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Welcome to the Redcap's Corner Pathfinder Society Google Group! Use this group to volunteer to GM, to request a particular mod, to let others know when you are or aren't going to be able to make it, or to organize an off-schedule game. Anything related to Pathfinder Society at Redcap's is fair game!

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Starfinder stuff Michael Knauer 5/14/18
Does Anyone Have A Twisted Caverns Flipmat? Peter Breuer-Penello 5/13/18
Seelie Court 2018 Redcap's Corner 5/10/18
Starfinder Society One-Off Tom LaPorta 5/3/18
Question about GM rewards / Question about 1-5 game tonight (5/1) Steve Stratoti 5/1/18
Starfinder Society #1-08 Peter Breuer-Penello 4/24/18
Second Starfinder day Robyn Allen 4/12/18
Starfinder Adventure Path Tom LaPorta 4/11/18
Seelie Court vs. Starfinder Society (May 13th) Tom LaPorta 4/9/18
Faction notes for #1-11: In Pursuit of the Scoured Past Michael Knauer 4/9/18
Running a Pathfinder Module Tom LaPorta 3/30/18
Making use of Kobold boon before it's too late Bristor 3/30/18
Pathfinder GM v1 -> v2 Steve Stratoti 3/30/18
The Confirmation tonight Robyn Allen 3/20/18
March 20 PFS Tom LaPorta 3/20/18
Thinking about DMing Bilal Aslam 3/16/18
PSF Organized Play Robyn Allen 3/4/18
Starfinder march 11th Robyn Allen 2/25/18
Tuesday GMing Thomas Wilson 2/12/18
Aid Another this weekend Robyn Allen 2/9/18
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