This is the computer refurbishers list. It's a place where refurbishers or anyone interested in computer repair can talk shop and exchange information about how to extend the life of IT equipment.

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A New Free Trading Website For Refurbishers! (redux) 3/12/14
Neverware CloudReady - Converting old computers into a Chromebooks Jim Lynch 6/25/16
Can any of you recommend a ITAM/ITAR/ITAD management system? cmartin 6/24/16
RE: Eset online scanner patrick chezzie 6/23/16
Help installing TinyCore Linux Phil Shapiro 6/21/16
RE: cloud ready Neverware patrick chezzie 6/20/16
RE: How do I format an Msata drive? patrick chezzie 6/20/16
Replacing laptop keyboards 6/20/16
Net App ? joe 6/20/16
New ITAD/Refurbishment Podcast Jim Lynch 6/16/16
Window 7 Home Jason Mather 6/16/16
Powering Potential article on FOSS Force Phil Shapiro 6/16/16
shredder recommendation? Charles Brennick 6/14/16
Will Windows 10 Reactivate after July 29? Joe Grane 6/13/16
Anyone Sending Equipment to Peru? Jim Lynch 6/13/16
RE: [Refurbishers List] Abridged summary of - 1 update in 1 topic Gil Brand 6/13/16
RE: win7 updates patrick chezzie 6/9/16
FW: Right to Repair in Huffington Post and The Verge Willie Cade 6/9/16
Interesting article on Huffington Post Today Willie Cade 6/9/16
Resale of OEM Restore Discs slakhani 6/9/16 Megan J. Smith, U.S. Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President John L. German 6/7/16
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