This is the computer refurbishers list. It's a place where refurbishers or anyone interested in computer repair can talk shop and exchange information about how to extend the life of IT equipment.

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A New Free Trading Website For Refurbishers! (redux) 3/12/14
Toner.. Loose cartridges can we sell them? Frank Adams 4/22/18
Need 100+ Dell OptiPlex 755 SFF sdion 4/19/18
Re: [Refurbishers List] Abridged summary of - 4 updates in 2 topics Loaves, Fishes & Computers, Inc 4/14/18
Instuctional video -- "Upgrade the SSD in your Chromebook C720" (video by Daniel Berry) Phil Shapiro 4/12/18
Drive Sanitization Ruth at C2SDK 4/11/18
Documenting People for Citizenship Licences Thomas Moloney 4/9/18
documenting things Thomas Moloney 4/9/18
PC Building Simulator Jim Lynch 4/2/18
Stainless Power PC web browser for Mac OS 10.5 and higher Phil Shapiro 4/2/18
Windows 10 treyes 3/30/18
ERC 2018: Last Call to Suggest Agenda Nominations Jim Lynch 3/29/18
Motherboard Nebraska - PC refurbishers for Nebraska and Iowa Phil Shapiro 3/28/18
Win 10 problems patrick chezzie 3/28/18
Free April 5th EPA Webinar on Handling Lithium Ion Batteries Jim Lynch 3/27/18
Repair Cafe in Charlottesville, Virginia, tomorrow (March 17, 2018) Phil Shapiro 3/16/18
Right to Repair legislation introduced in California Phil Shapiro 3/8/18
(Non-off lease) laptop refurbishing Charles McColm 3/8/18
Mac specific equipment needed- juniormunoz 3/7/18
Here's something to share with a librarian you know Phil Shapiro 3/7/18
Recommendations for supplier for reliable, inexpensive Wifi adapters B Glicklich 3/5/18
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