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Visitors ! Lynn McGuire 2:42 PM
OT: Venezuela in YouTube Quadibloc 2:24 PM
"Tesla driver killed in crash while using car's 'Autopilot'" Lynn McGuire 1:58 PM
Can a sapient being vote? Michael F. Stemper 12:45 PM
[OT] Can a Christian Vote for Donald Trump? Quadibloc 12:42 PM
To-day's "F*YEAH, Science!!" moment David DeLaney 12:28 PM
Planet at Proxima Centauri Dan Tilque 11:48 AM
The Laws of Carbotics 11:17 AM
Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets: Snape's Discipline Rights 11:03 AM
Plague Doctor, a treatment for Willis' _ Doomsday Book_ Don Kuenz 8:49 AM
Troll Bridge Lawrence Watt-Evans 1:41 AM
hoo boy William December Starr 8/26/16
Young People Read Old SFF: A Martian Odyssey James Nicoll 8/26/16
I'll send you a Mars-bar if you know who wrote this SF short and in what mag. ATC 8/26/16
The Science Fiction Cliches, Post 2 of 6: The Severe Baloney John VanSickle 8/26/16
OT: Can a Christian vote for Hillary? Lynn McGuire 8/26/16
FA: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA 1979 Paperback 8/26/16
Proxima b The Starmaker 8/26/16
For third graders only The Starmaker 8/26/16
The Next Game The Starmaker 8/26/16
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