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Welcome to the Redcap's Corner Pathfinder Society Google Group! Use this group to volunteer to GM, to request a particular mod, to let others know when you are or aren't going to be able to make it, or to organize an off-schedule game. Anything related to Pathfinder Society at Redcap's is fair game!

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Gods Tim 11:36 AM
Question about Swashbuckler Finesse delthi1729 4/23/14
Confusion over Alchemist Familiar Abilities delthi1729 4/23/14
Scenario Requests? Redcap's Corner 4/22/14
Looking for Players for Eyes of the Ten Brian Lefebvre 4/20/14
4/16 Wednesday Please come! I need hlep Joe Lai 4/16/14
Is anyone coming in on Wednesday? Paul Krauth Jr 4/16/14
Campaign Idea: Kai PFS 4/15/14
Goblins Needed for Seelie Court 4/17 & 4/20 Merlino 4/14/14
News for 4/12/14 James McTeague 4/13/14
weds, 09 apr, pfs night -- redcap's closed or something? wyld windsworn 4/9/14
Tonight's Games James McTeague 4/8/14
weapon in the rift -- misplaced sheet; how much gp for out-of-tier 5-6? wyld windsworn 4/8/14
Would like to get a game going. Des Shannon 4/5/14
Echoes of the Everwar Part 2 Kai PFS 4/1/14
Help Leveling Des Shannon 4/1/14
question about gm re-play / re-run wyld windsworn 3/29/14
Gencon 2014 Benjamin Tannehill 3/28/14
We might need some GM's on the 25th for regular Tuesday PFS. Alexander Nudd 3/25/14
GM Needed Wednesday, 3/26 mmorris6 3/24/14
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