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Fair Warning re Conquest/Connolly lal_truckee 11:33 AM
_The Rising_ by Kelley Armstrong Lynn McGuire 11:30 AM
Really happy novel Dirk van den Boom 9:54 AM
Asimov and Heinlein questions David Mitchell 9:25 AM
1939 Retro Hugo Awards Ballot James Nicoll 8:19 AM
A Step Towards Vat Girls? David V. Loewe, Jr 5:07 AM
Under the Influence: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor) 3:51 AM
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Pick one Heinlein 4/23/14
On My Shelves: The Count of Monte-Cristo Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor) 4/23/14
Plenty of advance notice Bill Gill 4/23/14
we need to be scared The Starmaker 4/23/14
Earth-like The Starmaker 4/23/14
_Holding Their Own II: The Independents_ by Joe Nobody Lynn McGuire 4/23/14
oops The Starmaker 4/22/14
The Steerswoman by Rosemary Kirstein James Nicoll 4/22/14
Memory (Vorkosigan) Greg Goss 4/22/14
Help to find old short story renoreader 4/22/14
YASID: free murder if you serve the prison sentence first 4/22/14
Origins of the Retro-Hugos 4/22/14
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