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The future of RubyCAS Matt Zukowski 6/5/13
Changing username in config.yml Noora 5/6/14
Error while starting ruby cas server Manoj Menon 4/23/14
Hi pls help me Manoj Menon 4/22/14
Securing a single URL on our site vanderkerkoff 2/26/14
Linking ruby-cas client to my application Sjemli 2/7/14
rails 4.0, ruby 2.0.0p195, rubycas-client 2.3.9, rubycas-client-rails 0.1.0, :ERROR undefined method `Filter' for RubyCAS:Module Gary Leydon 10/29/13
MySQL multi-master replication and many Ruby CAS instances? Matthew Wilson 10/23/13
LDAP authentcator bind passing in cn=user ID, should be passing uid=user ID Matthew Wilson 10/21/13
I need to log the client IP address (how to configure logging) Matthew Wilson 10/14/13
active record ticket store? Nick Roosevelt 10/10/13
Lockout after a few login attempts Nuttanart Pornprasitsakul 10/7/13
GatewayFilter and json 9/18/13
service or destination? vanderkerkoff 9/4/13
Ticket query string in the URL, required? 8/26/13
Understanding SQLEncryptedAuthenticator 8/26/13
Two SQLEncrypted authenticators don't make friends Dziamid Zayankouski 7/19/13
Example use w/o rails? Pete Keleher 4/20/13
Using your own login form Marlon Moyer 4/4/13
Issues attempting to use proxy ticket authorization Kris Siegel 3/18/13
RubyCas-Server with Central Application to manage Users and Access Rémy 2/12/13
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