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ResourceSync for Linked Data Simeon Warner 11/8/13
Re: [NISO resourcesync_d2d] Upcoming ballot to move CORE ResourceSync spec to the next stage gk 10/8/13
Another happy customer Martin Haye 9/26/13
Provenance with rel="via" Simeon Warner 9/11/13
Comments on ResourceSync 0.9.1 spec gk 8/21/13
Possible problem with ResourceSync 0.9.1 spec gk 8/21/13
Updates to ResourceSync v0.9.1 Simeon Warner 8/21/13
ResourceSync Specification v0.9.1 Martin Klein 8/9/13
Repository Fringe ResourceSync presentation Stuart Lewis 8/9/13
Alternatives to handle @from and @until values in Change List (Index) Martin Klein 7/23/13
rel="resourcesync" discussion Martin Klein 7/17/13
Issue #6 - Capability List Index Martin Klein 7/17/13
Issue #5 - rel="profile" Martin Klein 7/17/13
Issue #3 - Resource List Index timestamps Martin Klein 7/17/13
Tutorial slides linked and license fixed Simeon Warner 7/17/13
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