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Rick Ross is Henry VIII ChoppedNuts 2/6/16
Sanctuary City paradise - 'Apple analyst' and popular S.F. DJ dies after being stabbed by mob Talk About Spin... 2/3/16
MusicDishTV Review: Dangerous Rob MV "WOW" Tristan Bourdeau de Fontenay 2/1/16
vibe got the bitch who tupac raped.. Justin Creurer 1/30/16
The Greatest Hip Hop Artist to Live! 1/28/16
Alicia G releases her Hot New Single "Pretty Girl" Music and Lyrical Video WorldWide, Through LRT Music Group Tristan Bourdeau de Fontenay 1/27/16
Get Loose "Wiggle" Tristan Bourdeau de Fontenay 1/27/16
You never see those chickenshit homosexuals suing Muslims. Jeff 1/26/16
Struggling for Gay Equality in the South. Aw, a gay sympathy jerk-me-off story Tom Jr. 1/26/16
Remember when homos tried to leverage penguins as animals that practiced "gay behavior"? Mitch 1/26/16
Repeat attacker stabs 6 at Jerusalem gay pride parade - HOORAY! Free Yishai 1/25/16
Liberal facist Homo Box Orifice Game of Thrones rape scene slammed HBO, The Toilet Ring Of American Intelligence. 1/25/16
Fagzilla whines helplessly at Microsoft for making it harder to switch to Firefox in Windows 10 Reap What You Sow 1/25/16
'I Have Been a Pedophile Since 13': Man Arrested After Petitioning for Pedophilia to be Legalized Democrats Again 1/25/16
Heroic Knife-Wielding Man Attacks Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade This Man Is A Global Hero! 1/25/16
Fagzilla CEO Sends Angry Open Letter To Microsoft Over Changing Windows 10 Browser Defaults Reap What You Sow 1/25/16
Another Democrat child molester, 'Law & Order' director Alexander arrested on child pornography charges Tom Jr. 1/25/16
Obama Democrats' cozy dealings with NAMBLA Revisiting The Obama Legacy 1/25/16
California transsexual prostitute pleads guilty to killing Google exec wv 1/25/16
Ha! Ha! This -$.012 per share "What's this now? Sales(queerforce)force reports a profit" Do The Math - SNICKER! GUFFAW! 1/25/16
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