This is the group for discussion of use and development for the Sage notebook server  Related topics like the Sage cell server or interactions with the IPython notebook/SMC are also welcome; questions about Sage itself, how to use it, or pedagogical issues are best treated at other forums - see for a listing of appropriate fora.

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display coordinates for the current mouse position over the line Julieta Abdala 7/2/15
Race condition with os.makedirs? Andrey Novoseltsev 6/28/15
Sage cell and loooooooooong answers kcrisman 6/18/15
Evaluate button does not produce any output Johan Westlund 5/29/15
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Re: hosting the sage cell server William Stein 5/22/15
Re: Shared notebooks kcrisman 5/6/15
SageMathCell about to upgrade to Sage-6.6 Andrey Novoseltsev 4/20/15
WebMIDI <-> @interact idea Harald Schilly 4/16/15
Sage Notebook shutdown William Stein 3/31/15
Enabling JSmol in SageCell Andrey Novoseltsev 2/24/15
Status of sagecell server. mmarco 2/24/15
sage-6.5 William Stein 2/23/15
Access notebook object inside worksheet process (scripts in sage cell) Will Ouyang 2/21/15
Re: Is it possible to support drawing ROI on image with interact widget kcrisman 2/5/15
minor: 'evaluate'-button disappears for an interactive cell Jakob Kroeker 2/2/15
Here is the key to making sage easier for novices to start using....and it is just javascript that needs fixing up... Jonathan Gutow 1/26/15
using load to load objects Andrey Novoseltsev 1/16/15
Re: How to change an owner ? kcrisman 1/16/15
How to autostart Sage Notebook at boot time? Sourjya Sankar Sen 1/15/15
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