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How many privately owned guns in USA? Rudy Canoza 7/27/15
Hillary Clinton's Bernie Sanders Problem Is Bigger Than Anyone Realizes jon_banquer 7/27/15
Peel rivets Jim Wilkins 7/27/15
Progress jon_banquer 7/27/15
Bernie Sanders Hands Meet The Press Chuck Todd His Ass jon_banquer 7/27/15
Yes, Donald Trump really went to an Ivy League school, unlike Obama who went to "commie camp". Obama was NOT a professor 7/26/15
"Today's political climate" - some extremist fuckwits who never would have been heard 35 years ago Rudy Canoza 7/25/15
Re: Help Help My Anus Is Being Violated Jack Ryan 7/25/15
Oklahoma black man leads presidential protest by waving Confederate Flag raykeller 7/25/15
For Ed Huntress - file request Joe Gwinn 7/25/15
Attention all rapists, please read. 15 minutes of feminism 7/25/15
Criminal Probe Sought Against Lying Democrat Hillary Clinton Over Private Emails Make Her Pay 7/25/15
Serial Black Rapist Bill Cosby Statue Kicked Out Of Disney's Hollywood Studios At Walt Disney World The Obama Effect 7/24/15
Re: It begins Rudy Canoza 7/24/15
OT- Nuke Deal with Iran, this girl understands RogerN 7/24/15
Turning brake drums Howard Beal 7/24/15
The percentage of households owning guns has declined Rudy Canoza 7/24/15
Zoro Jim Wilkins 7/24/15
Another Unemployed Radical Right Racist Homosexual Pedophile Exposed First Post 7/23/15
Re: Just for fun "diy-small-scale-artillery-a-black-powder-cannon" betweentheeyes 7/23/15
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