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[feature] Add sentinel support to ActionCable Redis subscription adapter Alistair Israel 4/26/17
[feature] Raise when an update to a read-only attribute is attempted Chris Stadler 4/25/17
Add error logging to ActiveJob (merge PR 28582) Steven Bull 4/20/17
[Feature Idea] Adding a Generator for Thor Commands Joshua Klina 4/20/17
Using accepts_nested_attributes_for with assign_attributes means immediate saving of associated model Jason Barnabe 4/13/17
Rails + PostgreSQL Carlos Ferreira da Silva 4/12/17
I think has_many :through could be improved to use a WHERE instead of INNER JOIN, when possible Nathan Broadbent 4/12/17
[Feature request] has_many option to generate additionnal has_many for each given scope. Julien Grillot 4/10/17
[feature] Integrating HER gem (REST consumption ORM) into Rails Shashi Prabhakar 4/7/17
[Feature... review?] Limited Eager Loading Anthony Super 4/6/17
Whitelist instead of blacklist on filter_parameters Bruno Facca 4/5/17
Run yarn install before assets:precompile 4/5/17
5.0.2: Attribute change data type after save and change back on reload. Espen Antonsen 3/28/17
Capybara Integration with Rails with Rspec? Roman Gaufman 3/27/17
[Possible Feature Request] Questions about a "new" mechanism for authentication / session handling Hamza Mahmood 3/25/17
[Feature request] ActiveRecord::Relation#negate Maurizio De Santis 3/24/17
Question about rc1 in RAILS_VERSION file? Al 3/21/17
Collection caching: render to strings Gleb Mazovetskiy 3/21/17
[Possible Feature Request] Should app fail to boot if secrets for current environment can not be loaded? Chris S 3/17/17
[Feature Request] Allow Polymorphic Assocation Type to be a Belongs To Association Itself Matt Larraz 3/17/17
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