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OT What body part of Hillary is Obama touching? Ignoramus19803 7/28/16
SAVE THE DATE! - Democrat Convention Schedule - Monday, July 25, 2016 Bradley K. Sperman 7/28/16
Bill Clinton was responsible for killing over 500,000 Iraqis CIA Facts 7/28/16
Obama's legacy, ignorance of the law, US Constitution and he's a racist to boot. Coon Country 7/27/16
Turd Eating, Trump Loving Red State Whites Are Stupider Than Niggras - Do They Really Want Trump To Rape Their Daughters? Byker 7/27/16
Trumpites: Sniveling, Lying, Lazy Racists Who Are Afraid of Gainful Employment Christopher Helms 7/27/16
Will Trump Be Subpoenaed To Testify In The Rape Case? First-Post 7/27/16
Oh! No! Yet Another Trump Pedophile Lawsuit Emerges - DailyCaller First. Post 7/27/16
Racist White Southern TrumpLover Must Cover Swastika Tattoos To Stand Trial Sieg Heil Trump 7/27/16
[Mark Levin] Racist Subhuman Depraved Grand Old Pedophiles Unite Behind Fueher & Accused Rapist Trump Ready To Defend Him To The Death Beam Me Up Scotty 7/27/16
Racist, Alleged Rapist Trump Has Committed Treason - He Is A Traitor To His Country Jim Dietrich 7/27/16
TRUMPS RIGHTWING TERRORISTS Pose The Greatest Threat To America AlleyCat 7/27/16
Why is Obama black, not white? Bradley K. Sperman 7/27/16
Need to open a DIEBOLD SAFE Ro Grrr 7/27/16
Hardening Titanium Larry Jaques 7/27/16
Brexit reaction Rudy Canoza 7/27/16
The left-wing liberal hired to have sex with children, no it's not Bill Clinton. Bradley K. Sperman 7/27/16
6 Left-wing O.C. Immigrants, 18 to 28 Years Old, Charged With Murdering Man In San Juan Capistrano Bradley K. Sperman 7/26/16
TEST RESULTS was re: inconel or stainless Ignoramus28785 7/26/16
All they had to do rangerssuck 7/26/16
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