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OT: 6 Answers to Bernie Skeptics Paul 2/11/16
OT: Bernie Sanders earned $1,867.42 in speaking fees - compared to the Clintons' $153m Paul 2/10/16
Rick Ruskin, Peter Lang, & Toulouse Engelhardt On Tour Rick Ruskin 2/10/16
Orpheum Guitar Cap'n Ron 2/8/16
Pierre Debs gus 2/8/16
Ping Mike Brown Deb Cowan 2/6/16
Keith Medley Tex 2/3/16
Tricia Greenwood Announces Free Downloads of 'Baby, You're My Valentine' & More 2/3/16
Jester Rosewood Dreadnought 2/3/16
Jewel signature Taylor Hojo2x 1/29/16
The 21st Annual USA Songwriting Competition Kicks Off 1/28/16
Too-Small Holes in Bridge Steve Freides 1/27/16
Why aren't all guitars equipped w/ pinless bridges luna 1/23/16
Question for Gibson experts, what about a J-60? Scott Huie 1/21/16
Book Pre-Order now Available Andrew Schulman 1/20/16
Enrique Tapicas guitars Marius Cienki 1/19/16
My upcoming solo tour...California and Arizona... Larry Pattis 1/11/16
Johnson Resonator Cone Replaced Wirh Quarterman Paul Williams 1/9/16
FS: Custom Travel Guitar (UK) Julian Templeman 1/3/16
If anyone is sttill here . . . Steve Daniels 12/29/15
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