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Scala Interpreter background color Horst Rutter 2/27/15
Shortcut for presentation compiler resetting Andrew Gaydenko 2/27/15
Scala IDE 4.0 - play plugin does not deal with templates correctly when using play 2.3.8 Eduardo Cavalcanti 2/27/15
Scala IDE Auto Completion Not working Vinoj Mathew 2/26/15
Can't get continuations in Scala IDE 4.0 Haddock 2/25/15
mark occurrences Brian Kent 2/23/15
IDE 4.0 final - maven archetype Alexey Yakubovich 2/22/15
Feature request: TODO markup in scala templates Aldo Román Nureña 2/22/15
Regression in Nightlies? Hover tooltip `code` text same color as background virtualeyes 2/20/15
"Building workspace..." slow, sometimes unresponsive. Rich Henry 2/20/15
Warning on unused import Martynas Mickevičius 2/18/15
Scala nature for Play project Richard Rodseth 2/17/15
Set worksheet line length? Cay Horstmann 2/17/15
Auto closing braces 2/16/15
Switch off: The version of scala library found in the build path (2.10.4) is diff... Wolfgang Wagner 2/16/15
How to resolve reference to twirl generated template class in Scala-IDE? biswanath chinta 2/6/15
Invalid dependency on IScalaPlugin.class Felix Mayer 2/5/15
Is there a way to sort the members of a scala class in Eclipse? greeshma k b 2/5/15
Persistence "updating occurrence annotations" error biswanath chinta 2/4/15
resolving package object imports Brian Kent 2/3/15
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