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Debugging with custom control structures Kevin Yancey 7/1/15
Eclipse Mars? Arnaud 6/28/15
Scaladoc auto-generation Nils 6/27/15
Scala IDE problems with Play 2.4 Thomas Hii 6/25/15
Use Scala Application Launcher with ScalaTest plugin? DG C 6/19/15
Having some problems with ScalaIDE... Eax Melanhovich 6/15/15
Warnings go away and reappear sometimes Simon Schäfer 6/15/15
debugging compiler plugins - Warning: class not found for plugin Jim Lawson 6/9/15
Scala IDE 4.1 Luna hanging, pegging cpu on "Updating occurence annotations" Daniel Joyce 6/9/15
Re: [scala-ide-user] Digest for - 3 updates in 1 topic Nepomuk Seiler 6/7/15
What's the deal with the new "src/main/scala" and "src/main/scala-2.11" source paths? virtualeyes 5/31/15
file comment code template no longer working in 4.1 Jim Newsham 5/29/15
Scala IDE 4.1 hides compilation problems Enno Runne 5/29/15
Random high CPU and intermittent crashes on Mac Kiran Kumar Joseph 5/27/15
Scala IDE 4.1.0 crashes at startup Olivier Georg 5/27/15
installing Scala IDE 4.1 Eduardo Cavalcanti 5/26/15
Scala IDE 4.1 final has been released Scala IDE 5/25/15
Re: [scala-ide-user] Should I be able to hover-over and see ScalaDoc in Scala-IDE? Eric Kolotyluk 5/22/15
Scala IDE 4.1-RC2 is out! Scala IDE 5/20/15
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