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What a Cunt in a Dress newsgroup this is Red Prepper 1/21/18
Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin said "shithole countries" not Trump. Snow Flakes 1/21/18
What government shutdown means to you Gunner Asch 1/21/18
Obama welfare / bailout recipient GE shares drop to 6-year low below $17 Leroy N. Soetoro 1/21/18
After Vowing to Fix Washington, Trump Is Mired in a Familiar Crisis Rudy Canoza 1/21/18
Re: A good one: "Shitgazi" Clave 1/21/18
Even long-term dole-scrounging parasites in Taft should be able to find work now! Mark Wieber 1/21/18
Pencil making photos Ed Huntress 1/21/18
Who Knew Trump Would Be a Weak President? TS 1/20/18
Re: Fun Fact: Much of Trump’s Strongest Support Comes From This Country’s ‘Sh*thole’ States Mark Wieber 1/20/18
Abstained or absent during UN rebuke of US Jerusalem move? Come party with Nikki Haley! raykeller 1/20/18
Three Lessons on Your Right to Keep and Bear Arms King Trumpus 1/19/18
Dalton Lathes Dennis Turk 1/19/18
Non-Standard 3C Collet Bob La Londe 1/19/18
Making a 16-cyl Stirling engine Ed Huntress 1/18/18
Re: As Hawaii Panicked, Trump Golfed Red Prepper 1/18/18
Rightwing Gunhugging Bloodsuckers - Study: Urban tax money subsidizes rural counties Gerald Davis 1/18/18
Re: Is Haiti a 'shithole' compared to Norway? https Rubber Dove 1/18/18
Re: Is Hillary To Blame For ALL of Trump's Failures, Criminal Character Flaws And Hatred For The American Way? Winston_Smith 1/18/18
Re: Update on Suzuki engine Pete Snell 1/18/18
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