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Southwest School of Art is hosting a FREE ShopBot camp April 30th 9am-5pm mike perez 4/12/16
Suggestions for Arduino beginners kits Ryan Beltran 4/12/16
Saturday Stuff Greg Bluntzer 4/11/16
ZIM3 Printer Randy Ohman 4/10/16
Board Games Today(Sunday) we need an extra person Greg Bluntzer 4/3/16
A/C drain pan fixed Ken Runner 4/2/16
Promotional Items: Where are they? Don Smeller 4/2/16
No electrical powe to the laser cutter Charles Strang 4/2/16
In Search of 26-pin Raspberry Pi Matt Grooms 4/1/16
Laser Up Don Smeller 3/30/16
Fund for VR Headset (HTC Vive)? Greg Bluntzer 3/30/16
Laser Down Don Smeller 3/30/16
Fwd: [RPNA] SACU public meeting re: southtown location. Don Smeller 3/29/16
Fiesta Medal - - A Thought Don Smeller 3/27/16
Makerfaire schedule Kevin Baldor 3/25/16
Any interest in a second 10Bitworks sight on the Northwest side? letterj 3/24/16
Special all members and friends meeting Saturday March 19, 3:00pm Ken Runner 3/23/16
area auction: kilns (dental?), ovens and vac pumps Randy Ohman 3/20/16
Last call for stuff extended to March 19 5:00pm Ken Runner 3/16/16
Does the CNC cut steel as well as engraving it? Mitch Hagney 3/14/16
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