All about the open source project RHadoop, the gateway between Hadoop and R and its packages, rhdfs, rhbase and rmr.
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Error reports: Please be sure you've read and applied the steps described in https://github.com/RevolutionAnalytics/RHadoop/wiki/Debugging-rmr-programs. Please post a reproducible test case (including input data) and a real error, not Error: NA. If you only have a Error:NA, please go back to the debugging document and get an informative error message from the logs.

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How to be a more helpful group member Antonio Piccolboni 9/17/14
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space Vicky 6/26/15
Rmr2 fails on a Hadoop MapM5 5 nodes clusters Brunob 6/26/15
Run Time Error - Reducer - Default time 600 secs Konstantinos Mammas 6/20/15
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R Hadoop Rajendra Nigam 6/11/15
Row wise comparison in rhadoop rmr2 mapreduce aparna 6/7/15
Unable to install rhdfs Anil Bhargava 6/5/15
dplyr.spark 0.2.2 released Antonio Piccolboni 6/1/15
dplyr.spark 0.2.0 released Antonio Piccolboni 5/28/15
embedded nul(s) found in input Antony Rudkin 5/28/15
The system cannot find the path specified. Jörn Franke 5/27/15
error on rhbase check Alireza Hanifi 5/26/15
Announcing dplyr.spark Antonio Piccolboni 5/22/15
plyrmr with Spark Jong Hyun Bae 5/22/15
New to Rhadopp and big da Ajay Garg 5/22/15
error in plyrmr + SparkR example Jong Hyun Bae 5/22/15
Error in library(functional) : there is no package called ‘functional’ - While running MR using rmr2 Praveen Sripati 5/11/15
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