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OT: AI in SF and Fact 11:17 PM
"Get politics out of climate debate: Opposing view" Lynn McGuire 11:07 PM
5,271,009 Eric Pepke 11:06 PM
Horrifyingly close to BSP James Nicoll 11:03 PM
The Space Coast Guard Joseph Nebus 10:58 PM
Brexiit In SF? 10:36 PM
A Game of Thrones Spoiler Thoughts and Question Rodrick Su 7:18 PM
Read Today: Talk Story Illustrated, 1978 - more or less spec-ficnal comics and poem Joe Bernstein 5:44 PM
underground oceans The Starmaker 5:44 PM
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Narnia Chronicles - ever notice this? 3:52 PM
the LIGO laser interferometer detected spacetime ripples The Starmaker 1:45 PM
OT/true Can we grow food on Mars? a425couple 9:02 AM
The Count of Monte Sea Wasp. Titus G 12:33 AM
Nine Princes in Amber and the rest Robert Bannister 6/25/16
Semi-YASID - independence 6/25/16
the owl and the pussycat Lynn McGuire 6/25/16
Happy 80th, Richard Bach! ("Jonathan Livingston Seagull") 6/24/16
Summer vacation reading C. E. Gee 6/24/16
R.I.P. Nicholas Fisk, 92, in May 6/24/16
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