This is the computer refurbishers list. It's a place where refurbishers or anyone interested in computer repair can talk shop and exchange information about how to extend the life of IT equipment.

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A New Free Trading Website For Refurbishers! (redux) 3/12/14
Horrible Windows Updates Process sdion 9/27/16
Fast Company - Sweden wants to officially promote reuse and repair Phil Shapiro 9/26/16
A lack of social and moral conscience patrick chezzie 9/24/16
New Microsoft scam? patrick chezzie 9/20/16 Megan J. Smith, U.S. Chief Technology Officer and Assistant to the President John L. German 9/19/16
Where to find or buy inexpensive new or used Hard Drive Destroyer/Punch? Christian Mendelsohn @ Loaves, Fishes & Computers. 9/16/16
New blog post - Equity crowdfunding via the public library Phil Shapiro 9/14/16
Bad idea??? sdion 9/8/16
Digital Inclusion: The Homework Gap Article in The Jim Lynch 9/6/16
Security Code and Windows 7 Liceses Christian Mendelsohn @ Loaves, Fishes & Computers. 9/3/16
Re: Win10 COA registration issue- Christian Mendelsohn @ Loaves, Fishes & Computers. 9/1/16
Article about reviving old Macs using Linux on InfoWorld web site Phil Shapiro 8/31/16
Excess Dell to move (looking for offers) sdion 8/24/16
Free upgrade to win 10 patrick chezzie 8/24/16
Windows update issues 8/16/16
Floods in Louisiana njcraig 8/15/16
Cell phone and tablet advice sought tanderson 8/12/16
Windows 10 MRR - Security Code ozzie serrano 8/9/16
Have any of you used Makor Recycle Manager software to run your operations? cmartin 8/5/16
Windows 10 availability for MRR 8/4/16
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