Hello all, welcome to the resharper-plugins group!

This group is intended for developers who want to write plugins for JetBrains' .net tools (not just ReSharper, but dotPeek, dotCover and dotTrace as well). We will help with any questions relating to plugin development, and will use this as an easy means of getting in contact with plugin developers.


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QuickFix Create hotspot with type selection Pascal Empl 7/14/16
OptionPage only for specific layers Pascal Empl 6/27/16
Getting the constructorbody from IObjectCreationExpression Pascal Empl 6/23/16
Frustrated Scott Lurowist 6/2/16
Running UI Related Tests with R#2016.1 SDK Sebastian P. 5/9/16
Add content to new file and finding class in solution Nail Salikhov 4/18/16
Programmatically React to Test Runs Sebastian P. 3/28/16
Dependency problems during test-execution after upgrade to ReSharper 10 Sebastian P. 3/18/16
Upgrading CleanCode Resharper plugin to Resharper 10 Ashley Lewis 3/15/16
Updating Resharper plugin from Resharper 8 to Resharper 10 Ashley Lewis 3/15/16
Test run issue: Can't find package JetBrains.Tests.Platform.NETFrameWork 4.0 Sebastian P. 3/14/16
Plugin test: selection via {selstart}/{selend} doesn't set provider's Selection Andrew Karpov 3/8/16
"Unable to resolve dependency ..." exception on plugin install Nail Salikhov 3/7/16
Delay with bulb appearence Dmitry Dolotovskikh 2/4/16
Rename class using IClassDeclaration Andrew Kh 1/27/16
PDB library path Dmitry Dolotovskikh 1/27/16
Find plugin in the repository (Extension Manager) Dmitry Dolotovskikh 1/27/16
Package statistic for v.9 plugin Dmitry Dolotovskikh 1/24/16
SolutionInstanceComponent vs SolutionComponent Dmitry Dolotovskikh 1/23/16
Extend IntelliSense Kelby Hunt 1/6/16
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