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The Invasion of Canada raykeller 11:27 AM
How do welding shade numbers add up? Eclipse viewing. mike 11:21 AM
eclipse. car tint vs welders mask 10:26 AM
If the Coup Against Trump Succeeds… raykeller 9:48 AM
Re: When The Grid Goes Down: 15 Tips to Get Home Safely Following an EMP Attack SeaSnake 9:48 AM
Big gearbox design Christopher Tidy 9:07 AM
The Solar Energy Fraud raykeller 2:50 AM
New York Is Named After A Horrendous Slave Trader raykeller 12:54 AM
toothless southern bumpkin raykeller's homosexuality should disqualify him from membership in nazi organizations, but his consumate expertise on kiddy porn makes him fit right in end rightwing pedophiles today! 12:25 AM
Re: ANTIFA Is Dangerously Close To Exposing Me For The NeoNazi White Supermacist Child Porno & Welare Addict That I Am Enki 12:25 AM
Not All That Many Willing To Die For Trump In The Great Civil War raykeller 12:24 AM
Only Rightwing Fascist Racist Nazi Terrorists Oppose AntiFascist Protesters? No TrumpenFascists 8/19/17
The Left is Marching the Nation Toward Civil War raykeller 8/19/17
Impeachment is nigh Rudy Canoza 8/19/17
The New Civil War raykeller 8/19/17
Re: Can Defendant Trump Prove That He Isn't A Child Molester? Is He A Tax Cheat? Scout 8/19/17
Weimar America raykeller 8/19/17
Charlottesville whites should get the same "no crime" treatment given to Ferguson blacks. Belleville News-Democrat 8/19/17
Where to repair a cast iron casting (transmission) Ignoramus8462 8/18/17
All in: The left is through messing around raykeller 8/18/17
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