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Adding a dynamic set of links based on a field value Daniel D. 3/18/16
JSON API Output Stacy Mullins 3/27/15
Help with dynamic representer Josh Cohen 3/9/15
Represent an array Tomás Barrios 12/22/14
Property delegation Steve V 12/2/14
Setting the datetime format in output JP Slavinsky 11/9/14
Extending with multiple representers Steve V 9/24/14
Handling error responses in client Beth 9/4/14
Parsing collections from HAL API's Steve Hoeksema 9/2/14
Representable::JSON::Collection does not change json output Maximilian Schulz 8/31/14
Writeable hypermedia links Marten Lienen 7/30/14
Overriding nil response Tomás Barrios 7/28/14
Json-api links Oliver Barnes 6/17/14
Passing options Josh Cohen 5/7/14
Example/documentation for client using Faraday Beth 4/29/14
representation_wrap with a property value Nigel Soon 4/8/14
Using decorators with lonely hashes? JP Slavinsky 3/3/14
Caching in Rails Nicholas Henry 2/17/14
Problem with nested representers Marcel Augsburger 1/29/14
consume! saves child collection objects when using ActiveRecord -- intended? JP Slavinsky 1/23/14
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