This group is for discussing the use of SageMath () for educational purposes.  See or!forum/sage-support for support questions, and!forum/sage-devel for development questions.

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graphe combinatoire Henri Girard 4/2/18
Fwd: nbinteract: Interactive Webpages From Notebooks kcrisman 3/17/18
Where's the Divide By Zero Error? Jorge Garcia 3/16/18
Fwd: Elementary vector calculus with Sage kcrisman 3/15/18
Fwd: Sage-related sessions at the Joint Mathematics Meetings kcrisman 1/8/18
Useful Sage and phase portraits resource kcrisman 1/7/18
Math Education using SageMathCell in an open book bookofproofs 12/15/17
How to send a sagetex file to someone who doesn't use sage? DEEPAK SARMA 11/9/17
Relevant Joint Meetings Minicourse kcrisman 10/31/17
CFP: NSF research study, open textbooks and mathematics software Rob Beezer 9/29/17
Joint Meetings MAA contributed sessions kcrisman 9/26/17
Don't Panic! revision of Sage book fixes many typos and adds more! john_perry_usm 9/8/17
Fwd: Optics textbook illustrated with Sage codes Eric Gourgoulhon 9/6/17
Fwd: Python notebooks/worksheets in education kcrisman 6/22/17
n() aka numerical_approx() functionality in python? Jorge Garcia 5/14/17
sage jigsaw jupyter notebook Henri Girard 5/14/17
Issues on SageCell? Jorge Garcia 5/14/17
Re: SageNB -> Jupyter conversion needs testers kcrisman 4/17/17
Sage Math on Thingiverse kcrisman 4/15/17
Sage Days 88: Opening Workshop for a Year of Coding Sprints at the IMA Gregg M 4/8/17
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