This is the computer refurbishers list. It's a place where refurbishers or anyone interested in computer repair can talk shop and exchange information about how to extend the life of IT equipment.

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A New Free Trading Website For Refurbishers! (redux) 3/12/14
Shock Pallets C2SDK 5/26/16
Free Refurbishment Resources from in Spain Jim Lynch 5/25/16
Resale of OEM Restore Discs slakhani 5/23/16
Win 7 updates oldcomputermann 5/18/16
Houston Texas C2SDK 5/16/16
Industry response to BAN export report Jim Lynch 5/13/16
Windows 10 commercial licenses Santi Castro Olivares 5/13/16
SDS4MAR Software Santi Castro Olivares 5/10/16
computers for the blind Michel Battles 5/10/16
When I was in high school I was a Grade B student, and now... Phil Shapiro 5/9/16
Windows 10 is COMING, one if by land and 2 if by sea! Willie Cade 5/4/16
RE: win 7 updates patrick chezzie 4/23/16
Problem activating win 7 patrick chezzie 4/22/16
ERI and Wharton School Special Report on the Electronics Recycling Industry Jim Lynch 4/21/16
Getting ready for Windows 10? Willie Cade 4/20/16
160GB 3.5" Sata Hard Drives Gil Brand 4/20/16
Request for Opinion: Windows MultiPoint Server Christian Mendelsohn @ Loaves, Fishes & Computers. 4/20/16
Request: Advice from MRR/MAR nonprofits about audited financials Christian Mendelsohn @ Loaves, Fishes & Computers. 4/20/16
Changing company name & email address on RRP FixIT - Leeds Coop 4/20/16
RE: End of win 7 and 8.1 patrick chezzie 4/18/16
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