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Dependent projects in sbt multi-project build are not recognized in editor Jens Rabe 1/19/17
Progress showed "No operations to display at this time" after building my project jeremy liu 1/2/17
Scala 2.12 Rich Oliver 1/2/17
Could not find or load main class Dylan Su 12/29/16
Scala IDE crashes in opensuse Tumbleweed Andreas Winter 12/29/16
Weird Editor issues Gavin Baumanis 12/27/16
Some breakpoints are ignored 12/21/16
bad option: '-Ypartial-unification' William Harvey 12/20/16
Apache Spark project launcher roadmap Eric Clairambault 12/19/16
Scala worksheet works intermittently thuff 12/19/16
4.5 and JUnit Richard Rodseth 12/16/16
Scala IDE 4.5.0-vfinal is out! Scala IDE 12/14/16
Scala Worksheet in Eclipse hangs when trying to create (apparently any) RunnableGraph from Akka Streams Egor Kraev 12/12/16
Scala Worksheet does not always work Brenn Kucey 12/12/16
Interference between Scala IDE 4.5rc2, Eclipse Neon.1 and EASE 0.3/0.4 Ronald Steinhau 12/12/16
Scala IDE 4.1 Luna hanging, pegging cpu on "Updating occurence annotations" Daniel Joyce 12/12/16
Scala IDE 4.5.0-rc2 is out! Scala IDE 12/12/16
scala ide not generating compiled output 12/9/16
Scala IDE 4.5-RC1 is out! Scala IDE 12/5/16
new user: 4.1.1 startup crash on mac Jeff Evans 11/26/16
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