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[translation] Invisible Planets: An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese SF in Translation by Ken Liu James Nicoll 7:29 AM
Flip Electoral College From Trump To Clinton! TB 4:59 AM
[Young People Read Old SFF] The Menace from Earth by Robert A. Heinlein James Nicoll 12/2/16
[Rediscovery] The Interior Life by Dorothy Heydt James Nicoll 12/2/16
"Breaking Cat News": Do cats talk in their landlord's native tongues ? Lynn McGuire 12/2/16
The Bride of the Man-Horse (Lord Dunsany) (Possible Spoiler Warning) Quadibloc 12/2/16
Read In November Ted Nolan <tednolan> 12/2/16
Stories read in November 2016 Don Kuenz 12/2/16
_Dead Ice (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter)_ by Laurell K. Hamilton Lynn McGuire 12/2/16
Tom "Little Tommy Crapman" Kratman: My bitch or just a suckup? Gutless Umbrella Carrying Sissy 12/2/16
Larry Niven - SFWA Grand Master Anthony Nance 12/2/16
[A Year of Tanith Lee] Piratica II: Return to Parrot Island by Tanith Lee James Nicoll 12/2/16
What if life were like fiction? 12/2/16
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Re: SF v. Fantasy Yet Again (was Re: Is STAR WARS science fiction?) 12/1/16
Re: SF v. Fantasy Yet Again (was Re: Is STAR WARS science fiction?) 12/1/16
Happy 90th, Harriette Abels! (Juvenile SF/romance/sports writer) 12/1/16
One classic, and one not-yet-classic perhaps coming to TV/Film Scott Lurndal 12/1/16
Review: The Bride of Fu-Manchu David Duffy 12/1/16
[Translation] Aria 8 by Kozue Amano James Nicoll 12/1/16
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