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representation_wrap with a property value Nigel Soon 4/8/14
Using decorators with lonely hashes? JP Slavinsky 3/3/14
Caching in Rails Nicholas Henry 2/17/14
Problem with nested representers Marcel Augsburger 1/29/14
consume! saves child collection objects when using ActiveRecord -- intended? JP Slavinsky 1/23/14
parse_strategy :sync for properties where no object exists yet JP Slavinsky 1/20/14
Include foreign object David Sherratt 1/6/14
namespaces problem with collections Marcel Augsburger 12/30/13
delegating a property to a private member of the represented object JP Slavinsky 12/11/13
Representers for arrays or no object at all? Aaron McLeod 12/11/13
wrapping in object but not in collection Marcel Augsburger 12/11/13
http DELETE and roar Jose Alberto Suárez López 12/10/13
Any Decent Documentation? Clinton Blackburn 12/9/13
how does parse_strategy :sync work? Josh Cohen 12/8/13
Send property outbound, don't allow it to be set inbound JP Slavinsky 11/28/13
Representable 1.7 // Representable instead of Roar? JP Slavinsky 11/27/13
Error when using links: Luke Norman 11/5/13
Marcel Augsburger 8/29/13
Inline representers Rhett Sutphin 8/6/13
Version 0.12.0 gem? Rhett Sutphin 8/6/13
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