This is the group for discussion of use and development for the Sage notebook server  Related topics like the Sage cell server or interactions with the IPython notebook/SMC are also welcome; questions about Sage itself, how to use it, or pedagogical issues are best treated at other forums - see for a listing of appropriate fora.

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errno 2 on server only due to missing jmol files kcrisman 10/27/15
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Recovering a .sws file from the home directory on sagenb Thierry 9/26/15
troubles with user creation / deletion Vincent Delecroix 9/22/15
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MathJax output in SageNB Andrey Novoseltsev 9/2/15
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Fwd: Notebook has different path variable kcrisman 8/14/15
Re: Keshav Kini 7/24/15
display coordinates for the current mouse position over the line Julieta Abdala 7/2/15
Race condition with os.makedirs? Andrey Novoseltsev 6/28/15
Sage cell and loooooooooong answers kcrisman 6/18/15
Evaluate button does not produce any output Johan Westlund 5/29/15
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Re: hosting the sage cell server William Stein 5/22/15
Re: Shared notebooks kcrisman 5/6/15
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