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_The 5th Wave: The First Book of the 5th Wave Series_ by Rick Yancey Lynn McGuire 7:02 AM
RI February 2018 Ted Nolan <tednolan> 3/17/18
Discovered online: More Tomorrow by Premee Mohamed James Nicoll 3/17/18
A Child's Eye View of the Apocalypse (Or thereafter) 3/17/18
[A Bunch of Bujolds] The Warrior's Apprentice (Miles Vorkosigan, book 1) by Lois McMaster Bujold James Nicoll 3/17/18
Does Intelligent Life Exist On Earth? The Starmaker 3/17/18
The Steady State Universe The Starmaker 3/17/18
Yoda doesn't like seagulls Ted Nolan <tednolan> 3/17/18
BREAKING NEWS: Graydon's Doorstep will soon appear online Dorothy J Heydt 3/17/18
xkcd, "Robot Future" Lynn McGuire 3/17/18
Common morals/subtexts 3/16/18
On the movie "A Wrinkle in Time" and what they left out...grrr 3/16/18
The Male/Female Author Ratio in My SF Collection Robert Woodward 3/16/18
[Young People Read Old SFF] The Man Who Traveled in Elephants James Nicoll 3/16/18
The Achitects of Fear are at it again... The Starmaker 3/15/18
Multi-system democracy The Zygon 3/15/18
[tor dot com] Fighting Erasure: Women SF Writers of the 1970s, Part III James Nicoll 3/15/18
Occupied earth ..... The Zygon 3/15/18
Why isn't the observable universe awash in signals of ET civilizations? The Zygon 3/15/18
Twins discover they were separated after birth and part of a secret study The Starmaker 3/15/18
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