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Raid on Trump’s Lawyer Sought Records of Payments to Women Rudy Canoza 4/15/18
Has Wieber got that clunker F-150 running and on the road yet? Klaus Schadenfreude 4/15/18
Re: Raid on Cohen's office: Trump and Cohen are well and truly fucked Red Prepper 4/15/18
Unmistakable, never-fail "tell" for gun nuttery Klaus Schadenfreude 4/14/18
Machine Oiling Interval Bob La Londe 4/14/18
400Hz 2 pole vs 800Hz 4 pole - spindles Bob La Londe 4/14/18
A Spy Machine of DARPA's Dreams raykeller 4/14/18
Blind Obedience and Loyalty To Northerner Sex Deviant Liar Trump Wanes In The Slow Thinking, Slow Moving, Radically Religious Deep South Mr. B1ack 4/13/18
Gun-maker files for bankruptcy protection: report David Fritz 4/13/18
Re: Trumpling Paid $1,600,000 For Love Child Joe Cooper 4/13/18
Eugenics in Canada past and present raykeller 4/13/18
what paint to go over cold galvenized on a triler 4/13/18
Reports of coerced sterilization of Indigenous women in Canada mirrors shameful past raykeller 4/13/18
Compulsory sterilization in Canada raykeller 4/13/18
Canadian Eugenics raykeller 4/13/18
An Act of Genocide: Canada's Coerced Sterilization of First Nations Women raykeller 4/13/18
Facebook Has Dozens Of Former Obama And Hillary Staffers In Senior Positions raykeller 4/13/18
WHICH SIDE OF THE FENCE.....??? raykeller 4/13/18
Attn: Ed Huntress, One fast Honda S600 Jon Anderson 4/12/18
Is America, a great country or What? raykeller 4/12/18
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