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ReDBox User Listing Duncan Dickinson 2/25/13
NLA Integration Planning Greg Pendlebury 6/21/12
Feature planning Duncan Dickinson 3/20/12
New ReDBox Domain Duncan Dickinson 2/14/12
Version 1.8 - upgrade Christopher McAvaney 5/24/16
Ability to update a DOI via ReDBox? Christopher McAvaney 5/15/16
question around curation for all Christopher McAvaney 5/13/16
Customising the Workflow, and visible fields in 1.8...Disabling NLA tab. Timothy O'Connor 5/1/16
ReDBox 1.9 Release Plan andrew 4/28/16
Re: [ReDBox] ReDBox 1.9 Release Plan - call for RIF-CS volunteers Matthew Mulholland 4/27/16
1.8 - 'alert' changes. Timothy O'Connor 4/25/16
Any new documention for 1.8? new-alerts -> test-alerts/dataplan1 Timothy O'Connor 4/18/16
NLA Curation issues andrew 3/17/16
QCIF ReDBox Lite Webinar Andrew White 3/3/16
Custom metadata schemata and ReDBox Matthias Liffers 3/3/16
Mint 1.8: updating records and handle creation Katrina Trewin 12/8/15
ANDS Cite My Data changes Matthias Liffers 12/2/15
The Mint with unicode/ascii Matthias Liffers 11/30/15
database-service databases - in Mint, oaiTokens in particular Christopher McAvaney 10/25/15
Change of time for ReDBox Harvester demo at eRA Conference Andrew White 10/21/15
ReDBox get together at eResearch? Andrew White 10/5/15
Straw Poll: What Research Management Platforms Are Used? Gavin Kennedy 9/24/15
ReDBox Community gathering at eRA Andrew White 9/23/15
RE: [ReDBox] Abridged summary of - 1 update in 1 topic Angelica Healey 9/16/15
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