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New filk: Banned Books Arthur T. 1/19/18
New filk: I Got Cons Arthur T. 1/15/18
Desperately seeking Rifles & Rhymes (Juanita Coulson) Anonymous Freeman 1/15/18
Cyclone Bomb, Bah! Jim Goulder 1/11/18
Happy new year... Arthur T. 1/8/18
How much is that cryptokitty? Jim Goulder 1/4/18
Happy New Year! Kay Shapero 12/31/17
Round the Sun Gary McGath 12/29/17
Singing about science Gary McGath 12/19/17
Song of the Snowbird Jim Goulder 12/18/17
"Downtown Rats" Jim Goulder 12/11/17
New filk: Bad Feeling Arthur T. 12/10/17
Happy Rich Brown 11/23/17
History of the Barbarian Birthday Dirge Gary McGath 11/23/17
New Mexico Lullaby X-Lydia 11/6/17
The Jaeger Dragoon Gary McGath 11/5/17
Lullaby for a Benevolent Despot (revised) Gary McGath 10/27/17
unfinished Lee Gold XP 10/26/17
New filk: Oh My, What an Era Arthur T. 10/25/17
Space Junk is Fallin' in the Drink Jim Goulder 10/25/17
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