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The Great Heinlein Juveniles Plus The Other Two Reread 9: Tunnel in the Sky James Nicoll 10:36 AM
How Well-Read Are You in Science Fiction? lal_truckee 10:13 AM
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Creative Political Systems in SF michael 2:11 AM
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The Martian - Andy Weir 5/2/16
Trying to Find Specific Dominic Flandry (Poul Anderson) Quote relating to Staving Off the Long Night Anne P. Mitchell, Esq. 5/2/16
Ancillary Mercy - Ann Leckie. Titus G 5/2/16
Call of the Wyld (vaguely YASIDish) Jesper Lauridsen 5/2/16
A Couple of Top Picks for 2016 Brian M. Scott 5/2/16
"Dinosaurs weren’t driven to extinction by that meteorite after all" Lynn McGuire 5/1/16
Is there a God, Yes or No? The Starmaker 5/1/16
here comes the space elevator Lynn McGuire 5/1/16
YASID: Aliens disprove Goldbach's conjecture Moriarty 5/1/16
_Desolation Hill_ (Demon Road book 2) by Derek Landy 4 of 5 stars Ted Nolan <tednolan> 5/1/16
"Five Books I Will Always Reread" Lynn McGuire 5/1/16
YASID Nanotech lal_truckee 5/1/16
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