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Rails 5.2 HTTP2 Early Hint nopush support Ho Kuen Leung 8:58 PM
[Feature Request] Configuration to automatically include camelized versions of filter parameters Glenn Espinosa 3/17/18
Feature Request- adding 'touch: true' option to :has_many relationship Richie 3/16/18
[ActiveStorage] Possible to override storage preview for custom service? Rikki Pitt 3/13/18
[ActiveStorage] Feature config.active_storage.mount_path Alex Ganov 3/13/18
Resume Support in ActiveStorage 3/13/18
[Feature][ActiveSupport] Adding `prepended` to ActiveSupport::Concern Tom Prats 3/9/18
Adding the ability to show causes in the DebugExceptions view 3/8/18
[Feature][ActiveRecord] Callbacks for `reload` Tom Prats 3/8/18
Adding more "did you mean?" suggestions 3/8/18
There should be an UUID class (feature proposal) Sebastian Skałacki 3/8/18
Enhancement: improved ActiveModal::Errors enumeration Evan Prothro 3/6/18
getting AR to do postgres jsbonb atomic updates Jonathan Rochkind 3/5/18
Migrations not running in Docker Kareem Hepburn 3/5/18
[Feature Request] hooks for ActionCable client errors Dan McClory 2/28/18
Best practice to sending a URL in JSON response to API call? Saurav Kothari 2/26/18
Magic number in tests Artur Beljajev 2/21/18
OWASP/RailsGoat Mentor/Technical Advisor request Al 2/20/18
Rails 5.1.5 has been released Rafael Mendonça França 2/14/18
Master thesis on Rails Luís Ferreira 2/14/18
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