All about the open source project RHadoop, the gateway between Hadoop and R and its packages, rhdfs, rhbase and rmr.
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RMR Broken pipe: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space Vikram 3/11/15
io bug at the reduce merge stage David Wang 3/10/15
Error in first Mapreduce job Chen 3/10/15
rmr2 and lasso regression Pranav Kabra 3/10/15
RHadoop vs H2O Hassan Mousaid 3/10/15
Installation of rhdfs fails with Java runtime environment 6 not found on OS X Yosemite Sunil Kajarekar 3/10/15
rhdfs not writing to hdfs Aaron Benz 3/10/15
typebytes_reader error: unsupported type 149 David Wang 3/9/15
Custom input format : Input form hbase table to map reduce Sarvesh Jain 3/3/15
cmdenv Unrecognized option: -files Bernardo Hermont 3/2/15
Using Rhadoop ,rmr ,Hive Sarvesh Jain 3/2/15
RHadoop is not working for me on R-3.1.2 , Cent OS 6.4 , Cloudera VM , Same error for windows krunal dholakia 2/28/15
R script with RHadoop(rmr2) hadoop streaming(MR) job fails to read/write from/to a built in format VT 2/27/15
Output Format Pranav Kabra 2/26/15
RHadoop Tutorial On Ubuntu Eliunes Donida 2/25/15
plyrmr::dcast memory issues amitai golub 2/24/15
R programmer new to RHadoop...good introduction required Michael Griffiths 2/20/15
hdp 2.2 anurag agrahari 2/18/15
rmr2 3.3.1 and plyrmr 0.6.0 released Antonio Piccolboni 2/13/15
hadoop streaming failed with error code 1 : java.lang.RuntimeException: PipeMapRed.waitOutputThreads daniel londono 2/12/15
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