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Hobart Mega-Flex 650 RVS does not work in MIG mode Ignoramus24189 10/14/17
REPORT: Here's Why Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims Can't Get Supplies---CORRUPT DEMOCRATS !!! raykeller 10/13/17
Re: We don't need no stinkin' cunts Red Prepper 10/12/17
Re: We don't need no stinkin' farmers Red Prepper 10/12/17
Linkage research unk 10/12/17
Re: We don't need no stinkin' cunt dresses Red Prepper 10/12/17
Defectors fly leaflets into N. Korea on Workers' Party anniversary raykeller 10/12/17
Re: Steam Engine Conversion 10/12/17
OT: 50hp Diesel Outboard Motor Larry Jaques 10/11/17
Convert Degrees to Foot Pounds? Kenn E. Thompson 10/11/17
Re: Cop fired for stupid wrongful arrest TOS tRudey Ball now! 10/11/17
How Do You Get The Darn Bucket Lid Off Bob La Londe 10/10/17
Re: Alittle Gun History Red Prepper 10/10/17
Holes in welded and galvanised structures Christopher Tidy 10/9/17
Re: Important Question About Trump, Limbaugh Wile E. Coyote 10/9/17
Re: US Army elite airborne division heads to Puerto Rico Land Ho 10/9/17
Good advice Phil Dambach 10/9/17
Of COURSE Wieber has ghetto palms growing at his shack Duane Trevino 10/9/17
Hotel Econoline smog certificate and registration posted on-line, right? Pipewrench Peterson 10/9/17
Did Red Pecker throw in the towel? Rudy Canoza 10/8/17
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