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where is the frobby package? vdelecroix 11:44 AM
building documentation for a single user file vdelecroix 10:31 AM
optional package libhomfly checksums mismatch vdelecroix 10:18 AM
Plotting text doesn't disappear for axes inside the text range Daniel Mulholland 7/22/16
patchbot server not responding Frédéric Chapoton 7/22/16
error compiling ntl in sage 7.3.beta8 chris wuthrich 7/21/16
Trac error: branch shows entire file deleted Paul Masson 7/21/16 no version information available Harald Schilly 7/21/16
Current best practice for LaTeX of function names Paul Masson 7/20/16
Git repository should have Sage versions as branches not tags John Phamlore 7/20/16
Did trac server change its rsa keys? mmarco 7/19/16
sage -b fail Paul Mercat 7/18/16
Indicate hidden output in Sage worksheet Art Vandelay 7/18/16
Two seeming inconsistencies in BooleanFunction - should I report these as bugs? Paul Leopardi 7/17/16
screen output of compilation chris wuthrich 7/16/16
spkgs assumed for doctesting but not default installed Johan S. R. Nielsen 7/15/16
#20611 needs review : more functionalities for mq.SBox Roehm 7/15/16
About certificate-options Jori Mäntysalo 7/15/16 is down Volker Braun 7/14/16
Trouble installing Sage Axel Dahlberg 7/14/16
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