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GSOC 2016 Moduli Space of Dynamical Systems Rebecca Miller 1:33 PM
sage vs jupyter notebooks vdelecroix 1:12 PM
FGb - Gröbner basis computation code Travis Scrimshaw 11:06 AM
print to python3 Frédéric Chapoton 7:30 AM
On development workflows for sharing (experimental) code Nicolas M. Thiéry 6:52 AM
Deprecate the use of properties in all public API (was: Heavy-computation @property in Matrix class) Johan S. R. Nielsen 4:52 AM
What to do with that deprecation warning? Simon King 1:07 AM
sage -i database_gap fails to install Graham Gerrard 5/5/16
Sage failes to compile on Arch Linux Kevin Sung 5/5/16
cython broken in OSX packages vdelecroix 5/5/16
default 3d plot implementation of vector 5/5/16
symbolic_poly(matrix) : bug report in linear algebra quickref! William 5/4/16
Rank Metric Codes in Sage Arpit Merchant 5/3/16
sage-notebook css problem (sage-7.2.beta6) vdelecroix 5/3/16
GSoC Flagmatic into Sage Jakub Sliacan 5/3/16
GSoC on Modular Abelian Varieties 5/3/16
GSoC 2016 project on algebraic curves Grayson Jorgenson 5/2/16
Coming SageMathCell upgrade - please test! Andrey Novoseltsev 5/2/16
NTL 9.7.1 Victor Shoup 5/2/16
Optional doctest failure vdelecroix 5/2/16
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