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Re: How many blacks have been Speaker of the House? Rudy Canoza 1/16/17
Benito Trump supporters moaning about "California" deciding the presidency Rudy Canoza 1/16/17
Re: Polls show that Obama has a 55% approval rating Rudy Canoza 1/16/17
Re: ‘Privilege’ Is Just Another Word For Family, And We Need More Of It Rudy Canoza 1/16/17
Re: Europeans were responsible for slavery in the US Rudy Canoza 1/16/17
OT, Lowes french door threshold help/advice/fabrication????? stryped 1/16/17
Shotgun Guitar played and SHOT by Rev. Peyton raykeller 1/15/17
Re: Laura Ingraham May Challenge Tim Kaine For His Senate Seat Rudy Canoza 1/15/17
Electoral College raykeller 1/15/17
Need to open a DIEBOLD SAFE Ro Grrr 1/15/17
Re: Russians Are Outraged With Rex Tillerson Rudy Canoza 1/15/17
Re: May we live in interesting times J. D. Dobrow 1/15/17
President-elect Vladimir Trump and news manipulation Rudy Canoza 1/15/17
Re: Democrats’ Impotent Attacks on Jeff Sessions Rudy Canoza 1/15/17
Credit card over the limit declined Ignoramus8887 1/15/17
Why Sessions must be rejected Rudy Canoza 1/15/17
Tipler, Llewellyn's Modern Physics 6th Edition SOLUTIONS MANUAL 1/15/17
Trump’s Business ‘Separation’ Plan Does Nothing of the Kind Rudy Canoza 1/14/17
Trump sees himself not just as Great Man, but as The Greatest Man james g. keegan jr. 1/14/17
potenionmeter replace from ?????? chuck 1/14/17
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