Hello all, welcome to the resharper-plugins group!

This group is intended for developers who want to write plugins for JetBrains' .net tools (not just ReSharper, but dotPeek, dotCover and dotTrace as well). We will help with any questions relating to plugin development, and will use this as an easy means of getting in contact with plugin developers.


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Updated 9.1 SDK available Matt Ellis 5/4/15
DeclaredElement is null? hmemcpy 4/25/15
Template compiler Matt Ellis 4/22/15
GenericLookupItemPlacement vs LookupItemPlacement Dmitry Dolotovskikh 4/15/15
Problem with plugin migration to 9.1 Dmitry Dolotovskikh 4/15/15
ReSharper 9.1 extension not available from Extension Manager Joar Øyen 4/14/15
Having trouble porting PowerToys.FindText sample to R#9.0 Dave Castelnuovo 4/13/15
disable analyzer with comments is ignored by my plugin Sven Heitmann 4/9/15
9.1 RTM SDK + Gallery Matt Ellis 4/9/15
Resharper Gallery kubiix 4/9/15
9.1 RC SDK Matt Ellis 4/9/15
Escape analysis Dmitry Dolotovskikh 3/30/15
Tooltip in code completion drop-down list Dmitry Dolotovskikh 3/30/15
Feature management Dmitry Dolotovskikh 3/25/15
License information storage Dmitry Dolotovskikh 3/25/15
Own Standalone R# App Fails License Check Sven Amann 3/25/15
Fix wrong plugin installation Dmitry Dolotovskikh 3/25/15
Code Completion: CSharp String Peter Join 3/25/15
ReSharper menu disappears after running our plugin (R#9.1 EAP) Ingmar van Dijk 3/25/15
Symbol server Dmitry Dolotovskikh 3/23/15
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