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[ANNOUNCE] Gerrit 2.13.6 David Pursehouse 3:31 PM
RefOperationValidationListener - Can we call it for review merges? JT Olds 10:19 AM
gerrit 2.13.1: BatchRefUpdate failed: BatchRefUpdate[ UPDATE: 1fac65f3577bd4a5430be8f61134228c41b6c3f6 fe80dabf47302ac7039224519ccf603797aed121 refs/heads/xxxxxx (LOCK_FAILURE) ] Makson Lee 5:11 AM
Gerrit query to ldap contains field "username" which doesn't exist in ldap Jacek Ziora 4:26 AM
hooks error while pushing to gerrit Ashwini T R 4:05 AM
viewing text based files .FBS to view as text files Ashwini T R 2:41 AM
Bazel unstable on Gerrit-CI Shawn Pearce 1:42 AM
DBMS connections leak in Master? lucamilanesio 12:20 AM
Unable to build Owners plugin on Gerrit 2.12.2 Sharath Gupta 2/23/17
Abount show-caches --show-threads 2/23/17
PGP signed commits David Ignjić 2/23/17
[Poll] Gerrit User Summit 2017 lucamilanesio 2/23/17
ref-updated hook is not triggered Sergi Castellsagué Millán 2/23/17
commit-msg hook upload Ashwini T R 2/22/17
RFC: PermissionBackend API Shawn Pearce 2/22/17
Multiple Ldap entries RJ 2/22/17
Is NoteDB good enough for production use? lucamilanesio 2/22/17
No change then no new patchset added in gerrit Ashwini T R 2/22/17
Open spots at Gerrit Spring hackathon 2017 Han-Wen Nienhuys 2/22/17
Gerrit/LDAP password in error_log log file when debugging Leigh Grealis 2/22/17
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