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Scala IDE on Eclipse Oxygen preview Rafał Krzewski 3:58 AM
Handling a multi-module project with several interrelated dependencies Jose Emilio Labra Gayo 8/9/17
Specifying scala compiler plugin by project/workspace relative path Arthur 8/9/17
Eclipse Oxygen M5 breaks Scala (JDT Weaving) Ronald Steinhau 7/27/17
problem when opening call hierarchy Dylan Su 7/27/17
Strange sbt error in scala IDE "Could not create directory" Arnaud 7/11/17
Error when switching to version 2.12.2: not yet assigned Silvio 7/3/17
More than one Scala library when using another version than 2.12 Jens Rabe 6/23/17
Type Error in Scala compiler: Failed to find name hashes for ... Alessandro Abbruzzetti 6/22/17
Worksheet not working in Scala IDE 4.6.1 Cay Horstmann 6/19/17
How to globally set a specific Scala version? Jens Rabe 6/16/17
More scalariform options Arnaud 6/15/17
Scala IDE 4.6.1 final is releases Scala IDE 6/12/17
IS this an error or am I doing something wrong? Gavin Baumanis 6/12/17
Problem with refactoring in 2.12.2 6/12/17
Scala IDE update side down? Mario Grgic 6/7/17
Scala IDE 4.6.1-RC1 is out with Play 2.6.0 support Scala IDE 5/26/17
4.6.0-RC2 Installations NPE 5/24/17
Progress showed "No operations to display at this time" after building my project jeremy liu 5/24/17
Moved from 4.5 to 4.6 and I get "Error in Scala compiler: xsbti/api/SimpleType ScalaFormFx Unknown Scala Problem David Goodenough 5/24/17
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