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Re: [scala-bts] (SI-10174) support for JVM's visibility modifiers Adriaan Moors 2/9/17
[libs] Promise linking is unnecessary Piotr Tarsa 2/9/17
RangePosition vs TransparentPosition Mirco Dotta 2/6/17
for issue SI-9729 Piyush Jaiswal 2/4/17
scala-internals shutting down soon Heather Miller 1/26/17
Regression: Macro usage compilation error (related to closure?) Eduardo D'Avila 1/24/17
ForkJoinPool ( performance problem for Scala 2.12 Alexandru Nedelcu 12/30/16
Iterate manually inside TraversableOnce Fernando Pelliccioni 12/13/16
Scala 2.12.0 compilation warning when using Jackson @JsonTypeInfo-annotation Morten Kjetland 12/12/16
2.11.9 release pushed to end of Jan 2017 Adriaan Moors 12/12/16
specialized - an unexpected type representation reached 12/6/16
[2.12.0] Incorrect warning: Class A$B differs only in case from A$B Georgi Jojgov 12/6/16
Coming soon: Scala 2.12.1 Seth Tisue 12/5/16
Scalac 2.11.8 NullPointerException crash in ScalacPatternExpander.applyMethodTypes 12/5/16
Help Trying to understand the bytecode generated for equals$extension Nuno Seco 12/1/16
Compiler crash at same location under 2.11.8 and 2.12.0 Jacques Lemieux 11/29/16
Strange behaviour of inference/implicits when Serializable is involved Jasper-M 11/21/16
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: requirement failed from the concurrency library in Scala 2.12 glapark 11/21/16
Re: Compiler crash with Dynamic and implicits Jerzy Muller 11/20/16
@varargs method and separate compilation Iulian Dragos 11/18/16
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