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Possible to fetch a specific REST message? Tim Cox 9/19/13
Is there a way to Acknowlege SOAP message when it sent to Postbin ? Vin Rai 4/19/13
Can't start on local machine Christoph Lupprich 3/4/13
unable to connect via GPRS Javier González Ferreyra 3/4/13
does anyone know why i only see : OK after push was done into the the repository master 2/18/13
Internal server error nafg 1/31/13
Replicate RequestBin on my server Barry Wallace 1/23/13
Using for LifeSignal + Invoking Trigers Yaniv G 1/16/13
Feature Request: add <pre> tag to body output skwash 11/9/12
Overlapping items in post list DanV 11/9/12
How do you see the raw request body? Travis Reeder 11/9/12
Newbie (non-developer): Can the xml be grouped together? Tom Yoon 9/21/12
Data Arriving not in JSON Format Chirag Madhani 9/15/12
Datastore failure Jeff Lindsay 7/19/12
Feature request: Return parameterized http error Handerson Gomes 7/18/12
Feature request: empty bin? Tahnok 7/11/12
Expectation Failed (417) Obaid ur Rehman 7/11/12
GSM/GPRS codes TO MAKE HTTP request paanrpeace 5/8/12
Feature request: also send reqs (as a proxy) to target receivers zhuzhuor 5/3/12
I need to post some text from the Java Client Jatin Jain 4/19/12
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