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Issues debugging mixed Java/Scala code Pratima Nambiar 2/9/16
Unable to debug Java & Scala mixed code Pratima Nambiar 2/7/16
Help!!! Cannot find Scala worksheet option in Eclipse Mars. Akash Gupta 2/3/16
Possible to generate Scaladoc in Eclipse? Janek Bogucki 1/25/16
IDE showing errors even though code compiles clean from command line Jack Widman 1/22/16
there’s a bug somewhere: pointing finger got lost rkuhn 1/19/16
Compilation error - IDE only Renato Garcia 1/16/16
System.err - SLF4J: Failed to load class Colin Bester 1/15/16
"Building workspace..." slow, sometimes unresponsive. Rich Henry 1/15/16
Error: Could not find or load main class in Scala Navin Manaswi 1/15/16
basic app debug problem with source not found bord 1/14/16
How to run Scala code for Spark using an editor like scalaIDE Deb Midya 1/11/16
Pausing Timeouts with Async Debugger? Daniel Toone 1/11/16
ScalaSphere ScalaIDE Rafał Pokrywka 1/8/16
Sbt integration Rich Oliver 1/5/16
Question about compiling pytha goras 12/28/15
Disabling scala builder Andrew Gaydenko 12/27/15
Regression in Nightlies? Hover tooltip `code` text same color as background virtualeyes 12/23/15
Error during autocompletion "Overlapping text edits" Arnaud 12/21/15
Scala IDE doesn't show git files Dean Schulze 12/7/15
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