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Security System tookys3 9/24/16
I built a clock Mikel Duke 9/21/16
Halloween Haunted House Oct 31 Ken Runner 9/20/16
Ceiling being repaired late next week Ken Runner 9/20/16
We ordered a plastic strip curtain Ken Runner 9/20/16
Can someone measure the windows in the classroom for me Greg Bluntzer 9/20/16
Changes to Alarm System Ken Runner 9/20/16
Saturday at 10Bit Don Smeller 9/18/16
Refrigerator Purge Greg Bluntzer 9/17/16
Re: project suitability question Don Smeller 9/17/16
Saturday at 10Bit - - 9/10/2016 Don Smeller 9/16/16
Any recommendation on Video Capture Software : Windows 10? Greg Bluntzer 9/15/16
ESP8266 Mikel Duke 9/14/16
Idea for Key person(s) / Gate keeers of 10bitworks Craig 9/11/16
Tools list? Andrew Kelly 9/10/16
looking to buy some clear 1.75mm abs Sacha De'Angeli 9/9/16
Planter Box Project Mikel Duke 9/9/16
November 10th STEAM carnival - can you present? gnu_don 9/8/16
Saturday at 10Bits Don Smeller 9/4/16
What Android App for Wifi Analyzing? Greg Bluntzer 9/1/16
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