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Southern California House Filks Barney Evans 9/24/16
Pre-Heinlein history of "Green Hills of Earth" Gary McGath 9/20/16
warning from FB Lee Gold XP 9/20/16
Old Science Theories Lee Gold XP 9/18/16
Dragoncon Filk songbook 9/18/16
Music in Journal of Fandom Studies Gary McGath 9/16/16
New Song: Don't Waste Your Franchise Gary McGath 9/16/16
New filk: The Coke Brothers (AKA "That Ain't Brotherly Love") Joel Polowin 9/15/16
new filk: Dog Whistles Martin DeMello 9/4/16
Filk: The Name of the Brain Jeff Urs 9/4/16
New Filk: Carmelita Camacho X-Lydia 8/17/16
New filk: Entertainers Arthur T. 8/16/16
Worldcon 8/7/16
New fragment: Mission Dawn Arthur T. 8/4/16
changing "unsung hero status" Lee Gold XP 8/4/16
Information about Mike Liebmann's funeral Barry Gold 7/30/16
New song: Bad Trip Rhapsody Arthur T. 7/29/16
Mike Liebmann R I P Lee Gold XP 7/28/16
A SONG OF THE VULCAN DIASPORA by Kate Gladstone Kate Gladstone 7/26/16
A filk in search of a tune: THE LAY OF FAIR OLVIN by Kate Gladstone Kate Gladstone 7/24/16
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