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Re: This cartoon ... Urt's werld 9:55 AM
AliExpress experience? Jim Wilkins 9:40 AM
It Worked !!! 8:42 AM
Weight bearing strength of 5 ft. of black iron pipe Maddog 8:18 AM
Making his phone dumber was the smartest thing he ever did raykeller 2/23/18
E7018 vs ER70S3 welds Ignoramus10660 2/22/18
Re: Alittle Gun History Red Prepper 2/22/18
Confessed Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz is a Rightist Eddie Haskell 2/22/18
I used to sell damaged dial indicators here . . . . barry tuttleman 2/22/18
Today's Posting is Sponsored by the Letter K Bob La Londe 2/22/18
>>> Sage Advice: Wise Old Hero Trump Says We Need To Arm Our Children To Protect Them From Gun Owners <<< Mr. Black 2/22/18
Leading Gun Experts Reccommend More Spree Shootings, Not Less, If We Are To Make Men Out of Boys and Make America Great Again No Absolute Collusion 2/21/18
Trump Vows To Grab Your Guns. His Followers Fear Him And Will Comply. Trump Is Strong, You R Weak Rico Sanchez Ejercito 2/21/18
Unemployable Trumpites Obsequious Spineless Pandering To Trump Gives Them Something To Do During The Day Baghdad Bob 2/21/18
RIGHT WING High School Killer Honed His Shooting Skills By Taking A Marksmanship Course With US Army Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps -- Learned To Kill Americans From The Best Go Army! 2/21/18
Trump Looks Like A Typical Right Wing Horses Ass tig 2/21/18
Great News!! According To The FBI, Guns Are Still Far Superior For Killing Americans Over Knives -- It's Not Even Close Never Take A Knife To A Gun Fight 2/21/18
Polar Bear Attack Stopped with Three Shots from .44 Magnum Revolver raykeller 2/21/18
Trump Vows To Grab Your Guns. His Followers Fear Him And Will Comply Rico Sanchez Ejercito 2/21/18
Rosie the riveter's lathe? 2/21/18
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