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Saturday at 10Bit Don Smeller 4/12/15
Closed for Saturday. Ray Good 4/11/15
Open Saturday, James' print came out beautifully Don Smeller 4/11/15
Print left overnight James Vaello 4/10/15
Commemorative SSTV broadcast from space - Happy Birthday to Yuri Gagarin bigjonroberts 4/10/15
Kinect for 360 does not work with Kinect 2.0 SDK you have to use Kinect 1.8 SDK Greg Bluntzer 4/9/15
Wednesday Don Smeller 4/9/15
3D Tuesday Summary Ray Good 4/8/15
Re: Sketch Up Class Don Smeller 4/8/15
Closed for Tuesday Ray Good 4/7/15
Now open for 3D Tuesday! Come and Make it! zunkworks 4/7/15
Can anyone donate a decent PC to get the Dyna CNC mill running? See email for specs needed. zunkworks 4/7/15
CleanUp for Wednesday's Event Don Smeller 4/7/15
Saturday Don Smeller 4/6/15
International TableTop Day is this Saturday April 11, 2015. Greg Bluntzer 4/6/15
Steampunk Spooler by Les Les Hall 4/5/15
Free Beginner SketchUp Event, April 29th 6:30pm [email address] 4/5/15
10 BitWorks Media Initiative [email address] 4/5/15
Fwd: Saturday Don Smeller 4/5/15
Android Studio and IOIO development Greg Bluntzer 4/5/15
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