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Just HOURS After Debate Wikileaks Hits Hillary With Hardest Blow Yet.(Pay for Play Email) raykeller 9:35 AM
Trump Ponders Losing ? 9:14 AM
Voter Fraud is Real: Here's the Proof (Millions of bogus /invalid registrations) raykeller 7:55 AM
Which color laser? 7:50 AM
BREAKING: Hillary caught by Anonymous Paying Off NBC Fake +11 Point Poll lead [Busted] raykeller 7:07 AM
A Very Confused Candidate raykeller 10/21/16
GA tied Hillary-Trump poll 10/21/16
A Scenario for the Second Civil War raykeller 10/21/16
Generators Services in Bangalore 10/21/16
Operation Stop Soros - Crowd sourced weaponized autism! - #StopSoros raykeller 10/21/16
And the Democrats want HER to be President! -- No, Hillary for PRISON 2016. raykeller 10/20/16
Trump the delusional asshole loser Rudy Canoza 10/20/16
Clinton campaign contractor caught in voter-fraud video sting is a felon who visited the White House 342 times raykeller 10/20/16
Trump's IQ Jim Wilkins 10/19/16
Supreme Court refuses to rehear traitor democrat Obama immigration case Let My (BROWN FELON) People Free! 10/19/16
Roger Ailes abandons Trump 10/19/16
OT, 8N will not start stryped 10/19/16
What is in automatic vent openers used in greenhouses Butter 10/19/16
"Clinton expresses regret for saying 'half' of Trump supporters are 'deplorables'" Ben Renick 10/18/16
Caught! Fox cancels o'keefe 10/18/16
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