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Last but not least, it is important that you can confirm your error is none of the common problems listed in the Troubleshooting page.

There are multiple versions of Ruby, multiple versions of gems and so many combinations that is hard to extrapolate information when you omit details. Please be as explicit as possible.

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RubyGems: what to do when you receive "certificate verify failed" error Luis Lavena 12/21/14
Useful information before reporting an error Luis Lavena 8/8/13
Note about Posting to this Group Luis Lavena 1/29/10
rubyw.exe and using Open3 for an external programm requiring STDOUT STDERR Ralf Vitasek 2:02 PM
Powershell version of setrbvars.bat Christian Moniatis 1:49 PM
ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension - neither scenario on Troubleshooting section worked Doug Blumeyer 4/29/15
[ANN] RubyInstaller 2.2.2 Justin Baker 4/16/15
[ANN] RubyInstaller 2.1.6 Justin Baker 4/16/15
[ANN] RubyInstaller 2.0.0 Justin Baker 4/16/15
tiny_tds and Ruby 2.2.1 Steffen Roller 4/15/15
Compilation errors building ruby-odbc on Windows 7 64bit with Ruby 1.9.3 Matthew Cummings 4/14/15
The procedure entry point _gmtime64_s could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll NISHANT ANAND 4/13/15
ERROR: error installing rails clara woodcock 4/13/15
can't fix config.yml Siti Khadijah Jamil 4/13/15
First time user (Windows) Christopher Kemmett 4/8/15
If SSL error problem on windows is known, why isn't the installer updated? Cass Hern 3/29/15
Changes to OpenKnapsack Justin Baker 3/26/15
JSON ERROR Nursultan Meder Uulu 3/26/15
Installation stops at run bundle install 3/26/15
Process stopped while executing "Gem Install Rails" Vinno Christmantara 3/22/15
Compiling gem for i386-mingw32 / Ruby 2.2.1 using RubyInstaller version Anthony Bargnesi 3/19/15
icu required (brew install icu4c or apt-get install libicu-dev) Extdevelopment 3/19/15
Install Puma on Windows - Extconf.rb failed Toujours 3/19/15
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