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Mechanism to alert a user that draft comments exist when navigating away from a review? Gordon Hamilton 1/11/18
CopyAllScores fails to copy if new changeset is upload before build was finished Peter Bruin 1/10/18
commit-message-tag-validator plugin proposal Petr Hosek 1/10/18
Accessing patchset comments from plugin Igor 1/10/18
Updates on NoteDb & Gerrit 2.15 Dave Borowitz 1/10/18
git-repo project on Google Code is archived David Pursehouse 1/9/18
Can we kill "drafts: DELETE"? Dave Borowitz 1/9/18
Error trying to add a specific person to a group Bob Roy 1/9/18
repo manifest with clone-depth="1". Server error Log:fatal:The remote end hung up unexpectedly Lucky Small Jian 1/9/18
Error when editing full name of service user with serviceuser plugin Igor 1/9/18
Get Content REST API returns 404 (Not Found) praveenm 1/7/18
Add id to login screen Steffen Gebert 1/7/18
PolyGerrit and plugins Sven Selberg 1/5/18
Ubuntu package maintenance John Kasaki 1/5/18
Gerrit Access john levin 1/4/18
OAuth provider plugin: new and noteworthy David Ostrovsky 1/4/18
Is there a way to prevent copying in Gerrit diff view? 1/4/18
Show last reviewer name in Dashboard (PolyGerrit) Semih Bozdemir 1/4/18 : Failed to reindex changes after Event[xxx,refs/heads/m/xxx .... Makson Lee 1/3/18
Local user: Cannot assign user name to account; name already in use. Olivier Croquette 1/2/18
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