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[ANN] Rails,, and have been released! Aaron Patterson 8/11/16
Why is Turbolinks::Redirection an ancestor of ActionController::API? Justin Coyne 8/10/16
Proposal to expose a class or object of ActiveModel::Errors caller Ivan Malykh 8/10/16
improve a little log output 8/9/16
how i get Checked check box value in rails 4 Ronak Bhatt 8/8/16
safe redirect_to (open redirector) Mike Campbell 8/8/16
[Feature Request] Allow matching HTTP_ORIGIN with HTTP_HOST in ActionCable Dávid Halász 8/6/16
ActiveSupport Enumerable#group_by Wataru Kikuchi 8/5/16
[Proposal] Implement #sample on ActiveRecord::Relation to get a random record via database, not ruby Vitaly Shvedchenko 8/5/16
[Proposal] Instance invoked blocks for ActionDispatch::Integration::Runner#open_session Chris Nicola 8/4/16
Rails database info html endpoint Vlado Cingel 8/4/16
Regarding CSRF mitigation documentation in Rails Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas 7/31/16
About Rails Bot and its Performance Zhu JX 7/25/16
[Proposal][Feature Request]Add updated_before, updated_after, created_before, created_after functions for ActiveRecord objects. Will Hennessey 7/22/16
[Proposal] [Feature Request] Make new rails apps rubocop compliant Amin Shah Gilani 7/18/16
[Proposal][Feature Request](s) reflect db-level uniqueness violations in errors, use DB time for created_at/updated_at matt knox 7/13/16
[ANN] Rails 4.2.7 and 4.1.16 have been released! Rafael Mendonça França 7/12/16
Feature Request: Make New Rails App Lint Compliant Amin Shah Gilani 7/11/16
[patch] ActionCable with Redis adapter for multiple applications (namespace support) 7/11/16
Possible Enhancement method - City.where(name: approximates("york")) Leonardo Luarte 7/8/16
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