This is the group for discussion of use and development for the Sage notebook server  Related topics like the Sage cell server or interactions with the IPython notebook/SMC are also welcome; questions about Sage itself, how to use it, or pedagogical issues are best treated at other forums - see for a listing of appropriate fora.

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please test new sagenb on #23066 Dima Pasechnik 5/23/17
Issues with sagenb and ipython Enrique Artal 5/21/17
new sagenb pre-release, please test Dima Pasechnik 5/11/17
SageNB -> Jupyter conversion needs testers Jeroen Demeyer 4/19/17
Complement bollean varibale declaration Subrata Nandi 4/11/17
Proposal: move SageNB back to Sage Jeroen Demeyer 11/25/16
The sage "newui" project Jack Dyson 11/23/16
Re: sage server and test_notebook slelievre 8/25/16
Fwd: SageNB: load() unexpected argument 'attach' Dima Pasechnik 8/16/16
FYI question on Stackoverflow on i/o on sagecell kcrisman 7/18/16
Dedicated group for SageMathCell Andrey Novoseltsev 7/3/16
Coming SageMathCell upgrade - please test! Andrey Novoseltsev 6/9/16
anyone with a recent full git trac.sagemath tree, please step forward Dima Pasechnik 6/6/16
Upload personal images on smartphone in 3D Valerio De Luca 3/7/16
smtp problems Enrique Artal 12/17/15
Re: Server and certificate chain kcrisman 11/12/15
errno 2 on server only due to missing jmol files kcrisman 10/27/15
Callback to sage from javascript? Reinhard Oldenburg 10/6/15
@interact output is lost on reopen of worksheet? P Purkayastha 10/5/15
Recovering a .sws file from the home directory on sagenb Thierry 9/26/15
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