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Hi, originally this was going to be a private forum for distribution of notifications from Ric as he tries to help the hundreds of inventors who have asked for his assistance. Due to the sheer volume of requests,Ric has decided to make this forum open so that people can benefit from the answers Ric gives to people as they ask questions. Please be careful, this is a public forum and what you say can be read by anybody.

Asking Ric for money, investment or for philanthropic assistance is not appropriate for this forum.

Feel free to visit Ric's blog at http://www.ricrichardson.com.

******** NEW: You can now book probono and commercial sessions with Ric at the webpage below. LIMITED SESSIONS *******
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Also please note that sometime I will reply with a VOICE MESSAGE. Please be patient and listen to the answers as it makes it faster for me to respond to more people.

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