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Gerrit can no longer view repos/projects that do not end in ".git". This used to work on an older version. James Dimitrov 7/18/16
Repo does not detect, if ssh connection fails Timo Lotterbach 7/18/16
Repo should fall back to http, if ssh connection fails for http repos Timo Lotterbach 7/18/16
After ugrade to latest master: temporay errors : class not found Björn Pedersen 7/15/16
Repo option to override (or ignore) gerrit/ssh_info for https URLs Timo Lotterbach 7/15/16
The first example from the Prolog Cookbook doesn't work Cezariusz Marek 7/15/16
Removing a very large commit from refs/for euphxenos 7/15/16
Need a configurable variable in the plugin Sharath Gupta 7/14/16
How to set the no 'Verified' for different branch Tien-Chi Lee 7/14/16
Keyboard navigation in PolyGerrit David Ostrovsky 7/13/16
Git LFS and Gerrit? Doug Kelly 7/13/16
Error in commit hook? Jacek Ziora 7/12/16
Missing 2.12 plugins on Gerrit-CI Sébastien Douche 7/12/16
Re: Its Jira plugin installation lucamilanesio 7/12/16
Jira integration with gerrit error Ashwini T R 7/11/16
Config inheritance for uploadvalidator Sascha Vogt 7/11/16
New search limitation on gerrit-review? Björn Pedersen 7/11/16
Gerrit notifications grouping in MS Outlook Igor 7/10/16
Question about ownership of Gerrit Trigger for Jenkins Will Saxon 7/8/16
[gitweb] I can't use gitweb after upgrade from 2.9.4 version to 2.12.3 version. Andrey Nikitin 7/8/16
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