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jira plugin Chanda Unmack 4/21/14
Gerrit rest client in Java Philipp Altmann 4/21/14
Github plugin and access control Shahim Essaid 4/20/14
Memory Leak in Gerrit 2.7 version | Need to restart Gerrit every 3 days Arvind Reddy 4/19/14
Delete included groups using rest api on gerrit 2.7 Siddhartha Thotapalli 4/18/14
Replication with remoteNameStyle = basenameOnly fails kenwenzel 4/18/14
Custom alias or regex transform for ${name} in replication config Eric 4/17/14
Renaming branches in Gerrit SamT 4/17/14
Howto automate gerrit install with postgresql ? Arnaud Bailly 4/17/14
using gerrit with unrestricted git command set Jiri Simsa 4/16/14
Large commit cause application error in Gerrit Web UI Bailey, Darragh 4/16/14
Hook to reject a merge _AFTER_ review Andreas Wederbrand 4/16/14
Is there any way controlling 'Automatically resolve conflicts' per branch? UkJung Kim 4/16/14
Can not change Global Capabilities of All-Projects Hans-Georg Gloeckler 4/16/14
Change Stuck in "Submitted, Merge Pending" 4/16/14
"remember me" gets amnesia Joshua Kugler 4/16/14
Moving to Java 8 ? lucamilanesio 4/15/14
IntelliJ Plugin for Gerrit Urs Wolfer 4/15/14
Does gerrit use interdiff between patchset? Ping Yin 4/15/14
ChangeScreen "Project search" link goes to dashboard Phil Hord 4/13/14
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