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Lifting Stuff SteamboatEd Haas 7:51 AM
One-handed pullups Harold McKinney 7:51 AM
How to handle a D-shaft Pete Keillor 7:45 AM
Fascinating early..very early 20th century color photos of Russia Gunner Asch 7:17 AM
"Today's political climate" rationale for lying to Gallup and NORC about gun ownership Rudy Canoza 6:56 AM
Electrical - what's wrong with this? Dave, I can't do that 5:45 AM
Windows 10...seems to work fine Gunner Asch 2:52 AM
Why Muslims Should Be Exterminmated raykeller 7/28/15
FIGURES. Lafayette Shooter Was Obama Supporter: "I Was For His Re-Election, I Liked His Spending" raykeller 7/28/15
A stroll in the vineyards! A winemaker and his dog... 7/28/15
Mugshots jon_banquer 7/28/15
Large anvils 7/28/15
Ping Larry: Gunner Asch 7/28/15
Trike project SteamboatEd Haas 7/28/15
Ping Gummer: Q on rotary hammers, hex vs. SDS Grokman Grokman 7/28/15
Corrosion of Sanctuary Cities raykeller 7/28/15
OT My simple electric bike John Doe 7/28/15
hand drilling- cutting oil vs. water soluble stuff Cydrome Leader 7/28/15
Letter from an Australian to America: Here's why I love you, USA raykeller 7/28/15
Hillary Clinton, green ecotopian ordinaire (that is, a lying hypocrite) Rudy Canoza 7/27/15
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