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TeXas Video Showdown, worst video ever made in protest - gets a hundred more Tom Hendricks / Musea 8/23/16
Taylor Cujo Any Good? JD BLACKWELL 8/18/16
OM size guitar 25" scale with cutaway 1 3/4 nut DanielleOM 8/18/16
SOLUTIONS MANUAL: Physical Chemistry by Prem Dhawan 8/12/16
Five Short Guitar Instrumentals for Friday Tom Hendricks / Musea 8/12/16
Should 3 CEO's control all music? Tom Hendricks / Musea 8/12/16
Four Songs composed by Burt Bacharach Tom Hendricks / Musea 8/9/16
Links to Music Publications and Websites Andrew Schulman 8/7/16
Three songs by the Monkees Tom Hendricks / Musea 8/6/16
Canadian Artist Hennie Bekker Brings Benefits Of Music Therapy In Latest New Age Album 8/1/16
In praise of Kinscherff Guitars Chris Stern 7/29/16
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Three Songs with a Literary Connection Tom Hendricks / Musea 7/21/16
Three Songs for Sunday Tom Hendricks / Musea 7/17/16
............................................................ Nicholas Randall Forystek 7/12/16
Three Songs from Hard Day's Night (soundtrack released this week in music history in UK) Tom Hendricks / Musea 7/10/16
Guild DV52 driving me crazy 7/9/16
TeXas Video Showdown and CD Baby Conference Tom Hendricks / Musea 7/5/16
Steve Saluto New Album "The Power Of 6 Flowers" Out On June 6, 2016 6/21/16
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