Redcar is an open-source editor for programmers, written in JRuby and cross platform. Discussion here is for users and developers.

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Redcar launcher for Linux Mat Gilbert 5/17/12
Updating the development installation steps Antall Fernandes 5/9/12
notes on 0.13 rogerdpack 4/4/12
Multiple Windows - Focus Problem Eric Anderson 3/14/12
TextMate Bundle Install Problem With Binary plist file Stephen Duncan Jr 3/13/12
Code Folding fer febles 3/6/12
Only one user at a time can use redcar. donz 2/23/12
Redcar Holding On To Files Stephen Duncan Jr 2/15/12
plugin_manger 1.5? Chris Nelson 2/15/12
Redcar 0-13 crash when selecting Edit -> Preferences ntzanos 2/14/12
[ANN: Command Assassin] - New Redcar Plugin Eric Anderson 2/5/12
[ANN: Tab_Autohide] - New Redcar Plugin Eric Anderson 2/3/12
Execute javascript in redcar Sayth Renshaw 2/1/12
Is there any working PHP bundle? tirithen 2/1/12
Plugin Development Question Eric Anderson 1/31/12
Redcar features Daniel Lucraft 1/25/12
Redcar 0.13 mscharley 1/23/12
Redcar 0.13 Daniel Lucraft 1/21/12
0.12.1 error - redcar-icons Aaron 1/18/12
0.13 will not have built-in remote project support Daniel Lucraft 1/16/12
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