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Welcome to the Redcap's Corner Pathfinder Society Google Group! Use this group to volunteer to GM, to request a particular mod, to let others know when you are or aren't going to be able to make it, or to organize an off-schedule game. Anything related to Pathfinder Society at Redcap's is fair game!

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Directions to games at Pax Timothy Stapleton 11/17/17
PDF Handout for Starfinder James Ballod 11/16/17
A couple more PAX Unplugged GMs needed! Redcap's Corner 11/13/17
Starfinder Alien Archive Races Boon Peter Breuer-Penello 11/8/17
Absolute Beginner AWM 11/8/17
PAX Unplugged Schedule Redcap's Corner 11/8/17
Pax unplugged Robyn Allen 10/19/17
GM Needed on 10/24 Casey PFS 10/16/17
Pathfinder Humble Bundle deal Casey PFS 10/15/17
Announcing Unseelie Court 2017 Redcap's Corner 10/11/17
Unseelie Court Saturday GMing Conflict Tom Wardrop 10/5/17
Starfinder Ammo/Battery Tracker Peter Breuer-Penello 10/3/17
Starfinder Society 10/1, GM Needed Casey PFS 9/29/17
Tuesday 9/19 Steven Reigle 9/19/17
[Redcap's Corner PFS] PFS 4-24: Glories of the Past, Part 2. James Ballod 8/29/17
PFS 4-24: Glories of the Past, Part 2: The Price of Friendship Robyn Allen 8/29/17
7/18 Graves of Crystals Pass Peter Breuer-Penello 7/17/17
Going to be a few minutes late for 8-22 tonight Leslie Foster 7/11/17
Update on familiars and animal companions Doron Billheimer 7/2/17
Labor Day Con Robyn Allen 6/24/17
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