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Magic number in tests Artur Beljajev 2/21/18
There should be an UUID class (feature proposal) Sebastian Skałacki 2/20/18
OWASP/RailsGoat Mentor/Technical Advisor request Al 2/20/18
Rails 5.1.5 has been released Rafael Mendonça França 2/14/18
Master thesis on Rails Luís Ferreira 2/14/18
Hash.from_xml handle argument errors José Galisteo 2/14/18
Undocumented behaviour of #save! Artur Beljajev 2/11/18
Environment-specific configuration for credentials.yml.enc Chris Seelus 2/6/18
Whitelist instead of blacklist on filter_parameters Bruno Facca 2/3/18
ActiveJob and :exponentially_longer Anthony Ross 2/2/18
[ANN] Rails 5.1.5.rc1 has been released! Rafael Mendonça França 2/1/18
ActiveRecord::Base.take_or_create instead of first_or_create Roman 1/30/18
[Feature Request] [Active record] - Add order option to "find_in_batches" and 佑馬光吉 1/29/18
[Feature request] [Active record] - Add order option to "find_in_batches" and "find_each" 佑馬光吉 1/28/18
rails new --skip-comments 1/25/18
Feature Request: Save page HTML when system test fails Marc Riera Casals 1/25/18
[Feature request] - Retrieve current scope for translations ishigo974 1/25/18
RAILS_MASTER_KEY in development Steven Jeffries 1/24/18
[Feature Request] [ActiveJob] Allow for custom handling of exceptions that are discarded 1/23/18
Rollback transactions without exceptions Mohammed Shirkavand 1/22/18
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