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Gor has a roleplaying game David Johnston 10:22 AM
The end of secrecy 9:56 AM
new book from Ryk Spoor Lynn McGuire 9:34 AM
_Wool_ Lynn McGuire 7:26 AM
I covet the ruling ring 7:00 AM
The collapsing empire - John Scalzi. Default User 9/18/17
Jog my Memory: magazine feature about bad SF writing Michael Grosberg 9/18/17
"19 Best Utopian Science Fiction Books" Lynn McGuire 9/18/17
YASID: Human assassin shrunk down to be better spaceship pilot, catches up to enemy badguy due to smaller mass slowpoke 9/18/17
A Game of Thrones Spoiler Thoughts and Question Rodrick Su 9/18/17
Just out of curiousity (#1?) Anthony Nance 9/18/17
_The Door into Summer_ by Robert A. Heinlein Lynn McGuire 9/18/17
Star road : a novel - Matthew Costello and Rick Hautala. Default User 9/18/17
The Gods of Sagittarius - Eric Flint and Mike Resnick Default User 9/18/17
Re: Does God have faith in atheist? The Starmaker 9/18/17
A successful formula - A Throne of Bones (Vox Day) 9/17/17
[Because My Tears Are Delicious To You] Whipping Star by Frank Herbert James Nicoll 9/17/17
Report on Top 20 books Anthony Nance 9/17/17
OT: Animusic For Realsies. Sort of. nu...@bid.nes 9/17/17
Time is money. D B Davis 9/17/17
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