Feel free to post about any problems you may be having with installation, questions about how to use particular features, and future plans for the driver.

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Welcome Michael Granger 1/23/12
Allow exec_params to accept a Hash 2/24/16
bundle pg without Postgres (locally) 2/23/16
is there a method to show the generated sql being sent to the server? 2/9/16
Client hanging on idle connection Jacob Green 1/5/16
Do we have a stream mode where the entire resultset is not loaded in memory? 1/1/16
Symbol not found: _PQconnectdb Christian 12/11/15
Next release? Maciek Sakrejda 11/19/15
PG client with tcp socket class or connection proxy passed Tiago Cardoso 9/3/15
Install pg gem with database on remote machine Marco Villalobos 5/4/15
Error during bundle install matt macri 4/19/15
Determining correct data type of a Ruby object Derek S 3/19/15
Problem listing tables, \d Derek S 3/13/15
pg GEM method equivalent to setFetchSize() in JDBC 2/23/15
Column Values Always Nil -- Possible Bug? Walt Askew 1/20/15
Weird encoding issues in PG 0.17.1 Sam Saffron 1/6/15
Help on installing pg PG 1/5/15
PG::Connection.async_exec returning nil instead of PG::Result Christos Zisopoulos 11/20/14
PG::BasicTypeMap - request for comment Lars Kanis 11/13/14
Trying to figure out what the conn.transaction bit of code is taking so long? Altonymous 10/21/14
segmentation faults following upgrade Graham Seaman 10/20/14
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