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New filk: Whistling Sea Arthur T. 2:00 AM
30 octaves down Arthur T. 6/29/16
Crying Down to Rio 6/26/16
New filk: I Am Con Chair Arthur T. 6/23/16
New filk: Java Arthur T. 6/23/16
Frankie And Igor Joe Kesselman 6/20/16
Old McDonald had a form Gary McGath 6/16/16
Strictness in contrafactums Arthur T. 6/11/16
New filk: Anvils Keep Falling On My Head Arthur T. 6/11/16
New: The Feral Rose of Silvy Vale 6/8/16
New filk: I.S.S. Arthur T. 6/8/16
A filk in search of a tune: THE LAY OF FAIR OLVIN by Kate Gladstone Kate Gladstone 6/8/16
Sixteen Dawns 5/23/16
song topic for anyone interested Lee Gold XP 5/18/16
LAFA Filk this Saturday Barry Gold 5/10/16
New filk: Transit of Mercury Arthur T. 5/9/16
New Filk: The Merryman, and he's Mad X-Lydia 5/8/16
A silly fragment Gary McGath 5/8/16
A discerning weasel 5/7/16
New song: Everybody Has to Potty Sometime Arthur T. 5/4/16
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