This is the computer refurbishers list. It's a place where refurbishers or anyone interested in computer repair can talk shop and exchange information about how to extend the life of IT equipment.

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A New Free Trading Website For Refurbishers! (redux) 3/12/14
Windows 10 Creator's update Charles McColm 4/27/17
Trash for Teaching -- from the Two Bit Circus Foundation Phil Shapiro 4/26/17
wireless optical mouse for $5 (includes the shipping) Phil Shapiro 4/26/17
Jim's Updated Environmental Case for Remanufactured IT Jim Lynch 4/25/17
Apple Forces Recyclers to Shred All iPhones and MacBooks Jim Lynch 4/25/17
Linux buddy of mine in St. Paul, MN - Stu Keroff - receives humanitarian award Phil Shapiro 4/24/17
St. Paul (Minnesota) Tool Library gets off to a very strong start Phil Shapiro 4/24/17
EPA Request for Comments Jim Lynch 4/20/17
11 Right To Repair Bills Now Pending In U.S. State Legislatures Jim Lynch 4/14/17
Demise of win7 licences patrick chezzie 4/8/17
The City Of Munich Now Wants To Abandon Linux And Switch Back to Windows sdion 4/7/17
Scannable Security Codes C2SDK 4/6/17
Rethinking the Vulnerabilities in a Data Wiping Process 4/5/17
New article I wrote for Ars Technica - Libraries have become a broadband lifeline to the cloud for students Phil Shapiro 3/31/17
Right to repair update Kyle Wiens 3/22/17
Microsoft Surface and Licensing Requirements ... Sean Dion 3/16/17
SAS Drive Wiping Brian Fox 3/8/17
It's going to be fun refurbishing quantum computers Phil Shapiro 3/6/17
Is there anyone here on this list from Interconnection, in Seattle? Phil Shapiro 2/28/17
Any One Using Ereuse Software for workflow or Aiken Workbench for Data Wiping? Jim Lynch 2/23/17
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