with T Jon Pretty 3/1/15
Any chance Scala can understand primitives and variance better? Rex Kerr 2/27/15
Java 8 Stream support in Scala Rex Kerr 2/27/15
2.11.6 is staged! Adriaan Moors 2/27/15
Compiler crash in 2.11.5 Haoyi Li 2/27/15
Url links broken hu zhifeng 2/26/15
Reflection on package object crashes the first time, works after? Haoyi Li 2/25/15
Slow compilation in some cases Alexey Romanchuk 2/25/15
Request for permission to fix SI-8990 Marc Siegel 2/25/15
Reflecting on things which are not values? Haoyi Li 2/23/15
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