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Java tools are broken when integrating Scala-based code Luke Usherwood 4/11/17
ScalaIDE shouldn't add items to other perspectives 4/3/17
feature warning 4/3/17
Scala Interpreter output not ideal tranquility2k4 3/30/17
Eclipse Oxygen M5 breaks Scala (JDT Weaving) Ronald Steinhau 3/29/17
Weird Editor issues Gavin Baumanis 3/26/17
In a Tycho build, ScalaTests don't run and Java-based JUnit tests don't find any Scala references Jens Rabe 3/21/17
JUnit plug-in test that depends on org.eclipse.swt and org.eclipse.jface loops infinitely Jens Rabe 3/21/17
Scala 2.12 Rich Oliver 3/13/17
Scala Worksheet content assist auto activation does not work tranquility2k4 3/6/17
When right-clicking a package in the project explorer, I only get options for Java classes, interfaces etc. Jens Rabe 2/27/17
Error marker when using Scala code from Java Dan Gravell 2/22/17
Dependent projects in sbt multi-project build are not recognized in editor Jens Rabe 2/19/17
Added a source folder, now my "src/main/scala" folder doesn't compile Dan Gravell 2/16/17
Could not find or load main class Dylan Su 2/13/17
4.5 and JUnit Richard Rodseth 2/13/17
Download scala ide 4.4 (old stable) ? fanf 2/7/17
Show all implicits lw 2/6/17
Need advice on building GUI / Rich client applications with Scala / Eclipse Jens Rabe 1/24/17
Progress showed "No operations to display at this time" after building my project jeremy liu 1/2/17
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