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Brave mum shoots dead gunman outside school after he tried to rob parents k3IeN⚛← ╬ ������������ �������������� ╬ →⚛QTqf 5/15/18
Trump continues wiping his ass with Obama's legacy. Knute 5/13/18
Luser Trump Has Failed To Create Well Paying Jobs and Has Had Little Effect On The Job Market - Brookings Institute Sean Hannity 5/12/18
Electrically conductive epoxies Ed Huntress 5/12/18
“The 19th century was a very long century.” Rudy Canoza 5/12/18
Trump tells yet ANOTHER lie regarding hush money paid to Daniels/Clifford Rudy Canoza 5/12/18
The Inconvenient Truth About the Republican Party raykeller 5/12/18
Trudeau Hilariously Blames U.S. For His Illegal Immigration Problem raykeller 5/12/18
Isn't It Disgusting How Red States Claim To Be Capitalist When In Reality They're Pathetic Socialist Bloodsuckers? Mr. Black 5/12/18
Proto Commie Alert! ‘I think it’s great’: Trump praises COMMUNIST Xi Jinping after China scraps presidential term limits Ludwig Von Mises 5/12/18
>>>>>>> Trump - The Socialist <<<<<<< Ludwig Von Mises 5/12/18
Speaking of socialism: raykeller 5/12/18
Sellers 1G drill Grinder parts? gary 5/12/18
Only Praise For Our Fuehrer! Trump Threatens To 'Take Away Media's Credentials' Over Negative News Stories About Him! Seig Heil!! AlleyCat 5/12/18
Retired Army General Exposes Why ˜Songbird McCainân Won't Support Trumps CIA Nominee Truthfeed raykeller 5/12/18
NEED steady rest for SB 10K Steve Davis 5/12/18
Cohen the swamp creature Rudy Canoza 5/12/18
The study you won'Tt be hearing about from the left: No impact on groundwater from fracking raykeller 5/12/18
Repeal the NFA | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government raykeller 5/12/18
Why Is It That Bloodsucking Trump Supporters Refuse To Work and Live In Their Parent's Basements? AlleyCat 5/11/18
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