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Any Hip hop fans here? Rap super group album soon to be released very soon Cornelis Tromp 8/20/17
2 Pac movie? Reviews Nomen Nescio 8/20/17
Hybrid Studios Celebrates Fifth Anniversary MusicDish 8/19/17
NABIHA Comes Good On 'IOU' To Fans MusicDish 8/16/17
Aaron Carter Opens Up About His Anus And Sexual Orientation, Liberal Fags Praise His "Courage" 8/13/17
Hells Angels Race Requirements Bradley K.K.K. Sherman 8/11/17
Dear homosexuals, Men In Feces Stained Panties Are NOT BBW (Big Beautiful Women). ABC BULK Gay Porn Provider 8/10/17
Dear homosexuals, Real Women Don't Have Penises. ABC BULK Gay Porn Provider 8/10/17
Cocksucker Stephen Colbert shamelessly sucks Obama's cock on Twitter. 8/10/17
Dear homosexuals, Males In Lingerie Aren't "Mothers I'd Like To Fu ck" either. ABC BULK Gay Porn Provider 8/10/17
"Gay Spouses" (Mentally Ill Queers) May Not Be Entitled to Workplace Benefits in Texas Making America Great Again 8/10/17
Dear homosexuals, A Man With "Breast Implants" Is Just That - A Man. ABC BULK Gay Porn Provider 8/10/17
USHER FAG LAWSUIT...Plaintiffs Claim Vaginal And Oral Sex Exposed Them To Herpes Leroy N. Soetoro 8/8/17
MusicDish Review: Kimberlee M. Leber Music Video "Fight The Good Fight Of Faith" MusicDish 8/4/17
Cultural Ambassador To The Sunset Strip, WILLIE BASSE Is Headlining CANYON: Live Unsigned This Thursday August 3rd MusicDish 8/3/17
Gospel Blues Singer/Songwriter, Kimberlee M. Leber, Reveals How To 'Fight The Good Fight Of Faith' In Her New Music Video MusicDish 7/25/17
First Acts For ADE LIVE Announced: Hercules & Love Affair, Fatima Yamaha, Anna Of The North, Phlake, Vessels And More MusicDish 7/21/17
vibe got the bitch who tupac raped.. Justin Creurer 7/21/17
Houston-Based Rapper Vile Intentionz And Guitar Instrumentalist Seismic Anamoly Release Their Latest Thought-Provoking Single "Solidz N Stripez" MusicDish 7/19/17
'Where Is Your Heart?' From Award-Winning Album 'Pop' Released By NYC-Based Young Pals Music MusicDish 7/15/17
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