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Hi-temp cement advice please 11:38 AM
Do not buy a Harbor Freight "rock tumbler" Ignoramus5816 11:23 AM
I like big Butts! Terry Coombs 11:17 AM
charge chest freezer Karl Townsend 5:08 AM
Hillary Clinton's poll numbers signal trouble ahead jon_banquer 6/2/15
OT: Barney Frank calls out Dennis Hastert & GOP hypocrisy with a perfect statement rangerssuck 6/2/15
I actually..really ...finally paid for Agent Newsreader yesterday Gunner Asch 6/2/15
OT: IKEA "Jukebox" rangerssuck 6/2/15
Senator Elizabeth Warren on big money in Washington jon_banquer 6/2/15
37 Ways To Un-rig The U.S. Economy So It No Longer Favors The Rich jon_banquer 6/2/15
Small eye bolts - M4 just_me 6/2/15
Second anchoring rod in Chinese/Democrat Designed Bay Bridge fails key test Leroy N. Soetoro 6/1/15
Dilbert Jon Anderson 6/1/15
Time for Bernie Sanders to start booking bigger venues. jon_banquer 6/1/15
Ward's Announces 10 Best Engines 2015 jon_banquer 6/1/15
Ward's calls out Ford's EcoBoost engines for their crummy fuel economy jon_banquer 6/1/15
slow eddy's Pushrod Nightmare In Hell Continues jon_banquer 6/1/15
Miller Dynasty 280 TIGRUNNER Unboxing, Overview, and Evaluation jon_banquer 6/1/15
Valdosta State Student Who Stomped US Flag Wants To Kill All White People raykeller 6/1/15
CRA: damned little justification in 1977, *ZERO* justification today Rudy Canoza 6/1/15
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