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[Proposal][Change request] Update mail_to arguments to be similar like link_to Daniel Dimitrov 10/1/16
[Proposal][Feature Request] Human-readable DateTime comparisons Andrew Allen 9/30/16
[Feature Request] Make ActionController's middleware stack configurable per-controller basis Nando Vieira 9/28/16
Change ActionCable Redis default production URL 9/26/16
How to contribute Hebert Coelho 9/26/16
[Change Request - warning, controversial] Rename "belongs_to" to what it actually is Richard McSharry 9/24/16
[Feature Request] Handle deserialization of objects within arrays Tom Prats 9/23/16
[ActiveJob] PR #24921 (testing recursively queued jobs) rchekaluk 9/22/16
[Feature] Add support HashWithIndifferentAccess to Hash#extract! Andrey Molchanov 9/22/16
Make rails middlewares reusable outside of rails ChuckE 9/13/16
Question Andrey Molchanov 9/12/16
[Proposal] ParamsParser size sanity check Chris Keele 9/9/16
[Proposal|Feature request]Add an option to not render the routes table on Routing Error page Ariel Juodziukynas 9/9/16
[BUG?] Should error pages be rendered if requesting an image? Ariel Juodziukynas 9/9/16
Shouldn't Rails add the secure flag automatically for the cookie store when request.ssl? Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas 9/8/16
4.2.x release schedule James Coleman 9/7/16
Is there any reason #before_commit isn't documented? Chad Woolley 9/7/16
[Feature Request] 'On' option for after_save callbacks Anuj N 9/5/16
Adding flash message as render argument Tom Prats 9/1/16
Unnecessary queries when saving object with associations James Coleman 8/30/16
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