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Félicette (new filk) X-Lydia 4/23/18
Filk Hall of Fame 2018 4/21/18
Contacting Carla Ulbrich Arthur T. 4/19/18
New filk: Golden Opportunity Arthur T. 4/18/18
a couple of unifnished things Lee Gold XP 4/14/18
Tesla v Country Music Rich Brown 4/12/18
Can you see a melody here? Lee Gold XP 4/4/18
Even more sad news Gary McGath 3/22/18
Just got word that Rennie Levine has died D. Glenn Arthur Jr. 3/22/18
Want some help for a filk Arthur T. 3/19/18
New song: Fields of War Arthur T. 3/19/18
Filk: Infusion Jeff Urs 3/18/18
Saltpeter! Pins! Gary McGath 3/16/18
ConCertino songbook Gary McGath 2/27/18
LAGGING, OH! (The HQ Live Trivia App Song) by Kate Gladstone Kate Gladstone 2/22/18
Westercon is looking for filksongs Lee Gold XP 2/15/18
Filk: All I Do Is Scheme For You Jeff Urs 2/9/18
Echo's Children website gone? 1/30/18
Semi-OT: 'We Shall Overcome' Officially In The Public Domain Arthur T. 1/30/18
John Creasey Gary McGath 1/28/18
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