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Welcome to the Redcap's Corner Pathfinder Society Google Group! Use this group to volunteer to GM, to request a particular mod, to let others know when you are or aren't going to be able to make it, or to organize an off-schedule game. Anything related to Pathfinder Society at Redcap's is fair game!

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Eyes of the Ten Scheduling James McTeague 11/10/15
Re: 0706 to judge a sould -- tonight's pfs game James Vari 11/9/15
GM needed for Frostfur Captives for 11/3 James McTeague 11/3/15
PFS 10/27 - GM Needed James McTeague 10/27/15
First timer Robert Pendergrass 10/19/15
Emerald Spire at Unseelie Court Friday James Vari 10/14/15
Need a las minute GM replacement for tomorrow 10/13 Jae Ellis 10/12/15
The Unseelie Court Schedule is Live!! Redcap's Corner 10/9/15
Anyone Up For Some Off-Session Emerald Spire? Peter Breuer-Penello 10/3/15
New Coordinator announced! James McTeague 9/29/15
Att: Thomas Wardrop James McTeague 9/29/15
ATTN: Unseelie Court Gms Jeffrey Fox 9/29/15
May 26th: Check your chronicles!! Benn Roe 9/22/15
PFS 9/15 James McTeague 9/14/15
Will always be late Mislav Mijatovic 9/6/15
ATTENTION GMS! New event code! Redcap's Corner 9/5/15
PFS this week? Bristor 8/30/15
Would Wednesdays work for PFS? Redcap's Corner 8/27/15
Upcoming PFS Conventions James McTeague 8/26/15
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