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RubyGems: what to do when you receive "certificate verify failed" error Luis Lavena 12/21/14
Useful information before reporting an error Luis Lavena 8/8/13
Note about Posting to this Group Luis Lavena 1/29/10
Trouble with downloading and installing Ruby Cai Gengyang 1/10/17
gem update --system throwing an error Encoding::CompatibilityError Satya Rao 1/6/17
For which gems should "--platform=ruby" option be used? All of them? Joe Duarte 12/20/16
[ANN] RubyInstaller 2.3.3 Justin Baker 12/6/16
[ANN] RubyInstaller 2.2.6 Justin Baker 12/6/16
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Permission denied @ rb_sysopen - C:/Program Files/Ruby23/lib/ruby/gems/2.3.0/cache/rdoc-data-4.1.0.gem 11/17/16
Hi I'm new Student to learn ruby on rails .I'm the complete beginner to this. rayana bhavana 10/30/16
Trying to update my Ruby Adrian Gerlach 10/30/16
Ruby 32 bit crashes and 64 bit devkit doesn't work on Windows 10 Anniversary Update Wayne Vucenic 10/14/16
Newbie Error Please advise Gerwyn Jenkins 10/14/16
SSL certificate error Alfred Wallace 10/13/16
Portable Rubyinstaller packages with 7z--"load-relative"? 10/6/16
It does not work DevKit with ruby 2.2.5 Gabriel Rodriguez 10/6/16
Already set the DevKit, but still tell me "requires installed build tools" Qiuhong Fu 9/29/16
Installation guide for newbies Edward BYRNE 9/23/16
Building Ruby with libffi on MSVC Dan Macumber 9/22/16
Cannot start a new project (new(LoadError)) Dakota Geddes-Buehre 9/20/16
c:\Ruby23-x64\bin\gem install cf-uaac trying to install gem for cf-uaac raafee najmuden 8/31/16
Ruby rails on Apache http server on server 2012 Andrew Helton 8/29/16
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