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Re: NIH Study Explores The Reason Why Three-Fourths Of Lesbians Are Overweight or Obese Bern Hillary 5/27/16
Fudgepacker Democrat Senate Confirms Eric Fanning, First Openly Gay Dicksucker Leader Of Military Service Michael 5/27/16
Re: What the Bible says about Christians Kaptain Krunch 5/27/16
GAP Inc. / Old Navy jump on the nigger lover / wigger bandwagon, sucking Obama's gay cock. Let Your Wallet Decide Who Is Right 5/27/16
Shifting the blame from an unfit homosexual, "Train in deadly 2015 Amtrak had safety equipment that could have prevented it" Gays Are Not Responsible People 5/27/16
In Hiroshima 71 years after first atomic strike, Obama the apologizing fag lover calls for end of nuclear weapons He's A Hippy! 5/27/16
Homosexuals and Atheism: An Uneasy Alliance Klux 5/27/16
Tim Cook's TV Appearances Don't Bode Well for Apple Stock Roto Rooter 5/27/16
What the Yale? Ivy league students admit to bestiality, desires about incest, during 'Sex Weekend' workshop From The Gun Hater State - Now You Know Why... 5/27/16
Night Vision Scope Camera RogerN 5/27/16
Reports (A truly gay excuse): Amtrak crash to be blamed on distracted (homosexual) engineer Gays Are Not Responsible People 5/27/16
steam molding polystyrene Jamie M 5/27/16
Attention Whore Sinead O'Connor Found in Wilmette, Ill., unfortunately not dead. Another One Down 5/27/16
Mentally unfit gay Amtrak Engineer "Distracted By Radio" Before Deadly Derailment, NTSB Says Gays Are Not Responsible People 5/27/16
What does the number in " 6061 aluminum " mean ? pogo 5/27/16
Hydraulic motor question rangerssuck 5/27/16
Manual metal scoring project 5/27/16
conduit hickey question Cydrome Leader 5/27/16
Re: My Homosexual Based Passion For Hitler. The Greatest Man Ever Born. Ministry of Vengeance and Vendettas 5/27/16
Re: Lazy Self Entitled Jobless Rightists The Real Problem With This Nation, Not Hard Working Immigrants Ministry of Vengeance and Vendettas 5/27/16
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