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Robert A. Heinlein Jim Puckett 12:00 AM
Read In November Ted Nolan <tednolan> 11/30/15
Recommendation for E-reader? Bill Gill 11/30/15
Humour and Science Fiction. Titus G 11/30/15
_Dispatches_ (The Perseid Collapse Series) (Volume 4) by Steven Konkoly Lynn McGuire 11/30/15
‘Based On Nonsense’ The Starmaker 11/30/15
_Saint Odd: An Odd Thomas Novel_ by Dean Koontz Lynn McGuire 11/30/15
Anyone still reading Weber's Safehold series? PeterM 11/30/15
Are Sapphire and Steel Medium-Weight Elements? Quadibloc 11/30/15
[OT] Bad News Quadibloc 11/30/15
YASID "Stomach Cement" Nyrath 11/29/15
Who's up for doing the Kessel Run? Dan Tilque 11/29/15
Poland will not extradite pedophile liberal Roman Polanski to U.S. Typical Obama Type 11/29/15
parallel universe tony 11/29/15
"picture" it The Starmaker 11/28/15
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YASID practice colonists? puppetsock 11/28/15
Where is the center of the universe? The Starmaker 11/28/15
Do My Homework! Young People Read Old SF James Nicoll 11/28/15
_The Martian_ by Andy Weir Lynn McGuire 11/28/15
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