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Welcome to the Redcap's Corner Pathfinder Society Google Group! Use this group to volunteer to GM, to request a particular mod, to let others know when you are or aren't going to be able to make it, or to organize an off-schedule game. Anything related to Pathfinder Society at Redcap's is fair game!

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Announcing Seelie Court 2017 Redcap's Corner 3/16/17
We are open for PFS tonight! Redcap's Corner 3/14/17
Redcap's PFS is now part of the RSP! Redcap's Corner 3/6/17
How to register? Bilal Aslam 1/31/17
Slave Ships tonight Tim 1/31/17
Pathfinder Humble Bundle Jonathan Bruce 1/11/17
Announcing Aid Another: Winter 2017 Redcap's Corner 1/6/17
Aid Another: 3-04 Kortos Envoy Rob Barker 1/5/17
Pathfinder Module: The Ruby Phoenix Tournament -- modified for P8 rules! Jae Ellis 12/29/16
Pathfinder - LAST MINUTE XMAS EVE - F'in awesome module!! Jae Ellis 12/24/16
Aid Another is this Sunday! Redcap's Corner 11/18/16
check your bank accounts and keep your wallets close. 11/16/16
Unseelie Court Update Tim 11/3/16
Unseelie Court Schedule Tim 11/2/16
Sign ups for Specials Tim 10/31/16
Unseelie Court Tim 10/25/16
pfs scenarios tracker wyld windsworn 10/9/16
Aid Another's schedule is live! Redcap's Corner 10/9/16
PFS schedule Tim 10/2/16
Any word on seelie court? 10/1/16
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