All about the open source project RHadoop, the gateway between Hadoop and R and its packages, rhdfs, rhbase and rmr.
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RHadoop repo split into package repos Antonio Piccolboni 3/9/13
NLineInputFormat in RHadoop Salman Toor 4/10/14
to.dfs() permission denied when multi-user remote access from RStudio server Lishu Liu 4/10/14
Allow only one line of the input to go to individual mappers using RHadoop Reddy 4/8/14
Access a subset of data using Rhadoop? Liang Zhou 4/7/14
install rhdfs 1.0.8 error: Environment variable HADOOP_CMD must be set before loading package Emilio Torres 4/3/14
Can input be a folder of Rdata files? Elizabeth Tang 4/2/14
plyrmr 0.2.0 Antonio Piccolboni 3/31/14
Rhadoop on Cloudera's CHD4.6 and CentOS 4.6 Zoran Djordjevic 3/31/14
rmr2 3.1.0 released Antonio Piccolboni 3/27/14
install rmr2_3.0.0 error typed-bytes.o yo 3/27/14
Yet another hadoop streaming failed with error code 1 problem Liang Zhou 3/26/14
help.. Rhadoop basic questions. Soonyong Hong 3/21/14
hadoop streaming failed with error code 1 Vedant Jain 3/21/14
Rhadoop job running out of physical memory limits Harsha V. 3/20/14
hdfs partitions and rhadoop Martin Eggenberger 3/18/14
Mac OS 10.6.8 ,rhadoop : “small.ints = to.dfs(1:10)” causing error king horse 3/17/14
error using a rmr task tom tom 3/16/14
RMR2 VS Regular R Streaming Maco Blanco 3/15/14
rhadoop-kmeans-can-get-centroids-but-cant-get-labels Banana 3/14/14
R CMD INSTALL /app/rmr2_3.0.0.tar.gz gao quan 3/14/14
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