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Hello, this group is about Redis issues and help requests. Feel free to ask questions about operations, schema design, bugs you found. To propose new features or core improvements please use redis-dev instead. Commercial messages are removed.

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IOERR During Cluster Resharding hh90 2/8/18
add-node -> how safe is it? Kevin Johnson 2/7/18
client_longest_output_list Kevin Johnson 2/7/18
mixed RDB+AOF and AOF not working George Chilumbu 2/7/18
Trigger like functionality in Redis Nishant Vishwakarma 2/5/18
What is best way to store Redis Hash-set in MogoDB JUNHEE PARK 2/2/18
What is the best way connect Redis and HDFS JUNHEE PARK 2/2/18
Redis 4.0.8 is out Salvatore Sanfilippo 2/2/18
How can i connect Redis with Hadoop? LDH 1/31/18
Significance of Redis 4.0.7 networking.c writeToClient(...) function avoiding send more than NET_MAX_WRITES_PER_EVENT frc138 1/31/18
Enable Redis C++11 client to handle high data stream rates frc138 1/31/18
Recovering from corrupted dump file Alan Wessman 1/29/18
redis-sentinel is unable to reconfigure the re-booted redis server instance as a slave Michal Conos 1/26/18
psync scheduled to be closed ASAP for overcoming of output buffer limits Sargu Xcode 1/26/18
redis cluster failure in swarm/overlay network Kesava Vunnava 1/26/18
OOM despite free memory Shishir Joshi 1/25/18
Remove slave from a sentinel Kevin Sołtysiak 1/24/18
Redis Query Priyanka Makkar 1/24/18
[ANN] Redis 4.0.7 is out Salvatore Sanfilippo 1/24/18
Redis module: please speed up RedisModule_Call(ctx, "PUBLISH", ...) Zongheng Yang 1/22/18
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