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what type of oil seals are used in the Clausing 1300 vari-drive? Mike 12:23 AM
Lathe Chuck 3 jaw with L 00 mounting Rhollie 12:15 AM
Cast iron grate repair Terry Coombs 12:14 AM
The twin towers of the WTC, were constructed with caesium-137 contaminated steel. Ajunew 11/26/15
A welder for dummies Ed Huntress 11/26/15
Re: Stove grate repair Ignoramus27493 11/26/15
Those Republicans Sure Know How To Throw A Party - Just Another Republican Bash! Lord Trump 11/26/15
Slowing down motor Steve Bulicz 11/26/15
When Will Nigger Ben Carson Apologize For The Black Riots On Behalf of His Race? Black Lies Matter... 11/26/15
Comment on this TIG welder, please Tim Wescott 11/25/15
OT: Fancy Schmancy Coffee Maker Bob La Londe 11/25/15
Hard To Tell The Difference Between A Syrian Terrorist And Ted Cruz YaK 11/25/15
Homemade metal saw John Doe 11/24/15
DC motor torque characteristics?? Jeff O'Malley 11/24/15
Welding helmets (Hobby use) 11/23/15
There is no limits to sexual perversions Ignoramus27493 11/23/15
What Ive been doing the last couple weeks. Gunner Asch 11/23/15
MiniArc 130?-110vt stick welder Gunner 11/22/15
Need help with sandblasting Ignoramus27493 11/21/15
formula for shimming D shaft? unk 11/21/15
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