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Not found menu bar in Scala IDE Cho Mon 2/12/18
Scala level programmatic assignment from 3rd party integration tools like m2eclipse-scala Ηλίας Μπαλάσης 1/28/18
"Run As -> Scala JUnit Test" on package doesn't see nested classes on Oxygen/ScalaIDE 4.7 Arnaud 1/24/18
Strange sbt error in scala IDE "Could not create directory" Arnaud 1/23/18
ClassToAPI$ error after upgrading from Neon to Oxygen Arnaud 1/19/18
Scala IDE Eclipse Issue Edward Chavis 1/18/18
Download Scala IDE failed Mariam AlJamea 1/14/18
Scala Installations issue Brian Kent 1/11/18
"Could not find or load main class " error message in scala akka with eclipse IDE Balakrishnan subramanian 1/10/18
IS this an error or am I doing something wrong? Gavin Baumanis 1/5/18
I am really enjoying Scala IDE Gavin Baumanis 1/1/18
Akka for Scala IDE Ron 12/11/17
Scala IDE 4.5.0-vfinal is out! Scala IDE 12/3/17
Workspace-wide Scala version and M2E Ken Wenzel 11/23/17
Scala IDE 4.7.1 RC1 is out! Scala IDE 11/20/17
Can not create Assembla Free account Nirav Patel 11/15/17
scala assert prevents eclipse start up, multiple plugin failure Andrei Pozolotin 11/15/17
How to download older version (4.6) of Scala IDE Nirav Patel 11/15/17
Scala IDE 4.7.0 and eclipse oxygen 4.7.1a breaks maven integration Alexander 11/15/17
Request: Let nightly builds be downloadable via a URL at a standard HTTP port Jens Rabe 11/10/17
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