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Https:// gnutgnut 4/18/18
ResourceSyncSharp - free open source C# library implementing ResourcrSync gnutgnut 4/18/18
On Demand Resource Dumps Petr Knoth 3/21/18
Notification Specifications patch release 1.0.1 -- WebSub instead of PubSubHubbub Simeon Warner 7/20/17
Oops .. bad sha-256 examples in ResourceSync spec Simeon Warner 3/28/17
ResourceSync Resource List lifetime Daniel Gavrila 12/29/16
ResourceSync Framework Specification - Notification - Beta Draft 24 March 2014 Angelo Quaglia 8/22/16
Notification Specifications version 1.0 released Martin Klein 8/15/16
ResourceSync update Herbert van de Sompel 8/4/16
Revised ResourceSync specs Herbert van de Sompel 7/12/16
Updating ResourceSync specs regarding lastmod issue Herbert van de Sompel 4/25/16
Specifying multiple locations for a resource Ganime Betül AKIN 4/6/16
Representing relationships between resources Ganime Betül AKIN 4/6/16
ResourceSync synchronizing meta data Ganime Betül AKIN 4/6/16
ResourceSync libraries for Ruby David Moles 10/13/15
Syncing particular files 12/17/14
lastmod overload Herbert van de Sompel 7/22/14
Notification software Herbert van de Sompel 7/2/14
ResourceSync now ANSI/NISO Z39.99-2014 Simeon Warner 5/7/14
Fwd: New Non-WG Mailing List: webpush Peter Murray 5/6/14
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