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Welcome to the mailing list / google group for Ruby on Rails users. If you are going to post jobs, please include [JOBS] in the subject line. Please do not post jobs involving technologies other than Ruby on Rails.

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Using active record outside rails Karthikeyan A K 6:39 AM
[ANN] active_record_doctor 1.2.1 released Greg Navis 9/27/16
Direct Client: Senior Ruby Fullstack Developer with Angular JS (6 months Contract-Hire) in San Antonio TX Venkat Dhanikonda 9/27/16
Yet another "convert ruby script into a portable executable" tool Daniel Loureiro 9/26/16
[JOBS] Looking for Senior Backend (Ruby on Rails) Developer, Berlin based 9/26/16
Modularity in Ruby on Rails 9/26/16
[JOBS] Looking for Ruby on Rails Developer to Germany Alexandra 9/26/16
Best choice for scheduled jobs krfg 9/25/16
Looking for material to learn about Rails 4/5 Florian Pilz 9/23/16
[JOBS] Need Senior Back-end Developer (Ruby) to Amsterdam Alexandra 9/22/16
Next version of Rails Jorge Escandón 9/22/16
ActiveSupport callbacks Kevin Deisz 9/21/16
How to post to multiple job boards from my job board - Ruby on Rails Olaoluwa Afolabi 9/19/16
Senior Rails engineer available for contract projects 9/19/16
[Rails 5] include ActiveModel::Model - Select Method Problem Emrah Yıldırım 9/16/16
[remote project wanted] Ruby & Bitcoin developers Zoltan G 9/16/16
Error Suit test mongoid Vinicius Luiz 9/16/16
Freelance Senior Developer available ( Full Stack ) Stewart Mckinney 9/15/16
[ANN] Brakeman Pro Engine is Now Available Justin Collins 9/14/16
Looking for Ruby on Rails Developers with 2+ Years of experience . Madhav Reddy 9/13/16
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