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Bug in scala ide debugger - not hitting break points Duckpodger 9:38 AM
Could not find implicit value 魏炯陽 5:43 AM
nightlies. a couple of "why" Andrew Gaydenko 3/28/15
No error message in worksheet when failing to declare class as abstract Cay Horstmann 3/28/15
How to programmatically find a Scala type by qualified name? Felix Mayer 3/27/15
XML in Scala worksheet? Cay Horstmann 3/25/15
Duplicated toolbar buttons nafg 3/24/15
Scala IDE 4.0 - play plugin does not deal with templates correctly when using play 2.3.8 Eduardo Cavalcanti 3/20/15
Javadoc don't showup in scala source files. Michael Kahane 3/17/15
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:$Namer.enterExistingSym Carsten Schnober 3/17/15
Mode is Test, Loading: application.test.conf Golan Derazon 3/11/15
Version 4.0.0 bundle for Linux 64 bit crashes Joshua Cason 3/9/15
Scala IDE 4.0.0 on Scala 2.11.6, with Scala 2.10.5 Luc Bourlier 3/6/15
blank nightlies updates? Andrew Gaydenko 3/5/15
Switch off: The version of scala library found in the build path (2.10.4) is diff... Wolfgang Wagner 3/4/15
Scala Interpreter background color Horst Rutter 3/3/15
Shortcut for presentation compiler resetting Andrew Gaydenko 2/27/15
Scala IDE Auto Completion Not working Vinoj Mathew 2/26/15
Can't get continuations in Scala IDE 4.0 Haddock 2/25/15
mark occurrences Brian Kent 2/23/15
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