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Renee Alper RIP Gary McGath 7/30/15
Slightly OT - need research help for a filk Arthur T. 7/25/15
Theodore Bikel R I P Lee Gold XP 7/23/15
Sally Childs-Helton Survey -- Filk Community Modes of Interaction Jeff Urs 7/20/15
Heart of the Planet Pluto Gary McGath 7/20/15
New filk: Goodbye Arthur T. 7/11/15
Barry update Lee Gold XP 7/11/15
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Ballet Dancer Misty Copeland Named First Ever Black Female Principle At The American Ballet Theatre 7/4/15
New Bawdy In Qe'van, Bard of Nor 6/26/15
Song: Night Terror Gary McGath 6/25/15
Ookla the Mock John Davis 6/22/15
Conterpoint hotel? Keith F. Lynch 6/22/15
New filk: Long Long Time Arthur T. 5/26/15
Convention insurance Gary McGath 5/26/15
ConCertino deadlines coming up Gary McGath 5/23/15
The Pumpkin Carol Qe'van, Bard of Nor 5/19/15
Poem: The Dress Arthur T. 5/12/15
Following on one Spencer's been heard to sing... Joe Kesselman 5/11/15
update Lee Gold XP 5/10/15
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