RubyMotion - Ruby for iOS, OS X, and Android

Welcome to the community group of RubyMotion, a toolchain for iOS, OS X and Android development in Ruby. You can participate here to public discussions with the RubyMotion community.

If you think you have found a bug in the compiler or in the RubyMotion runtime, please submit a bug report using the `motion support` command line tool.

Have fun!

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[ANN] weak_attr_accessor – gem that adds accessor which wraps objects with WeakRef, for RubyMotion Hwee-Boon Yar 3/5/15
libGDX with Android in RubyMotion Shaurya Arora 3/4/15
New REPL in version 3.30? tsugua 3/4/15
“Objective-C stub for message `xxx:' type `v@:i' not precompiled.” issue 刘向 3/4/15
[ANN] PresentationKit for RM caram 3/4/15
Using PaintCode to save time by dynamically generating images in code Paul Sturgess 3/3/15
New gems created: motion-kramdown and motion-strscan... 2/27/15
REPL CMD+mouse selection is not working if window has no title. Pavel Malay 2/27/15
Provision profile support for OS X Apps Pavel Malay 2/27/15
PaymentKit Pod issues Seth Siegler 2/26/15
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SuperBox v. 0.2 awdogsgo2heaven 2/25/15
RubyMotion vs Xamarim vs RoboVM Harry Cheung 2/25/15
Will RubyMotion ever support creating command line executables? Eric Henderson 2/24/15
Swift Library Usage Jon Morehouse 2/24/15
Swift style initializers Doug 2/24/15
Why are global references bad? 2/24/15
Android: How to use custom application class? aut scr 2/23/15
Socket programming on RubyMotion for Android Sungmin Cho 2/22/15
How to make the bridge support file from a jar file Sungmin Cho 2/22/15
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