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Microsoft backports data slurp to Windows 7 and 8 via patches,,, Win 10 spyware comes to 7, 8.1 raykeller 2:54 PM
"[T]he right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited." Carol Kinsey Goman 2:54 PM
Trump shows he's not a serious candidate (Re: Trump warns Dr Ben Carson) Janet Doughty Hume 2:41 PM
The vast majority of US states guarantee an INDIVIDUAL right to keep and bear arms Carol Kinsey Goman 2:33 PM
Trump warns Dr Ben Carson 2:26 PM
About half of immigrant households on welfare, report says Halt Immigration 2:16 PM
Which part of "the right secured by the Second Amendment is *not unlimited*" is unclear? Rudy Canoza 1:34 PM
Data Shows Obama Still Best Gun Salesman In The US, Says CCRKBA raykeller 12:53 PM
PIERS MORGAN: Don't Shut Your Eyes to This Picture Because WE Did This NO21O. ☢_ M°i°g°h°t°y ☮ W°a°n°n°a°b°e _☢. M5QOL 12:01 PM
rule scales, 3R 4R etc. Cydrome Leader 11:55 AM
Subsitute electronic part needed 8:59 AM
And Gunner thought HE had cool stuff in his back yard... rangerssuck 8:26 AM
2 undocumented immigrants named to city commission posts in CA Halt Immigration 9/3/15
Human fecal matter in Mexican food trucks in Washington State linked to E. coli cases Halt Immigration 9/3/15
TRUMP: Why the Establishment is Terrified of him raykeller 9/3/15
A metallic day Terry Coombs 9/3/15
Krugman - He Who Could Never Hold A Real Private Sector Job, Crash-Test Dummies as Republican Candidates for President Noise Abatement 9/3/15
Looking for Tin sheet JHrisoulas 9/3/15
Faraday cage? Tom Gardner 9/3/15
Cars' keyless ignitions called 'deadly' in lawsuit Leroy N. Soetoro 9/2/15
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