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Can't login to trac Volker Braun 4:19 PM
SageMath 8.2 Docker image: pip lacks SSL support Nathan Dunfield 4:12 PM
Book Review of Stein book kcrisman 5/26/18
Sage developer co-authors article on women's representation in subfields kcrisman 5/26/18
Matrix groups are not uniquely represented, why? Simon Brandhorst 5/25/18
trac problem Martin R 5/24/18
Getting a code signing certificate for Sage Erik Bray 5/23/18
Adding new cython files Meghana.M Reddy 5/23/18
Why my patch is not yet accepted? Victor Porton 5/23/18
Cloning Sage git hangs Victor Porton 5/23/18
executable referenced in sagemath jupyter kernel Nils Bruin 5/23/18
New version of Windows installer--where best to announce? Erik Bray 5/21/18
Error building the doc sage-8.1 Paul Mercat 5/21/18
optional package doctests badly broken vdelecroix 5/19/18
Note on building sagemath-8.2 with GCC 8.1.0 fidelbc 5/18/18
Holiday Jeroen Demeyer 5/17/18
error compiling 8.2: openblas, lgfortran Daniel Krenn 5/17/18
Error installing sage, with R 3.4.3 James Barry 5/16/18
Trac downtime for upgrades Erik Bray 5/16/18
Ribbon Tableaux Bruce Westbury 5/14/18
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