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Upgraded Gerrit 2.13.9 and Email Reviewers privilege Eric Peterson 4/23/18
Repo upload to gitolite Vignesh Rajendran 4/23/18
About the button of 'Cherry Pick' in webui. 4/22/18
[Announce] has been migrated to Gerrit v2.15.1-137 lucamilanesio 4/21/18
groovy-provider plugin for 2.15 reports its version as 2.14 Matthew Webber 4/20/18
Nested git repos in Gerrit Sheik Farzand 4/20/18
SSH connection closed errors Ashwini T R 4/20/18
How to set permission for particular manifest file Dshan 4/19/18
How to allow http basic authentication for hooks in Gerrit 2.14.6 Mai Waly 4/19/18
[Announce] Gerrit CI workflow to become a brand-new Jenkins plugin lucamilanesio 4/19/18
Requiring resolution of inline comments Leon Dubinsky 4/18/18
patchset-created and draft-published are never called in Gerrit 2.14.6 Mai Waly 4/18/18
patchset-created hook never gets called in gerrit version 2.14.2 devops 4/18/18
Problem with patchset-created and draft-published hooks in 2.14.x? Jeff 4/18/18
How to specify multiple push options? Matthew Webber 4/18/18
"no branches ready for upload" error. Benno 4/18/18
Renaming "Project" to "Repository" and "GRepository" Patrick Hiesel 4/18/18
Change number increments faster with 2.15/NoteDb Gert van Dijk 4/18/18
Can't pull or fetch LFS files. Ahmed Amin 4/18/18
About the hook of ref-update. 4/18/18
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