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Ping Gummer: Q on rotary hammers, hex vs. SDS Grokman Grokman 7/28/15
Corrosion of Sanctuary Cities raykeller 7/28/15
hand drilling- cutting oil vs. water soluble stuff Cydrome Leader 7/28/15
Letter from an Australian to America: Here's why I love you, USA raykeller 7/28/15
Hillary Clinton, green ecotopian ordinaire (that is, a lying hypocrite) Rudy Canoza 7/27/15
Right Wing Terrorism In America - All Right Wing Ways Will One Day Be Outlawed Along With Radical Islam God Wrote The Bible 7/27/15
Liberal Study Unintentionally Reveals Nationwide Illegal Alien Crime Spree raykeller 7/27/15
Not so much metal working, as the space for metal working pyotr filipivich 7/27/15
Fascinating 106 yr old shipwreck found Gunner Asch 7/27/15
The bizarre and irrational beliefs of gun nuts about household gun ownership numbers Rudy Canoza 7/27/15
Mark R. Wieber (a.k.a. Gunner) Cliff Notes Version 1 whoyakidding's ghost 7/27/15
Good dog, good dog.... raykeller 7/27/15
Hillary likely to face prison raykeller 7/27/15
The " M " word raykeller 7/27/15
Cast nodular vs. cast steel Tim Wescott 7/27/15
Declining percentage of households that report gun ownership Rudy Canoza 7/27/15
CADCAM Technology Leaders Group... jon_banquer 7/27/15
Butt stupid cannucks raykeller 7/27/15
Gaping Flaw in Android Cellular raykeller 7/27/15
Re: Gun maps Rudy Canoza 7/27/15
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