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Three Oklahoma teens were fatally shot after police say they broke into a home raykeller 3:14 PM
Quantum radar will expose stealth aircraft George 2:52 PM
Pro-Second-Amendment rally in Boulder was shock to Boulder libtards, progressives and snowflakes Steve from Colorado 2:24 PM
Waffle House shooting gun: an AR-15, of course duke 2:19 PM
AR-15 Effective in Defending against Multiple Home Invaders raykeller 2:14 PM
The Right To Bear Arms Is The Right to Gender Equality raykeller 11:43 AM
So when will there be a ‘special counsel’ to investigate this? raykeller 10:42 AM
Re: She was not scared of the gun; [She] was concerned about his t-shirt. Red Prepper 4/23/18
Swiss to Debate Restrictive Gun Laws in 2018 raykeller 4/23/18
New surveillance satellites can now record real time video of ALL car movements in an entire region, allowing governments to build a timeline of your vehicle travel raykeller 4/23/18
How much extra HP from burning nitro? 4/23/18
Trump Blasts 'Slimeball' Comey Ahead of First Interview: 'It Was My Great Honor to Fire Him' K. Boomsma 4/23/18
Unmistakable, never-fail "tell" for gun nuttery Klaus Schadenfreude 4/23/18
Paletized bench tools Tom Gardner 4/23/18
Judge Nap Urges Sessions to Reopen Clinton Email Probe Due to 'Overwhelming Evidence' K. Boomsma 4/22/18 raykeller 4/22/18
Judge Denies "Now Virtuous" Dried-up Old Slut Stormy Daniels' Motion to Depose President Trump K. Boomsma 4/22/18
HERO: Meet the Man Who Tackled the Waffle House Shooter raykeller 4/22/18
'No Bombshells': Wallace Says Comey's Book Doesn't 'Change the Equation' for Trump K. Boomsma 4/22/18
David Limbaugh Blasts Comey: 'Gossipy Little Girl' Should Be 'Ashamed' of Book K. Boomsma 4/22/18
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