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When Will Nigger Ben Carson Apologize For The Black Riots On Behalf of His Race? Black Lies Matter... 11/26/15
Comment on this TIG welder, please Tim Wescott 11/25/15
OT: Fancy Schmancy Coffee Maker Bob La Londe 11/25/15
Hard To Tell The Difference Between A Syrian Terrorist And Ted Cruz YaK 11/25/15
Homemade metal saw John Doe 11/24/15
DC motor torque characteristics?? Jeff O'Malley 11/24/15
Welding helmets (Hobby use) 11/23/15
What Ive been doing the last couple weeks. Gunner Asch 11/23/15
MiniArc 130?-110vt stick welder Gunner 11/22/15
Need help with sandblasting Ignoramus27493 11/21/15
formula for shimming D shaft? unk 11/21/15
Wall St. Ties Linger as Image Issue for Hillary Clinton jon_banquer 11/21/15
Stock Market Plummets As Real Capitalists Flee The USA, Leaving Behind The Socialist Scum, Criminals, Beggars And Homosexuals Capitalist 11/21/15
A Rigged Economy: This Is How it Works jon_banquer 11/21/15
Bullet makeup 11/20/15
Odd, to me, thread gauges 11/20/15
Frail Old Coward Trump To Our Troops: "I Will Hide Safe At Home While You Die On Syrian Soil" God Is Christian 11/20/15
[Brietbart] Rafael Ted Cruz - Insane or Satan's Minion? He's Not One of Us, He's Not American, He's Not White New Way 11/20/15
Can a devout Muslim be an American patriot and a loyal citizen? raykeller 11/20/15
OT: AC efficiency, how important is the splasher? John Doe 11/19/15
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