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Hello, this group is about Redis issues and help requests. Feel free to ask questions about operations, schema design, bugs you found. To propose new features or core improvements please use redis-dev instead. Commercial messages are removed.

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Update (initialize) database without notification Niklas Molin 11/28/15
[ANN] Carmine v2, an all-Clojure Redis client Peter Taoussanis 11/28/15
Redis: Performance comparison with SQL!!! 11/27/15
Redis: Cluster Environment & Fail-over 11/27/15
Queries executing loner than one second George Chilumbu 11/26/15
Some strange behaviour in Redis Prince Philip 11/26/15
Redis Cluster Prince Philip 11/26/15
Redis cluster syn slow -- delslots command Michael 11/26/15
BLPOP Performance Chase 11/25/15
Connecting Selenium with Redis Mithun l 11/24/15
Redis Performance Issue after Upgrade 2.4.8 to 3.0.5 Rahul 11/24/15
Redis and multiply sites Piotr Czyż 11/24/15
Redis official support site name Yadav DBA 11/23/15
Redis cluster ips issue Daniel Alonso Heras 11/23/15
Read messages in bulk from the subsriber Simon Bonello 11/23/15
how to add a lot of slots to one node at a time Fury Zhu 11/23/15
Running more masters and slaves than servers creates a problem of affinity. Shawn Magill 11/20/15
How to insert the data in sql through redis? Gokul Bse 11/20/15
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