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SLOSConf is a new non-profit, no-sponsor open space unconference held in Salt Lake for software developers of all languages, technologies, and platforms held in Salt Lake City, Utah February 1-2, 2013. This conference focuses on only the right things, and is not distracted by typical conference logistics. It will be dedicated to strengthening & expanding a passionate community, creating quality software, and constantly striving to become better at our craft. The schedule and topics are decided the night before by collaboration and participation of all attendees.

The philosophy of the conference is that whatever you want to learn from and/or share with the rest of the local dev community is what will be talked about. Preparation ahead of time for material to present is not a requirement. There will be several sessions happening in parallel at given time slots, and attendees are free to move from topic to topic pursuing whatever interests them. This type of conference is a huge success if everyone submits topic ideas and actively participates in the discussions.

I went to a conference in Austin, TX, in 2011 called Pablo's Fiesta held by the bloggers, and it was the best conference experience I've ever had. Each attendee was able to get what they wanted out of the conference, while also being able to network, meet new people, and share new ideas with those of different languages and platforms. This type of conference feels real and unadulterated, especially when compared to some of the large conferences you've likely attended in the past that felt more like a giant marketing ploy offering very little value and costing a ton of money. You will not leave Salt Lake Open Space Conference feeling like you wasted your time with only a few topics that were remotely interesting.

Come have a great time learning new things and meeting new people who are as passionate about their software development and design as you are. Even if you can't attend, please spread the word!

Register here: (and please do so sooner rather than later so I can get an idea of attendance numbers)

Twitter: @SLOpenSpace #SLOSConf

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