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Canadian Tire in trouble? Michael Koblic 8:18 PM
mini backhoe 7:56 PM
RCM hits a new low 7:33 PM
Taxpayer-funded publicity gag: "Trump Tells Pence to Leave N.F.L. Game as Players Kneel During Anthem" Rudy Canoza 6:43 PM
Mob cheers on rape, killing of woman who served 'forbidden fish' raykeller 4:22 PM
Most expensive steel Christopher Tidy 2:46 PM
OT: New Trackball rangerssuck 10:40 AM
Anti-soldering flux? bob prohaska 3:17 AM
Mini Ice Age coming Gunner Asch 10/15/17
Re: Trump's Disasterous Visit To Puerto Rico Red Prepper 10/15/17
TIG and 309L ? Terry Coombs 10/15/17
Re: Cuntinadresses Smegma face should be Nuked Red Prepper 10/15/17
Salvage - Hydraulic Pump Bob La Londe 10/14/17
Hobart Mega-Flex 650 RVS does not work in MIG mode Ignoramus24189 10/14/17
REPORT: Here's Why Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims Can't Get Supplies---CORRUPT DEMOCRATS !!! raykeller 10/13/17
Re: We don't need no stinkin' cunts Red Prepper 10/12/17
Re: We don't need no stinkin' farmers Red Prepper 10/12/17
Linkage research unk 10/12/17
Re: We don't need no stinkin' cunt dresses Red Prepper 10/12/17
Defectors fly leaflets into N. Korea on Workers' Party anniversary raykeller 10/12/17
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