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[Feature][ActiveRecord] Add a method to assign attributes without changes Khiav REOY 7:11 PM
No downtime database migrations Drew Blessing 4/20/18
Is it a sane idea to add to_an? as an alias to to_a? Artur Martsinkovskyi 4/19/18
[Proposal] define String#json? to return boolean value if the object is json string Akira 4/19/18
[Feature] secrets.yml/credentials.yml.enc automatically in .gitignore Jennifer Parsons 4/19/18
[Feature][ActiveStorage] Option to delete file on cloud storage service later Tim Down 4/18/18
[Feature] Numeric#milliseconds to complement #minutes, #hours, #days, etc. Tim Rogers 4/18/18
PR feedback Dillon Welch 4/18/18
[Feature] Updating ActiveStorage to use the ImageProcessing gem Janko Marohnić 4/9/18
[Feature][ActiveSupport] Hash#deep_delete/0+ core extension 4/9/18
Replace sass-rails with sassc-rails Mike Rogers 4/4/18
ActiveJob custom `retry_on` logic fails with `NoMethodError: undefined method 'cause' for SomeError:Class` Aaron Kromer 4/2/18
[ActiveStorage] Feature Request: attachment validations Matt Yanchek 4/2/18
.each on collection on index view created by scaffold Ben Hamment 3/31/18
Rails 5.0.7 and 5.1.6 have been released Andrew White 3/29/18
[Feature Request] adding .sample to ActiveRecord Regan Ryan 3/27/18
Feedback on PR? Nick Holden 3/27/18
[ActiveStorage] Same file attached multiple times; single Blob or multiple Blobs? Dan Hanson 3/24/18
Rails 5.2 HTTP2 Early Hint nopush support Ho Kuen Leung 3/20/18
[Feature Request] Configuration to automatically include camelized versions of filter parameters Glenn Espinosa 3/17/18
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