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Scala Worksheet in Eclipse hangs when trying to create (apparently any) RunnableGraph from Akka Streams Egor Kraev 10/24/16
How can I use Scala Debugger when debug Java+Scala mixed web application in eclipse tomcat?- scala-ide installed Jeffery yuan 10/15/16
Anyone else notice a drastic slowdown in incremental compilation? 10/14/16
Java tools are broken when integrating Scala-based code Luke Usherwood 10/1/16
Scala-Native Rich Oliver 9/28/16
how to import implicits to scala worksheet? anonygrits 9/21/16
Errors running builder 'Scala Builder' on scala project - eclipse IDE mars deepak dabi 9/18/16
Breakpoints are ignored in remote debugger scala solist 9/16/16
Crash in presentation compiler in macro paradise plugin 9/13/16
Autocomplete buggy for Range 9/9/16
Re: Spurious presentation compiler errors with Freek / SI-2712 plugin fanf 9/2/16
Classpath jar files kept in use on Windows (Scala IDE) Lee Sanders 8/28/16
Scala Presentation Compiler Crashing Eclipse Mid-typing virtualeyes 8/17/16
Has anyone run Scala-IDE in headless mode to support vim with eclim? Richard Catlin 8/17/16
Is the ScalaTest-plugin broken? 8/11/16
Does Scala compile faster with external sbt? 8/9/16
How to export a project to a JAR in Scala IDE for eclipse Correctly? 罗辉 7/28/16
dark eclipse color themes danny 7/21/16
Impossible to Enable JDT Weaving in Eclipse 4.5 - Version: Mars 7/14/16
Override implement methods in Scala IDE does not work Sanket Sharma 7/10/16
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