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Liberals get hysterical over the 'alt-right' but we are living in their 'alt-left' world raykeller 8:36 PM
Cuban outpouring extends across island after Fidel Castro death rtuOa⚛← Mighty ╬ Wannabe →⚛XYrnf 8:27 PM
Trump vows to stop US toppling of regimes during 1st stop of 'Thank You' tour LVqIw⚛← Mighty ╬ Wannabe →⚛smHnc 8:21 PM
There are no gangs or guns, and virtually no drugs in Fidel Castro's Cuba wDlMm⚛← Mighty ╬ Wannabe →⚛MkxPI 8:11 PM
Obama and the Democrats are so incompetent and lazy - they could have saved 1000+ jobs with a single phone call. 47 days until Obama is out of office 7:29 PM
Cutting oil on lathe bits Bob Engelhardt 7:06 PM
Which one is better? PUNCH PRESS VS LASER Yourmaster 7:06 PM
Got a look inside the TIG 200 welder 12:45 PM
Wood splitter help stryped 9:38 AM
A Young Fidel Castro Speaks to the CBC (Video Interview) YvmiW⚛← Mighty ╬ Wannabe →⚛psaGu 8:18 AM
Rotary Broaching Bob La Londe 8:07 AM
Antarctic Sea Ice Has Not Shrunk In 100 Years raykeller 12/1/16
Using a Sacrificial anode on a car to suppress or at least help prevent rusting Brent 12/1/16
Eureka! Zero fog mister Karl Townsend 12/1/16
Re: USENET TAKEOVER IN PROGRESS Jill Stein Recount Volunteer 12/1/16
Leftwing Media - Oh NOW he's "Accused" Ohio State attacker reportedly posted rant online Ohio Thanks Barack Obama For Not Upholding His Oath - Again 12/1/16
Bernz-O-Matic Repair RWL 12/1/16
Re: Linked to Worldwide Pedophilia Networks: President Obama, Hillary Clinton and DOJ Officials who oversee Human Trafficking Investigations Bleach Bit 11/30/16
Pence for president? Jerry Buchanan 11/30/16
PM 1440 - First Failure Bob La Londe 11/30/16
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