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Improve user feedback in rails update [Feature Request] Hiren Mistry 5/18/16
Perfomance improvement Dmitry Gautsel 5/14/16
App running mode to Rails to better gem & dependencies loading.. Robin Wunderlin 5/12/16
How to be consistent with variables using Action Cable? 5/10/16
ActiveRecord::Base#becomes with initialize value 신재현 5/9/16
Significant change should be better explained in the Changelog regarding non ERB view partials Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas 5/9/16
Increase performance Andrey Molchanov 5/7/16
Increase speed creating new array Andrey Molchanov 5/6/16
Should ActionController::Head#head validate the status? Avand Amiri 5/3/16
Replace Range#include? to compare with start and end of range Andrey Molchanov 5/3/16
Can't require active_support/dependencies in AS 5 beta 4 Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas 5/2/16
Re: [Rails-core] ActiveSupport Hash#dup Jeremy Daer 4/30/16
Little refactoring for performance Dmitry Gautsel 4/28/16
Little performance fix. Dmitry Gautsel 4/24/16
Safe buffers and HEREDOCS Richard Hulse 4/22/16
SQLite database version requirements for Rails 5 Yasuo Honda 4/22/16
Rails Guides Idea: User can specify their OS type to filter setup instructions deepak 4/21/16
little improvements for active_model Dmitry Gautsel 4/18/16
Generate guides section headers as anchor links to themselves Vjatseslav Gedrovits 4/18/16
postgresql array foreign keys support Ao Wu 4/16/16
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