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Welcome to the mailing list / google group for Ruby on Rails users. If you are going to post jobs, please include [JOBS] in the subject line. Please do not post jobs involving technologies other than Ruby on Rails.

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[JOBS] 3Pillar Global Romania is looking for RoR Developers at Lead, Senior and Mid level Cristina Koncsag 8/17/17
Problem when inheriting subclass Daniel Faiole 8/17/17
path to images on another app fugee ohu 8/16/17
How are XHR requests made when also a post? Gitted 8/16/17
PGconn.connect .... where is disconnect? Ralph Shnelvar 8/15/17
Ajuda com filtro de campos select Guilherme Arruda 8/14/17
devise administrating users fugee ohu 8/8/17
Computer Science in Ruby Jesus Castello 8/8/17
Fixed I Love Ruby broken link Karthikeyan A K 8/8/17
i can't use my import react eben sinaga 8/8/17
rails api with mongodb raising exception for rails g command Sukhbir Singh 8/7/17
Rails 4.0 + Rails 4.1 CSRF problems affecting IE 11, Edge, newer versions of Android and mobile Safari Jason FB 8/7/17
Inter request communication in Rails app siva subrahmanyam 8/6/17
controller action not found although it's in the controller fugee ohu 8/5/17
Best way to data sync between Rails app and phone siva subrahmanyam 8/4/17
datetimepicker leaves input field blank fugee ohu 8/3/17
RE: minimum rails version that is support Gitted 8/2/17
Adding a Postgres ENum type via. migration breaks db/schema.rb table entry 8/1/17
faker gem for Blog and comment 8/1/17
Rails Cookies in Mobile Allen 7/31/17
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