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Hello, this group is about Redis issues and help requests. Feel free to ask questions about operations, schema design, bugs you found. To propose new features or core improvements please use redis-dev instead. Commercial messages are removed.

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How used_memory_peak_human is greater than maxmemory_human? bennet samuel 10:47 AM
Redis suddenly using much more ram (40 to 60%) Léo FERLIN SUTTON 3/14/18
[GEO] Testing Time/Space Optimization for GEORADIUS/GEORADIUSBYMEMBER Jonah H. Harris 3/14/18
CLIENT REPLY OFF Goetz T. Fischer 3/14/18
Performance Metrics by Namespace / DB Michael Tonks 3/13/18
redis Mem usage is Critical 3/12/18
Redis Modules - Low Level API - Set type API Abhisaar Sharma 3/12/18
AutoStart Redis as I start Ubuntu Zen Zeni 3/12/18
redis configs to handle large queues walid salah 3/11/18
Active defrag not working on Redis 4.0.3 ? sb56637 3/9/18
Restarting a Redis Cluster, Machine by Machine Sidd S 3/6/18
Replace Redis 4.0.6 publish subscripe with a UDP connection? frc138 3/5/18
What's the latest develop progress of DISKLESS Replication now? Fei Ding 3/5/18
Whats the correct usage of Redisson#getMap() ? Redis Dev 3/3/18
Growing Cluster Hiro Arai 3/1/18
Spring Session Redis with Sticky session on Websphere Cluster servers Victor Amrich 3/1/18
Redis- async and queue Ashwin Kini 3/1/18
About the driver recognizing the new instance Hiro Arai 2/28/18
Multiple nodes writing to the same append only file David Dikman 2/26/18
unable to run the redisgraph commands in redis-cli sandeep chauhan 2/26/18
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