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Mark R. Wieber (a.k.a. Gunner) Cliff Notes Version 13 Rudy Canoza 8:00 PM
Why I am a Climate Change Skeptic raykeller 7:45 PM
Final Reunion.... Ray Keller 7:15 PM
File sharpening.. Phil Kangas 2:17 PM
Two World Class Shitbags Fighting It Out... jon_banquer 1:13 PM
Ex-CFO Who Slammed Chick-fil-A Lives on Food Stamps (lost his $200K+ job) raykeller 12:55 PM
Re: NO WMDs found in Iraq - right-wing knuckle-draggers still lying about it Max Boot 12:33 PM
OT HP printer help ? OT Terry Coombs 8:58 AM
Best Thing You Can Do With The Wimpy DOHC Engines That Loser slow eddy Loves? jon_banquer 8:51 AM
Why we are right to distrust the government Rudy Canoza 8:10 AM
Night vision eyedrops allow vision of up to 50m in darkness raykeller 3/29/15
Drilling 316 Stainless Snuffy Hub Cap McKinney 3/29/15
OT How to make your website mobile friendly Ignoramus24688 3/29/15
Re: The Democrats Who Dragged Bush into Iraq tony 3/29/15
Martin O'Malley challenges Hillary Clinton Benoit 3/29/15
Voter ID Rudy Canoza 3/29/15
Re: Global warmers are physics & math ignorant. 90% of any floating ice volume is already in the water. Wayde 3/29/15
There is no "list" Gunner Asch 3/28/15
1990 kodiac dump truck running terrible mudpuppy 3/28/15
What is it? (Amateur version POST02) 3/28/15
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