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The economy is doing great...right? Gunner Asch 8:14 AM
"Clinton expresses regret for saying 'half' of Trump supporters are 'deplorables'" Ben Renick 7:48 AM
Re: Tonight's Debate Rudy Canoza 7:40 AM
Re: Hillary Promises to be soft on Isis Poor dumb Curt 7:35 AM
Curt is a COWARD Poor dumb Curt 7:34 AM
Hazmat fees when buying supplies Randy333 6:49 AM
isis endorsed me, says Trump 6:27 AM
Hillary Clinton has 'medical episode' at 9/11 ceremony raykeller 1:48 AM
Is it a SCAM? How? Bob La Londe 12:41 AM
fake air compressor aftercooler? freak 12:38 AM
not really OT: Looking for mobile work station for factory floor rangerssuck 12:33 AM
4 Stages of Islamic Conquest raykeller 9/26/16
Your last DIY project Ed Huntress 9/26/16
Machining a Pulley for a Drill Press Searcher7 9/26/16
Hillary Clinton is right about one thing: Trump supporters in the "basket of deplorables" Ben Renick 9/26/16
Gun sales on track to set a record raykeller 9/26/16
What Kind of Criminal Activity Is Keeping Trump From Releasing His Tax Returns? What Is He Afraid Of? Joe Cooper 9/26/16
Has there EVER BEEN a SUCCESSFUL liberal SOCIAL program? Democrat Disasters 9/26/16
Very Bad News For Trump - He Should Quit Before He Goes To Prison Hannity O'Reilly Jr. 9/25/16
>>> Breaking News - Rightwing Says "Trump Is Pro-Abortion and A Sociopath" Trump and Bannon are Suicidal! <<< The Great Trump Swindle 9/25/16
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