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Missing Hash Definition in Action Mailer Basics Guide Section 2.1.1 Harrison Strowd 2/7/15
Testing mailers with fixtures- still accurate? 2/6/15
There is no documentation for Single Table Inheritance! Andrey Nering 2/4/15
API docs for Rails 4.1 Brian Sammon 1/15/15
Getting Started: Copy Pasting the code causes severe error 1/12/15
Bad link in API Documentation Guidelines Quasi Motto 12/18/14
initialization guide feedback Torsten Rüger 12/12/14
Bad example on the "Active Record Associations" guide Fernando Calatayud Costa 12/4/14
Stuck on Getting started section 4.3 Jared Steck 10/21/14
Starting point for Ruby on Rails Puneet Agarwal 10/6/14
Setting Inverses on has_many through assoication documentation issues David Boyd 9/25/14
Rails full test in vagrant is too slow in my laptop. Did I do something wrong? Heemin Kim 9/25/14
Render file: uses current layout - docs say NO Janusz M 9/12/14
For Edge Rails have Gems compatible list Eric Brooke 8/29/14
The Asset Pipeline and the outdated YUI Compressor Frank Tellefsen 8/26/14
Rails 4.2 - On The Edge - Which Gems are compatible ? Eric Brooke 8/26/14
Get stuck in Working with JavaScript in Rails Reto 7/30/14
Showing the time a page was last updated? Mina T 7/23/14
Need commit access for docrails alex johnson 6/14/14
Problem with: "Getting Started with Engines" RailsGuide Lutz Biedinger 6/9/14
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