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The Light of Speed The Starmaker 10:08 PM
Attempting to refind a book Corwyn 8:48 PM
Because My Tears Are Delicious to You 4: The Past Through Tomorrow by Robert A. Heinlein James Nicoll 8:37 PM
Seeking novels about scientific research? John H. 7:50 PM
Re: problems? Konrad Gaertner 4:57 PM
News that made me feel old. Jack Bohn 4:46 PM
Exceptionalism in SF- Mostly American? nu...@bid.nes 3:14 PM
Because My Tears are Delicious to You 6: Adventures in Time & Space edited by Healy & McComas James Nicoll 1:17 PM
Canada IN SPACE! David Johnston 11:39 AM
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang by Kate Wilhelm James Nicoll 7:08 AM
Things on a very small scale... The Starmaker 5:38 AM
Magic, Crime,and Punishment 3: Fit to be Tried Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor) 4:58 AM
_The Wolves of Midwinter_: The Wolf Gift Chronicles by Anne Rice Lynn McGuire 7/8/14
Anyone read the Long Earth books by Pratchett and Baxter? Doug Weller 7/8/14
_Lucifer's Hammer_ Ending (Spoiler) Matt Hickman 7/7/14
(OT) Streaming video services Joe Bernstein 7/6/14
Ex Ignorantia Ad Sapientiam; Ex Luce Ad Tenebras James Nicoll 7/6/14
City Beyond Time - John C Wright A.G.McDowell 7/6/14
Oceans everywhere The Starmaker 7/4/14
Because My Tears are Delicious to You 5: Neutron Star by Larry Niven James Nicoll 7/4/14
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