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Another liberal faggot tests postive for HIV, gay porn industry paralized in fear. Liberalism Destroys, Everything 9/8/14
Neumann TLM 107 review Ty Ford 9/8/14
Ty Ford's Zoom H5 review Ty Ford 8/4/14
Improving Phone Audio For A Webinar Ty Ford 6/30/14
Binaural Brainwave Stimulator 4.0 16 color strobe sets 300 Opt Scott Smith 6/18/14
Sound Devices 664 FS and Comtek's haophat 6/9/14
P48 In Line supply for Lectrosonics 5/22/14
THE OLD FOX / DER ALTE vin 5/10/14
5.1 center too loud in theatre alessandro sdt 5/5/14
Cos11 Sanken and Sennheiser EW100 Philippe 5/5/14
Schoeps V4 Review with audio samples Ty Ford 5/1/14
WTB Zaxcom Mix-8 4/29/14
Sound Devices 302 Mixer package for sale 4/25/14
1 Difference of audio sound in a film/show versus an interview (sel Max 4/24/14
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WTB Lectrosonics R1a in block 28 Céléry Nicolás 4/3/14
60 Minutes Admits Dubbing Engine Noises Over Tesla Footage Klay Anderson 4/2/14
wanted: used denecke ts-3 david berryman 4/1/14
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Mic Review - Countryman B2D Cardioid Lav with audio samples Ty Ford 3/22/14
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