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5 GSoC projects this (2018) summer Dima Pasechnik 12:48 AM
Fwd: [sage-devel] Probleme whith Sagemath Erik Bray 4/23/18
scalar restriction in extension field 4/17/18
Right way to kill notebook server on single-user machine Tevian Dray 4/17/18
Cython in jupyter notebook Simon King 4/16/18
from viewLatex import viewLatex HG 4/15/18
maxima in sage openmath HG 4/15/18
points on a Fermat curve David Joyner 4/14/18
laplace_transform hypergeometric? Raymond Rogers 4/13/18
simple?--from_meijer in jupyter Raymond Rogers 4/13/18
sagemath and mysql Mbaye Goumbala 4/10/18
creating regular representation for the quotient ring over a 0-dimensional ideal Dima Pasechnik 4/10/18
Strange HG 4/7/18
Displaying Sagetex code Harald Helfgott 4/6/18
Route inspection problem 4/3/18
Are they equivalent ? HG 4/1/18
Obtain the maximum and minimum values of a plot's color map James Bowery 3/29/18
fano matrix HG 3/29/18
Model HG 3/29/18
error show(with_picture) HG 3/27/18
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