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OT: Tess of the d’Urbervilles William Hyde 1:19 PM
What if life were like fiction? 1:10 PM
[OT] News Item Concerning the Level to which Politics has Sunk Quadibloc 12:26 PM
"Over The Hedge" "it is bigger on the inside" Lynn McGuire 11:30 AM
NASA has called a press conference ....on Monday The Starmaker 10:57 AM
Re: Why are Aliens never black? Tim Bruening 8:46 AM
The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet Default User 9/25/16
Jesus rose from the dead The Starmaker 9/25/16
Origin of title "I, Robot"? Robert Carnegie 9/25/16
Young People Read Old SFF: Desertion by Clifford D. Simak James Nicoll 9/25/16
[OT] Can a Christian Vote for Donald Trump? Quadibloc 9/25/16
Query about the works of E. C. Tubb Butch Malahide 9/25/16
a video for Quadliboc David DeLaney 9/25/16
The True Cause of Outages Dorothy J Heydt 9/24/16
Radiance Default User 9/24/16
Chamber Of Secrets: Dobby Intercepting Harry Potter's Mail 9/24/16
The Robots Will Take Over! Quadibloc 9/23/16
HG Wells' 150th anniversary today 9/23/16
entropy....doesn't exist. The Starmaker 9/23/16
Atheism is Witchcraft The Starmaker 9/23/16
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