Robo-Magellan Project

The Jigsaw Renaissance Robo-Magellan (JR-RM) team is building an autonomous robotic vehicle to compete in Seattle’s Robothon, on June 2 (more info here). This project allows our team members to learn about robotics and to implement new and exciting practical uses for robots in normal life. 


Our Vision:

Our goal is to build a robot that is able to recognize it’s surroundings and react autonomously with a pre-defined set of actions. In addition, we are educating and promoting the fun uses of robots in the practical world. Our mission also includes to help youth learn about robots and expand their knowledge on a open platform for quickly programming robotic commands.

How can you help:

Your support will help the JR-RM team in developing and implementing the self-learning robot to enter into the Robothon. For this we are in need for funds to procure parts and supplies that will enable our team to build it. For this we need your support by sponsoring the team or directly donating necessary funds that will be used to equip our team objectives. Please use the following widget to submit your donation:

Chipin Widget 

Are you a rock-star programmer? We are actively looking for other experienced java programmers, android SDK developers, and in general robotics/electronics enthusiasts to help us build and test our competition robot.

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