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Scala IDE - Eclipse Neon support Ivica Loncar 6/24/16
Can't start a JUnit test in debug mode Arnaud 6/22/16
Call a Scala function in a Workbench 박은정 6/22/16
Compiling sbt projects 6/22/16
Breakpoints are ignored in remote debugger scala solist 6/15/16
Using Slick Rich Oliver 6/11/16
Scala IDE - setting to auto close curly brace on new line on enter? MC 6/8/16
Formatting on Scala worksheet? anonygrits 6/8/16
how to import implicits to scala worksheet? anonygrits 6/8/16
Unable to install update site that references Scala Featres Alex Kravets 6/7/16
Scala Worksheet does not always work Brenn Kucey 6/6/16
Failure to install Scala IDE feature for my update site Alex Kravets 6/6/16
:t doesn't work in the REPL 6/6/16
Getting error "could not find implicit value for parameter conv" when using pureconfig pishen tsai 6/1/16
Scala IDE unusable due to "updating occurrence annotations" JCDClark 5/31/16
Scala IDE 4.4.1-vfinal is out! Scala IDE 5/26/16
Unused import warning in editor? Arnaud 5/22/16
Bug: No "+" sign when code is folded. 5/18/16
eclipse.ini settings Gavin Baumanis 5/16/16
Maven Plugin binayakd 5/14/16
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