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New website Dallan Quass 2/11/15
At Least 6 Reasons You Want to Come to Innovator Summit Next Wednesday Thom Reed 2/7/15
RootsTech Innovator Challenge Submissions Justin York 2/7/15
Family History Open Source Projects Jimmy Z 2/7/15
GEDCOM X for Java, C# and PHP Ryan Heaton 2/2/15
Tod Robbins 1/16/15
2015 Family History Technology Workshop Daniel Zappala 1/13/15
parse-gedcom Tod Robbins 1/9/15
So what's the most comprehensive genealogy file today? Shimmy 12/30/14
FGS Web Developer and Administrator Justin York 12/9/14
HistoryCal, Historical Calendar Calculator Nick Matthews 12/9/14
For the L♥ve of our ancestors: Finding Records by Pulling Location Data Tracy Conger 11/16/14
MyHeritage API Justin York 11/15/14
historical-data microdata schema Bob Coret 10/9/14
small genealogy/dev freelance opportunity Ben Brumfield 10/7/14
Safe, Small, and Interesting Tasks Luther Tychonievich 10/6/14
Awesome genealogy communities Justin York 9/19/14
FHISO technical work begins Luther Tychonievich 8/18/14
COMMUNIA policy paper on digitization agreements Tod Robbins 6/20/14
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