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Scala IDE 4.3.0-vfinal is out! Scala IDE 3:36 PM
Problems with Neon M3 and Scala IDE 4.3RC1 Ronald Steinhau 11/24/15
Cannot start ScalaIDE from x-forwarding Xiangyu Li 11/23/15
Scala IDE 4.3-RC1 is out! Scala IDE 11/20/15
the new outline view Iulian Dragos 11/20/15
Typesafe Config editor Iulian Dragos 11/19/15
debugger problem scala (+play framework) v4.2 final ... workaround ? François Gilbert 11/17/15
java classes not building after a clean Peter Lappo 11/15/15
Continuous "Indexing type hierarchy of project" on Scala Library container files Craig Cobb 11/13/15
Maven does not find an archetype trylks yeah 11/12/15
scala-maven-plugin continuious build David Daniel 11/11/15
Scala IDE + Maven Build on Mac - deleting all source files when running eclipse:eclipse Staffan Arvidsson 11/3/15
Scala signature package has wrong version expected: 5.0 found: 45.0 in scala.package after Export? 10/27/15
Scala ide can't compile or run a project with one object and one method Dean Schulze 10/26/15
object scala.runtime in compiler mirror not found Sean Wolfe 10/23/15
Presentation compiler Nils 10/23/15
renaming a project causes errors Sean Wolfe 10/20/15
getting various results from Organize Imports Sean Wolfe 10/20/15
ScalaOccurrencesFinder - what does it do ? Sean Wolfe 10/20/15
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