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Ceres4 The Starmaker 1:54 AM
Re: Atheism is based on beliefs, not science. Christopher A. Lee 1:39 AM
"Anger, doubt and confusion at Tor?" Lynn McGuire 6/29/15
The Ninth Circle - R.A.Meluch A.G.McDowell 6/29/15
Climate Change Robert Bannister 6/29/15
More Chalion?! 6/29/15
School-assigned SF novels Anthony Nance 6/29/15
Thoughts on Superman Shawn Wilson 6/29/15
Finally, an Explanation for the Lensman Sex Issue Shawn Wilson 6/29/15
Under the Influence: Ozma of Oz Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor) 6/29/15
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YASID: 3-d slice of 4-d being Jerry Friedman 6/28/15
Don Callander's posthumously published books Ahasuerus 6/28/15
Phil Austin, Firesign Theater Mark Zenier 6/27/15
Article: Musings on Publishing Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor) 6/27/15
On My Shelves: Harry Potter Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor) 6/27/15
Thought on Star Wars Shawn Wilson 6/26/15
Self Driving Cars 6/26/15
Dave Bara, Impulse lal_truckee 6/26/15
Basic Instructions to end, Rick hardest hit.. Ted Nolan <tednolan> 6/26/15
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