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Magic number in tests 1/20/18
[Feature request][ActionPack::ActionDispatch::Routing] Add parameter for resources to alias "only: []" in routes.rb François Belle 1/18/18
ActiveStorage client-side encryption Philippe Dionne 1/17/18
ActiveStorage mupdf on heroku? Adam Stockland 1/17/18
[Feature request] - Retrieve current scope for translations ishigo974 1/17/18
ActiveRecord::Base.take_or_create instead of first_or_create Roman 1/17/18
RAILS_MASTER_KEY in development Steven Jeffries 1/12/18
Add ability to add specify column null and default values from cli TheSmartnik 1/12/18
Should we auto generate index name with a hash identifier? Sarun Rattanasiri 1/6/18
[Feature request] [ActiveRecord] Automatically create scopes for models boolean attributes Léo Santos 1/4/18
Automatically validate polymorphic belongs_to type column Nuno Silva 1/2/18
ActiveRecord has_one relationship shouldn't this be supported? Happy to make a pull request if yes Shishir Kakaraddi 1/2/18
ActionDispatch::RequestId#make_request_id removes characters from external request IDs Brad Landers 12/28/17
[Feature request] System Tests with multiple browsers Pierre Hedkvist 12/28/17
Raise on missing translations (unify controllers and views) Kevin Sjöberg 12/27/17
Contributing to Rails - a brief feedback Andreas Nordberg 12/17/17
Enhancement: improved ActiveModal::Errors enumeration Evan Prothro 12/12/17
[Feature proposal] Enumerable#group_by should take a second block to allow setting the value David Carlin 12/7/17
[Feature request] Automatically create GitHub release notes during release process Grey Baker 12/6/17
Support for connection pooling in Memcache Store Gabriel Sobrinho 12/4/17
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