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Screwdrivers in carry-on luggage. rangerssuck 6/21/16
Machinery for sale... Gunner Asch 6/21/16
FS 17' Grumman Canoe - $600 (Taft) Gunner Asch 6/20/16
Correct Battery for Fowler Digital Caliper? Nicholas Carter 6/20/16
Hydraulic fluid question Steve B 6/20/16
Tom Gardner full of shit, as only someone who runs a 135 year old business into the ground can be Rudy Canoza 6/20/16
<sigh> Larry Jaques 6/20/16
Check out how science / English language ignorant liberal 'journalists' are. Robert H. 6/19/16
One Gunner was more than enough rangerssuck 6/18/16
50 Florida poofters can thank Barack Hussein Obama for their one way ticket to hell. The Black Fairy 6/16/16
FS/Parting Out: Lincoln CV-300 welder 6/16/16
Hey Wieber, Swingers Festival! Tesla's Hotel Room 6/16/16
Sissy Rightist Fag Boys Back An Orange Colored Yankee Queen Who Blows Smoke Up Their Asses - They Enjoy Being Reamed NoD 6/16/16
Thanks Iggy 6/15/16
Sissy left-wing liberal 'male' barack obama is a HOPLOPHOBE. George 6/15/16
More boats are up if anyone is interested.... Gunner Asch 6/15/16
new spot welder Cydrome Leader 6/15/16
California too incompetent to generate electricity from the sun. Robert H. 6/15/16
goofy motor bearings Cydrome Leader 6/15/16
Watch this noodle-armed sissy swing a sledge at Chinese glass. Looks like an obama male steve 6/14/16
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